Munching on the Low-hanging Branches

In spite of my hoping our temps would be warmed up when morning arrived, I noticed it still hovering around zero when heading out to work, but at least it did get up into the 20’s when afternoon arrived. I guess we shouldn’t be complaining when seeing how the East Coast is getting pounded by a severe winter storm this weekend. I can’t imagine what they must be enduring with that blizzard being accompanied by high winds. They’ll be digging themselves out for days.

Not much was happening in the arena of real estate today other than a back and forth emailing with a customer who’s nearing the point of making an offer on a home she’s fallen in “like” with this past week. While showing it, I made sure to share my opinions with the both of them regarding the improvements they’ll have to making more sooner than later. Fortunately there’s a parent willing to help who’s very talented when it comes to building trades. Considering how picked-over our available listings are, I guess in these times, you get what you get in the lower price ranges of un-sold listings.

While on the phone with a colleague this morning, I mentioned my discovery of yesterday regarding my dirty-birdie slap in the face by person I’ve done business with for a very many years. She was in complete agreement regarding my disgust, while going on to say how even in our elderly crowd, there those who think they’re going to live for ever, and if they don’t they’re going to take their coin with them. I reminded her that from bad things come good, and my thoughts have already moved on to the point where I’ll be ever-glad to never have those phone calls and/or drop-ins which are always for the only reason of wanting help with something. I’ll be just one more lightening of load for me because whenever that person would stop by wanting something, it would always be an “immediate” need.

Before heading out to get some work done, I checked today’s news feeds, and the most troubling for me, is this game of chicken that Putin’s started with his massive build-up of troops on Ukraine’s border. I mentioned yesterday when visiting with a friend of mine, the fact that if there’s a ground war started by Putin, it’s going to reverberate all around our world. As much as I hate being right, I must mention how many times I’ve felt too many countries being overly-dependent on Russian oil and gas because their government and especially Putin, can’t be trusted. For the life of me, I can’t remember what chronic mental problem a number of psychologists have said he has, so I guess I’ll have to go digging for it again.

A good seven hours of my day was spent working at cleaning up a mess an exiting tenant had left after living in that unit for only 2 1/2 years. When I first walked inside right after the 1st of January, I noticed a number of flies buzzing around which was a clear indication of poor hygiene. There’ll be a hefty bill sent along with a letter showing hours spent and costs of cleaning supplies and repairs. That security deposit was fully eaten up weeks ago, so there’ll be a large balance due. In the past, I’ve done everything I could to keep from going to Small Claims Court, but this time around, it’ll happen if I’m not remitted the amount due.

Over these years I’ve come to believe that if people aren’t held accountable for their actions, they’ll continue to do the same thing to others. I think in the case of that exited tenant, there was little or no accountability being demanded from that person’s parents while growing up, so now we have another living amongst us who’s got the mindset of being entitled. As an example of how filthy that place was, I spent 3 hours cleaning just the refrigerator. Yes, it was that bad. As much as we attempt to screen tenants, there’s always one that slips thru the cracks, and that’s the way it’s been for all those who manage rentals. Can you imagine the merry-go-round our office had while managing over 230 rental units a number of years ago? Believe me, I’ve heard and seen some things that would drop just about anyone’s jaw.

While on the phone with an out of State client today, I was brought up to speed with how much year-round gardening she does, and mostly because she lives in an area of our Country which has continually mild weather. The only thing she has to do, is water regularly because of their limited rainfall. I was shocked when told the number of various fruit trees she has which produce enough to freeze and use until the next crop matures. There were several tropical fruit trees she named which I’ve never even heard of. Oh well, we can only make the best of our short growing season and leave it at that.

Those vile deer have been at it again with munching on the low-hanging branches of our evergreen trees. It’s remarkable how quickly they can strip arborvitaes, and since they’re one of my favorites, I just want to go out and spit three times when seeing it. An avid hunter mentioned some months ago how the deer population has diminished in our public hunting areas, and just after he said it, I insisted they’ve migrated to our City where they’re more protected against the coyotes and freezing weather. It wasn’t but a week ago I had to slow down while driving down S. Monroe near the cemetery because there was a small herd getting ready to prance across. I really wish our State would allow open season in our corporate City limits because each year, they’re destroying and damaging thousands of dollars worth of trees, flowers, vegetables and shrubs.

After I arrived back at office, I sat down and played my office piano for about a half hour, just to get myself settled down from being a janitor in a drum for seven hours. Oh if I don’t hate cleaning up messes created by others, and especially those who’re far younger than I am. I can assure you, when hard times do hit, there are going to be a great many in deep trouble.

Tonight’s One-liner is: One always wonders about the roads not taken.

Joe Chodur

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