Isn’t Finished Punishing Us

It was another off to the races day with the many appointments I had which were spill-overs from the weekend. Fortunately our weather was being kind to where it was bouncing around 32 degrees at mid-afternoon.

My first appointment was to meet with the people I showed that home to late yesterday afternoon who decided they wanted to make an offer on it. It didn’t take long to get it filled out because they knew exactly what their terms and conditions would be, which I always appreciate. After they left, I went ahead and emailed it to the listing agent, and then placed a follow-up call, just to make sure all everything I had inserted in the offer was noticed.

With it being the last day of the month, I had some checks to write and bills to pay, as well as getting a “good-by” letter with accompanying bills sent out to that tenant who left a remarkably filthy mess for me to get cleaned and repaired. In my letter, I was about as emotionless as possible when listing everything that had to be done to get it back into the shape it was before I handed over the keys at the time the lease was signed. Oh how I so much wanted to be cutting by saying something like, “I’ve rarely seen any one person create so much chaos in such a short period of time.”, but I had to stop myself and remain professional.

I got another eye-opener today when trying to find legal-sized envelopes for sale, and when I finally found them out at Staples, I was shocked again when seeing the price of a small box of them being well over ten dollars. It seems just about everything we look at buying, has a much higher price tag on it. While visiting with a colleague today, I couldn’t help mentioning how much more people who’re already heavily-laden with debt, are going to be struggling all the more if these spiking prices don’t level off.

When looking at the news today, I wasn’t the happiest when seeing we’re supposed to be getting well-below average temperatures later this week. Something in the back of my mind was telling me, “The wobbling of the jet stream isn’t finished punishing us this winter.”, so I guess my intuition was correct. All I can say, is keep warm and safe as it moves thru.

While on the phone this morning with a client who lives in Florida, I happened to notice a change in his voice, so I asked if he had a cold, and sure enough, not just him, but his entire family were struggling with one. As much as we tend to make blind assumptions, most would think that if you’re living in warm and sunny Florida, a common cold would be the last thing you’d catch.

Just shortly after the Noon hour passed, I received a call from that listing agent from this morning, telling me the offer I submitted was accepted by the sellers. I was expecting it to be accepted as long as there wasn’t a competing offer on it because it was about the cleanest offer I’d written in months. As soon as I got off the phone, I called the buyers to tell them they purchased a house, and of course they were delighted to hear the news. After the many weeks of working with them, I’m glad to have been able to sell them something. I’m not sure what’s causing it, because for whatever reason, this month of January has been about the most productive one I’ve had in many years. Let’s hope it continues on a similar course the rest of the year.

A colleague and dear friend of mine stopped by my office today to personally tell me she’s retiring from her job which came as a bit of a surprise, and in spite of my being sad about not being able to work with her any longer, I went on to tell her how happy I am for her decision to start enjoying her golden years. Knowing her, I’m sure she’ll be even more busy with all the personal endeavors she’s got waiting for her. Yes, I’m going to miss the little visits we’ve had from time to time.

What my long-time friend told me some months ago is certainly ringing true about all these people who’re within spitting distance of retirement, just saying the “yell” with it and calling it quits. The most worrisome for me, is the fact we don’t have enough qualified professionals to fill those vacating positions. As most of us know, having a degree in something or a fresh new licensure in a field, doesn’t make them fully prepared for real-world situations. I can personally say that in spite of my having been licensed in real estate for decades, I’m still in the state of learning something new in my field nearly every day. An education doesn’t always equate to qualification.

I had to run out to NIACC this afternoon to deliver a document to a client of mine, and while walking the halls of one of the older buildings, many memories of my time there came rushing back. Pretty much everything’s the same except the commercial carpeting which has likely been replaced many times over since I darkened their halls. On my way out, I got a good reminder of how much windier it is out there because of it being located on the rim of Mason City’s “bowl”. To this day, I’d wager most don’t realize that our Downtown is pretty much centered at the bottom of our City’s topographical “bowl”. Someone told me many years ago that the top of the Brick and Tile building is at the same level as Clear Lake’s shoreline. If that was actually verified, then I’d say we’ve been living and working in a hole and never realized it.

Of course it would’ve made sense to our early settlers to homestead near rivers because back then, they needed water for drinking, as well as a source of water to power the mills they built on creeks and rivers. Yes, those were primitive times for all those who came before us.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The sweetest of all sounds is genuine praise.

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