Talking to One of Their Relatives

As much as I empathize with those many millions of people living in that 2,000 mile belt of the winter storm moving across our United States, I’m certainly glad we dodged the bullet on that one due to having moved south of us. For sure we’ll be seeing news-clips on the many accidents, power outages and amounts of snow, sleet and ice they received. After reading early this morning an article which intelligently spoke about our world being on the verge of the 6th extinction, I’m believing even more that global warming is going to be the deciding factor.

When scientists talk about such extinctions, they’re not exactly saying they’re going to cause the death of every plant and animal on this planet including the human race, but more specifically speaking about the percentages of life that will no longer exist because of their inability to genetically acclimate to an environment which is rapidly changing. We humans are more readily able to adapt because we cannot only adapt, but also insulate ourselves against more hostile environments. But, the proof in the pudding will be if we’ll have potable water available at all times, along with being able to produce enough food to survive.

By no means am I a doomsday theorist, but rather a realist who sees the possible “what if” scenarios which could cause many millions to die in a short period of time. For example, have you ever wondered “what if” some rogue nation decided to hack into our power and gas grids during the coldest weeks of our winters, which would cause everything to shut down? Keep in mind, in the old days when power went out, we’d just turn our gas stoves on to keep our homes above freezing, but today they no longer sell stoves with pilot lights which means there has to be electricity to start them. Isn’t it kinda scary when even thinking about something like that happening on a large scale?

When standing back far enough from the “crowd” of society, I’m beginning to find all the more people taking proactive steps in making themselves self-sufficient. We see people installing solar grids on their homes, buying high-end wood-burning stoves that look like expensive pieces of furniture, and even dual-fuel cookstoves which can be fired up with wood, or use natural gas, but the kicker on all these self-sufficient products, are the price tags that come with them. So if all “yell” breaks loose, the ones who were able to pay the price for being able to survive during grid-less times, will be the ones who’d survive. What would happen to all the rest?

I have a dear relative who lives on the fringe of a major metro area who has one of the most beautiful fruit and vegetable gardens producing more than she can even eat, which I bless her for, but one day she said to me, “I’m not worrying about starving to death because I have enough food set aside to last for months on end.” I’m sure she bristled a bit after my reply being, “Well, if all hell breaks loose in your metro area, there’ll be gangs of very filthy monkeys armed to the hilt, going door to door and stealing everything you’ve got, and especially your food.” That conversation turned a bit dark after my mentioning that, but remember, I’m a realist when saying, “In desperate times, people do desperate things.”

In spite of my deep hatred of our winter months, there’s a silver lining to it when knowing our area would likely be the last visited by bands of thieves and murderers coming from our Southern States, and especially if the grids are down and no petroleum products to be had.

As a footnote, please don’t think I worry about such stuff on a daily basis because I don’t, as I’ve learned at least a decade ago, the problems in our world are too big for one person like me to fix, so that’s all most of us can do, is prepare for the worst and hope for the best while enjoying each of our days to their fullest.

Don’t even get me started on this rapidly evolving AI which I believe will also be the player in the near extinction of the human race because every time I get a “bot” call, I can tell their voices are sounding even more human than before. Most don’t realize that sophisticated computers are now able to copy a given person’s voice well enough to where, say a not-so-alert senior would swear they were talking to one of their relatives. That’ll be another annoying “fly in the ointment” we’ll be dealing with more sooner than later. There’s no question there are a great many nefarious goings-on in the dark net. Like I’ve said before, “Why don’t those evil minds go out and get a real job instead of stealing from others?”

My day was filled with much work and a few surprises which kept me on my toes the entire time. I did get that water closet’s lime dissolved with about a gallon and a half of vinegar, so now it’s looking just about as good as new. The young lady whose wallet I found, text me this morning about it, so I met up with her around mid-afternoon. She, like last week’s young man, was very thankful for my having found it. I’m still in dis-belief I’d come upon two wallets on the pavement in less than a week. Wow. I must be getting some sort of message which has yet to be revealed.

We’re still working on getting that home sold which has had two counter-offers on it, so hopefully by tomorrow, we’ll know if it’ll be under contract or not. For sure if I were looking for a good home at a discount, I’d be first-off pulling the trigger on that one. Very well built mid-Century homes are like George Foreman’s grills to where you just set them and forget them.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Do not let where you come from define you, but never forget the values you learned from your close community.

Joe Chodur

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