Mindful of Others’ Needs

Just about everyone can agree that there are always those days which start out on a bad note, and end up on one, to where you just can’t wait until the hour of midnight strikes and a newer and brighter day emerges. Well, today was just one of those days, and it all started when receiving a call from one of my client’s tenants saying their furnace wasn’t working, and since the owner lives out of State, I had to lead the charge in getting it fixed. Unfortunately the unit was too old and no parts to be had, so my client had to bite the bullet and get a new one installed. Thank goodness the tenants have electric heaters which will get them thru the night because the new installation won’t happen until tomorrow morning.

You can be sure that’s what started my day off on a discordant note. The next problem, was having to get a vacant residence opened for a home inspector who wasn’t able to get my code box opened, and since I was clear across town, I had to make a mad-dash over to get it unlocked for him. I could’ve sworn I’d given him the right code for it, so likely tomorrow morning when I have time to look, I’ll be checking to see if I issued him the wrong one.

The next item, was having discovered part of a file missing, so I emailed the examining attorney asking for it. Once again, it was supposed to have been mailed last week, but I still didn’t have it, so they issued a new one. About four hours later I got a call from a title company saying they had my package, so off I went to pick it up, but before leaving, I called the attorney’s office to let them know the original package was found.

Next up, was another kick in the teeth when finding the stove knobs I’d placed in an ammonia mixture yesterday, just so I could get all that caked-on grease released from them, I discovered when rising them off, the numbers on the oven knob had disintegrated, along with the painted-on backing of the other knobs. That stove is getting all the closer to be ditched and replaced with a newer one, but unfortunately I need a 20″ gas stove for that opening. I’ll be luckless in finding a used one because they’re a rarity in these times. The remainder of my little problems were just those day-to-day issues we normally encounter, but all the more for me today.

The highlight of my day, was getting another home sold to a first-time buyer who’s now exceptionally excited over finally having a home she and her family can call their own. It needs a good lipsticking, but has very good bones and located in a popular district which will offer a good re-sale investment whenever they’d decide to move to another locale. I’m happy for them, and especially knowing what they got for their money, was about as good it gets in our crazy market.

While on the phone with dear client of mine, he interjected a question which sort of caught me off guard when asking, “How is it you manage to keep track of all those little things that need to be done in a timely manner when you have more than one file going?” I paused a moment and then replied, “On a daily basis, I work at being mindful of others’ needs, and in doing so, I find myself being more in-tune to what’s needed now, and what comes next.” He laughed while saying, “You seem to have it fine-tuned.” I also insisted that I do make mistakes, and when I do, I’m fast at getting them corrected which is something most don’t do.

When walking past the building next door to my office this afternoon, I noticed it’s definitely getting a new face-lift on the interior. It’s looking like there’ll be two separate sections for customers, so there’ll likely be complimenting services being offered. They still haven’t yet placed their signage on the front windows, which means they’re still getting the interior readied. I will say there’ve been a number of people coming and going, and most of them appear to be suppliers. I have yet to meet the new owner, and likely because she’s busy with getting it readied. For sure I’ll be wishing her a great success.

It looks like I’ll be making two trips to a funeral home tomorrow because two people I’ve known from the past, recently passed away and their services are tomorrow. I’ll likely just sign the guest registers and leave cards of sympathy. I don’t do well when in the midst of relatives of those who’ve passed. It was very much a surprise that neither one of them are having church funerals which appears to be more preferred in these Covid times.

When remembering that St. Paul Lutheran was having a drive-up chile supper, I decided to stop and get one for my evening meal. When I pulled up, one of the familiars came out and took my order, and before going back in, he stepped back at my window to tell me how much his community of faith appreciate my playing their vintage organ. I could tell he was sincere in his words which just about brought tears to my eyes because I’m still not used to being thanked in such a way, and mostly due to my having played for another church for a number of years, and rarely getting any words of thanks. I told the gentleman that I do enjoy playing for them, along with encouraging everyone I know to give their Services a try.

When I got the chile home, I gave it a taste, and not to my surprise, it didn’t have any hot chile powder in it. Otherwise it was very good, so I’ll be doctoring it up before it gets re-heated for my evening meal. I felt a little sorry for those order-takers and deliverers because of how cold it is outdoors. Let’s hope they had a good turn-out in spite of it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The greatest writers of this age…are aware of the mystery of our existence.

Joe Chodur

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