Naturally Grown versus Commercially Farmed

These periods of see-sawing temperatures are something I’ve not see before, which now has me wondering if they’re going to be common events every winter. For example, while driving to work yesterday morning, my thermometer read -20 degrees, and that didn’t count the windchill. Well this morning at the exact same time, it read 31 degrees. This huge swing in winter temps has happened at least 4 times since the season began. A fifty-plus temp swing in 24 hours or less, is certainly not good for man, plant or beast.

My early morning closing took place without a hitch, which made me very happy because the buyer had many hoops to jump thru before that loan was finally approved, and thankfully she remained diligent up thru the day of closing. Being a first-time buyer, there was a whole lot of educating that took place before the right home was found. There’s no question I’ll be getting future referrals out of that buyer because of all the extra effort that went into finding that “right one”.

With a little time to kill, I went digging for an old gallon jar which still had its lid because I was needing one for storing the extra ground hot peppers I now have. I’m sure most would think me a bit on the eccentric side when finding me overly-fussy about long-term storage containers. For some reason, I’ve always dis-liked storing edibles in plastic because of the materials used in making them. Yes we do live in a very plastique world, but yours truly has yet to embrace it whenever it has to do with cooking or food storage.

I had to go out and open up one of my home sales for an appraiser who was needing entry for his inspection, so I willingly obliged. He asked if I had any comparable sales in mind, and as chance would have it, I’d already run four of them before listing it, so I shared those with him. I really don’t mind supply information to appraisers as long as they show appreciation, but most times, there are those who think they know valuations better than the agents who’re out in the “trenches” every day of the week, and especially when we’ve been in far more of them than they have.

Around noontime, a Realtor arrived at my office who hails from another city, and while visiting with him about his long career of selling homes, I couldn’t help asking when he became a Realtor. I just about fell off my chair when he said he began working for his father’s company back in 1963. Believe it or not, he’s still selling. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s on the top 10 chart of longest-lasting agents still licensed in the State of Iowa. At some time this next year, he’ll proudly be able to say he’s been selling for 60 years. Wow.

He did say his father was highly respected in his community, and because of that, it made it easier for him to grow his client base. He went on to say how his father was a near mathematical wizard when saying he could easily run his fingers down four or five lines of numbers and always come up with the correct amounts. Unfortunately he didn’t have that talent, but in later years, he found that his daughter along with several of his grandchildren honestly acquired that same ability. I couldn’t help saying, “I’m sure you’d argue yourself breathless if someone told you that intelligence is not hereditary.”  He did get a good laugh out of that. Just by being with him for a good half hour or more, I’d say he’s still got some additional listing and selling to do before he calls it quits. After he walked out, I remembered that clever little line I was told a number of years ago which went, “Realtors never grow old; they just grow listless.”

Another interruption took place today where I had to go out and let someone into their home because one of my colleagues had flipped off a light switch in their garage which controlled the overhead garage door opener, and since they didn’t have their front door key with them, out I headed to let them in. I did take a brightly colored sticky note on which I’d written, “DO NOT turn this light switch off”, and stuck it right next to that switch. Every time an agent would ask to show it, I would be sure to tell them about that switch. Oh well, so much for following instructions.

I forgot to mention a pleasant discovery of mine that I’m fully enjoying which happens to be a package of all naturally grown apples that were on sale out at our east Hy-Vee. My first thought was they’d be just like any other apple only smaller. Oh was I wrong when I took my first bite. Wow. What a difference there was in taste. In spite of how much more expensive they normally are, you can be sure I’ll be buying them instead of those monsters they’re selling. Even the apples you’d find from area orchards wouldn’t compare to their real apple taste. I think if our general public would at least take a few taste tests with naturally grown versus commercially farmed, they’d be hooked for good unless they’ve completely lost their ability to notice the differences.

My late afternoon appointment was to show a young man and his friend an apartment one of my clients has for rent. We were there longer because of the extra features I had to show them, and by the time I was ready to lock it up, he indicated it would fit his needs, so tomorrow he’ll have to stop by and fill out an application so I can submit it to the owners. Unless my first impressions were wrong, I’d say he’ll be living there this coming month. I did hear a few horror stories about apartments they’d already looked at, and wasn’t surprised he fell in like with the one I showed him because it is a cutie.

I’ve been watching the international news more closely because of this saber-rattling which pigmy Putin’s been doing with the European Union regarding the possible invasion of Ukraine. I swear that guy has got some serious mental problems, and it’s about time he goes permanently sailing off into the sunset.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To become a true judge of character, you must look into people as well as at them.

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