Mann Ist Was Er Isst

I had to laugh again when looking at the condition of our weather this morning, and when seeing the wind having changed directions and blowing from the south, I said to myself, “Oh how nice. Mother Nature’s now blowing all that cold air back on us.”, which is why it was well below zero again this morning, but at least our temperatures will be more tolerable tomorrow.

Most of my morning was spent meeting with an HVAC person to do furnace inspections on an apartment house, and then later hook-up the City Housing Inspector for that building’s five year inspection. At least the outcome of that long two hours was positive where everything passed with flying colors. I did have a nice chat with the inspector about how our times have drastically changed to where one’s hard-pressed to find tenants who take pride in the way they keep their units.

After I returned to office, I was back on my phone with US Cellular’s customer service regarding the errors that had been made on their contract with my office, along with the crazy way my name shows up on caller-ID. I was assured today that it’ll be changed within 3 – 5 business days, and when I asked why, he said it’s being done by a third-party. Don’t you really get sick of hearing about all these “third-party” excuses companies have whenever you want immediate action? It all goes back to the cutting of costs of company benefits to their employees, to where they can hire third parties for flat fees and not have to pay those costs associated with full-time employees.

Late this afternoon I happened to mention yesterday’s experience with US Cellular to a contractor, and surprised yet not when I was told of similar hassles he was getting when he went to purchase a new phone at US Cellular. I just don’t get why businesses do everything they can to squeeze every dollar possible out of their customers, instead of offering fair prices and treating them fairly. It sounded like they were also trying to sell him things he didn’t want or need. Yep. It’s another big business at its worst.

I received a call from the owner of 683 – 16th St SE today to tell me the issue of the fence going down the middle of its driveway has been resolved to where the fence will be moved to a new location which will provide a more easy access to that home’s garage. I went ahead and made the change in our MLS, so hopefully we’ll be getting renewed activity on it. I’m still amazed that home hasn’t yet sold because it’s one rock-solid home that only needs a little lipsticking. It’s location alone should’ve had it sold, but when visiting with a colleague today, it’s appearing buyers could care less about location as long as they’re tricked-out and move-in ready. When seeing another grossly over-priced listing under contract this morning, became one more confirmation of today’s buyers’ mentality.

Around mid-afternoon, I found I had a little over an hour to kill before my last appointment, so I went back to getting more of those dried peppers prepared for grinding. Similar to my walnut-cracking venture, I’ve been spending what free time I have working on them, and today was my first indication that I’m starting to see the end of the tunnel with another one of my daunting tasks.

When visiting with a familiar face today, I asked if he enjoyed a little spice with his meals, and as I suspected, he admitted his love of a good “kick” with certain foods, so I promised to give him a half-pint jar of freshly ground hot peppers when I see him again next week. As always, anytime I give anyone a sample of it, I remind them that it has a hotness that creeps up on you, so the first time used, must be sparingly. I also shared the fact that those peppers are supposed to be good for a person’s cardiovascular, which is a bonus.

I happened to find out today who’s going to be renting the double storefront next to my office, and after hearing about it, I couldn’t have been more delighted because it’s supposed to be centered around natural foods and healthy cooking. From what I heard, the person who’s the owner of the business called “Roots”, is a certified nutritionalist who’s been working in the corporate world, and now has decided to give it a go on her own. I’m suspecting she’s going to be drawing on our area’s specialty farmers who’re growing all-natural fruits and vegetables, along with all naturally raised chickens, beef, pork and lamb. If her foods aren’t so terribly over-priced, you can be sure I’ll be darkening her door on occasion. What a wonderful addition to our Historic Downtown. I also heard she’s supposed to be opening the 1st of February, and by the looks of the tearing-out that’s going on, her contractors are going to be very busy until then.

When thinking about her business plan, I couldn’t help thinking about an old German saying which goes, “Mann ist was er isst.” which translates as, “Man is what he eats.” Oh how true that old saying is in these times, because I’m in near shock whenever seeing the “garbage” people have in their shopping carts whenever I’m in a groceteria. I’m now a bit surprised I remembered that saying after these many long years of being away from the German language.

I’ve been reading bits and pieces about how certain segments of our younger crowd are turning their demands towards all natural foods and products, along with simplifying their living quarters almost to the point of being minimalists. Two of the apartments I was in today which are being rented by young people, such mindsets were quite evident.  When thinking about it, nearly all of us have way too much “stuff” that’s cluttering-up our lives. My take on it, is if it’s not serving a purpose, then gift it to someone who’ll put it to use, and as each year passes, I’m finding myself doing just that.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Storytelling has a narcotic power.

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