Starch That Makes Us Feel Full

Irregardless of it being a gray day, I was enjoying our higher temps to where I actually decided to go walking out in the countryside after finishing my Sunday morning contemplative prayer session.

In spite of the snow cover, I got in my car and headed to one of North Iowa’s “public lands” areas where I parked, put my boots on, bundled up good and then went a-walking. I must’ve been out in it not more than a half hour, but in that time, I got a good understanding of how our wildlife survives during our bitterly cold months.

I had to laugh when seeing how larger animals follow similar tracks, and the smaller ones creating their own, and by the looks of it, there’s a whole lot of traffic in the night that most don’t see or hear.

While out there, I noticed rabbit tracks, squirrel tracks, raccoon tracks, opossum tracks, turkey tracks, pheasant tracks, and of course many deer tracks. As much as I was looking for them, I actually didn’t see any coyote tracks which was just fine by me.

What surprised me the most, was seeing what looked like a natural spring which wasn’t frozen, and the only reason I noticed it, was because I was following a trail of tracks. It’s no wonder that particular path was well-worn because finding open water in North Iowa after our recent terribly cold days, would be hard to find. I guess if they can’t get water, they’re likely having to eat snow.

After getting my fill of Mother Nature, I headed back to office, checked for messages and emails, and then headed back to my ball-and-chain of cleaning up after a very filthy exited tenant. In spite of my being there for a good four hours, all I managed to get done, was clean all the kitchen cabinets both inside and out, along with working over an hour trying to get the bathroom water closet cleaned. An hour’s work on one toilet was enough for one day. There’s no question that fixture hadn’t been fully cleaned since that tenant moved in, which I found beyond my understanding.

As much as I wanted to have it completely readied before the 1st of February, there’s no way I’ll have it done by then because of all the more dirty-birdie things requiring my attention. I’m still up in the air about cleaning the stove because after working on just the burner-top for over an hour, I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll be worth my time getting the oven cleaned because it’s looking more like a real burn-out. If I have time tomorrow, I’m going to be checking around to see if I can find a good used apartment size gas stove, and if I do, the one that’s there will hauled to the landfill. The more that unit gets back to the way it was, the more I’m ready to close my chapter on that bad tenant who managed to slip thru the cracks.

I forgot to mention my having read a very good article on BBC early this morning which was about how our modern farming methods are not providing us today with the nutrients in those foods that are grown which have decreased as much as 35 – 40% since all the farmers jumped on the bandwagon by growing all the more per acre. What really shocked me, was finding today’s wheat that’s being grown nearly all the farmers, isn’t even close to providing the nutrients it did nearly a 100 years ago. It was sounding like today’s wheat is nothing more than a starch that makes us feel full.

For years I’ve always believed corporate farming wasn’t providing us with the nutrients our parents and grandparents were growing, but actually reading about the real research that’s recently been done, should be our wake-up call to start getting back to the basics even more. Let’s hope there were millions reading that article today, who’re now deciding to either buy organic, or grow their own naturally. I will say, the more organically grown I purchase, the more I can definitely taste the difference.

Since I’ve been working harder at growing enough vegetables to hold me over until the next season, I’m finding myself becoming even more spoiled by the better taste and texture of what either gets canned or frozen, than what I’m finding in the groceterias. I’m now buying organically grown bananas and apples which have a distinctly better taste.

Just as I was walking back into my office to change my clothes, I received a text from a buyer I’ve been working with who was asking if I had time to show her a home late this afternoon, so I called the agent, and as chance would have it, the sellers said it would be just fine.

The showing went relatively well, but what really bristled me, was seeing six deer walking around in the backyard of that home, munching on just about anything that was sticking above the snow. All six of them wandered past that window I was looking at them thru, and in spite of them seeing me not even twenty feet away, they seemed completely oblivious to my standing there watching them graze. Yes, we do have a huge problem in our City with those Chernobyl rabbits. While out walking this morning, I was reminded how much rabbit droppings and deer droppings look the same, only the deer’s being much larger. Yes, with all things considered, they really are more like rabbits than one would think.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Mutual respect is what it takes to be honest to goodness friends.

Joe Chodur

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