They’re Worshipping Their Own Power

It came as a surprise when finding it much warmer than was predicted today, which offered some melting time during our afternoon. When visiting with a client who’s out of State today, it sounded like the Southern States got a good pounding these last couple of days. Yes, these erratic weather patterns are becoming quite remarkable.

While on the phone with a dear friend of mine whom I’d not spoken with for some weeks, mentioned a new TV series that’s coming out called, “Inspector Joe”, which will be centered around home inspections. She went on to say that likely every Tom, Dick and Harry will be wanting to get into home inspections, and not have the expertise which makes a real home inspector.

I went on to tell her about just two of my listings from 2021 that had crazy home inspections which caused the sale of them to fall. The first one centered around that home’s so-called inadequate wiring and bulging main sewer line which was made of Orangeburg sewer pipe they started using in our City back during our war years and thereafter up until PVC came into existence.

First of all, the wiring was not faulty and the Orangeburg sewer line going to the street, wasn’t even being used because the main sewer line was on the other side of the basement. Believe it or not, two separate sewer “professionals” missed the fact that there were no sewer lines from the main or second floor of the home, being emptied into the line they opened. Can you imagine what a nightmare that would’ve been if my seller went ahead and replaced a sewer line that wasn’t even being used by his home. Wow! I could only imagine the possible lawsuit being created out of that major oversight. I do believe there was a Divine Intervention on my part when for whatever reason, I decided to call the previous owner to see how things were with him since I’d not spoken to him in well over a year.

During our conversation, I just happened to mention the Orangeburg sewer line that was found in his previous residence. Well, that turned into an illuminating conversation which gave cause for me to make several calls to those sewer inspectors. The previous seller was right, they opened the wrong clean-out before running their cameras down that home’s sewer.

Of course the buyers had already received their earnest money back along with the cancellation of their purchase agreement. What really fried me, was how cavalier those buyers were acting when I shared the real facts about that home. I lost that sale, as well as those buyers because they were smarter than the average bears by buying a FSBO. In time, we’ll see how smart they really were. We did finally get another offer on it, and for more money, so all did end well for my sellers. Yes, that was one “Yell” of a nightmare at the time.

My second failed sale due to a home inspection, again centered around a sewer line and wiring. There was also an insistence by that home inspector that the home was infested with mice, but no dropping found. Unbeknownst to that inspector, that home’s wiring had been brought up to date with a 150 amp service with ground faults installed to code. Because I knew the home well, I distinctly remembered seeing the ground faults in both bathrooms and the kitchen which made me wonder what he must’ve been smoking at the time, or possibly having his own senior moment.

The owner swore up and down she’d never had a mouse in that house, which I believed because she had an indoor cat for 13 out of the 15 years she lived there. The so-called “failing” sewer line wasn’t even inspected, which caused me to wonder why and how he could make such a determination, because the owner never once had a problem with her sewer line.

Just to try and keep the sale together, we asked what money concession they wanted which I thought would be no more than a thousand dollars. Nope, they wanted $9K which sent them on their way in short order. Once again, we did get it re-sold to another party some months later. I did hear later from another agent, how much that inspector hates inspecting old homes. Really? I’d say 75% of our City is filled with “old homes”.

I also had two very unfortunate experiences with a certain appraiser who thinks she’s also a home inspector by pointing out in her appraisal reports, the need for qualified professionals opinions on basement walls which she believed were deteriorating. Well, that was more time and money spent on getting professionals out to those homes to do their inspections and submit their reports to lending institutions.

So here we are, entering another year of home sales, and likely having to deal with these idiotic judgement calls being given by our State’s un-licensed home inspectors. Now if our State would force such inspectors to go thru hours of pre-licensing education and then tested out, we wouldn’t have people out there trying to make a fast buck by calling themselves home inspectors, as well as relieving many of our sellers from being forced into making un-necessary repairs and/or improvements.

The buyer I was working with yesterday, decided to make an offer, so I set aside enough time to get all the docs prepared, signed, and then emailed over to the listing agent. We’re supposed to have an answer on it by 7:00 p.m. tonight, so before I hit the hay, I’ll know if it was accepted or rejected. If it were my seller, I would be saying, “This is a good offer and I think we need to run with it.” We’ll see.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Sooner or later, humans have to decide whether they’re worshipping their own power, or the power of God.

Joe Chodur

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