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While walking to my car this morning, I was reminded how many times over the years when walking outdoors and finding it minus 20 degrees below zero, my nearly always having to cover my mouth because whenever breathing-in that extreme cold air, would trigger a coughing spell. My little coughing spell this morning was one more reminder that I am my mother’s son in more ways than one because the same thing would happen to her. There just happened to be one bitter winter where she actually began having an allergic reaction from breathing in that cold air, but fortunately it only lasted that one winter.

It was another non-stop day in Real Estate which kept me a-hopping long past my lunch hour. My first early morning appointment was to meet with a woman who was to place a radon detecting machine in the basement of a recent sale of mine, and fortunately I didn’t have to wait even a minute because just as I was parking at the curbside, she pulled up. I lead her downstairs so she could place it wherever she thought best. We had a short visit and off I went to another appointment which was just to drop off a small wooden box to a friend who was looking for something like it. It fit the bill, so back to my office I headed.

My next little job, was to go out and get a photo and room measurements of my new listing located at 1004 – 16th St. NE which as chance would have it, managed to get under contract this afternoon. I knew that home wouldn’t be on the market very long because of all the recent updates, generous room sizes, along with all appliances being included. I continue asking buyers in these times, “Where can you buy a three bedroom home that’s move-in ready for $80K and under?” I was glad to have been there early enough because I almost found myself late for my next scheduled appointment which was across town.

When I got there, the buyer was already waiting for me, so I hurriedly got the door unlocked and lights turned on for her final walk-thru prior to the closing of it which’ll be taking place early tomorrow morning. Knowing she was going to have a plumbing contractor there, I made sure to have enough time blocked out, just so I wouldn’t be late for another appointment.

After the contractor gave several options on what could be done, she asked for my opinion, and I gave it. Because I’ve been down that road of home improvements many-a-time, I told her exactly what I would do, and wouldn’t you know, that’s the route she chose. For sure I’m not a wizard with updates, but I do know what works the best and lasts the longest. Now if only all my clients and customers would listen to my selfless suggestions.

I discovered this afternoon that my listing on 1307 N. Hampshire is being inspected by one of the most critical home inspectors we have in North Iowa, so after seeing that email, I went ahead and placed that listing back on the active list, just so we may possibly have a back-up offer or two on it before that inspection takes place next week. As chance would have it, that particular inspector’s brutal inspection on a 100 year old home, caused a deal to fall thru last Fall, and during that time, we lost critical marketing time, so this time around, I’m being more proactive.

For the life of me, I absolutely will never understand how those home inspectors can come up with the silliest of little fixes in need of attention, and blowing them so far out of proportion that they cause the buyers to jump ship. When are they ever going to realize they’re buying used homes which are imperfect. Oh could I tell some real horror stories about false statements being made by home inspectors which scared the “yell” out of their buyers. Like I said before, our wonderful State of Iowa had better change our laws to where home inspectors have to be licensed by our State. It’s getting to be money-making venture for retirees, along with those who want an income-producing sideline. That so-called “trade” reminds me of those short online courses that can be taken where in maybe after a few hours course, you can be a ordained minister, which makes me want to now call the likes of them, North Iowa’s “ordained home inspectors”. I’m sure you now get the drift.

While visiting with a colleague this morning, we ended up on the subject of how polarized our Country’s citizenry have become to where it you don’t agree with everything an either alt-right or alt-left group subscribes to, you’re automatically considered a persona non gratis within that group, and sometimes they even go so far as publicly taunting and ridiculing them. Since I used to be a bit of a history buff back when I was in college, such mindsets remind me of the rise in power of the “Brown Shirts” movement in Germany before Hitler took complete control of that country. Let’s not let history repeat itself again.

What I find even more disturbing, are the many who’re taking single-issue platforms and turning into maniacs if they’re not given copious amounts of time on their soapboxes. My big gripe this morning was about how some religious communities are giving sermons on secular issues which for every reason of mine, is very wrong, because it causes their brethren to believe they’re instructions are coming directly from the Almighty. Really?

For the most part, it was another very good day in real estate which I give thanks for every opportunity I have, because we never know when our market’ll be flipping.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things, but cannot receive great ones.

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