But Rather a Bloated Village

Our temps didn’t get as high as predicted, but at least the wind wasn’t blowing which made for a more pleasant day to be outdoors. It looks like our weather is going to be yo-yoing again this week, so if we can at least get out of this month without any terribly bitter-cold days, we should be wrestled free of Old Man Winter’s grip once again.

Shortly after arriving at office, I went back to my darkened corner to get my Sunday morning contemplative session completed. It didn’t take me long to get where I needed to be prior to beginning. Since I’ve added several other people to my “prayer chain”, it took me a little longer, but that was just fine by me. Irregardless of what anyone thinks, the selfless praying for others really does help.

After I completed my session, I went ahead and prepared an information sheet for the title attorney who’ll be handling the title work on my most recent sale. Before emailing it off, I made sure I had all the information about the buyers and sellers correct because getting even a middle initial wrong, means extra work for an attorney’s office.

Since I still had some free time before I had to head over to St. Paul Lutheran, I plopped myself down at my office piano and ran thru all the music I was given to play. Every one of the pieces sounded good enough for public ears, so I placed it all back in the folio I take with me each time I play for them, and headed in the direction of their church.

When I arrived, the church was already unlocked, so up to the gallery I went and began getting myself situated. Having not played over there for nearly a month, I made sure to get re-acquainted with its double keyboard and pedalboard. When I began running thru the entrance hymn, one of the pipes stuck, so off I headed to the “pipe closet” to see which one it was. I did find the squealer which was the same one that was acting up before, which had me worried it would act up while I was playing “live” for them, and of course my fears were later confirmed.

I didn’t make any real mistakes while playing this morning, but for some reason the organ just wasn’t sounding like it used to, which was frustrating me all the more. Just to get myself away from it for a bit, I decided to play their Communion hymn on the piano which sounded just fine, which told indicated it wasn’t me, but rather their organ. Oh well, I made it thru their Service, and that’s all that mattered.

They did have a good turnout today which made me happy, and before leaving, I was hand-delivered thank you cards from several of their members which I found touching. Of course getting those cards made me all the more internally frustrated by the way in which I was playing this morning. Hopefully the “old girl” was just having a bad day, and next time she’ll be back up to speed. Just when I thought I was comfortable playing it, I fell right back into a state of doubt.

After their Services were over, I grabbed a quick bite to eat at a take-away, headed back to office and put away all that music, and then head back out to meet with a client at a country property he’s thinking about listing when winter’s over.

I’d been out there before, but today’s visit was a real reminder of how much more drifting takes place in the dooryards of not-so-well protected acreages. Since the last time I was there, I found he’d done a great deal of clearing out junk, along with making the place look more appealing. His first question was, “So what do you think it’ll sell for?”, which is always that question I’m not able to answer until I complete a market analysis, but I did tell him the acreage sales in North Iowa hit record highs in 2021, so if it’s a repeat of last year, he’ll end up with a good return on his investment.

While heading back, I received a phone call from a customer asking if he could have a second viewing of the property I showed him yesterday, and of course I agreed to meet him at the residence shortly after I returned. I had to laugh when seeing all the deer running around during the day, and for some reason, they’ve learned when deer hunting season begins and ends. While driving there and back, I managed to spot eight of those vile creatures wandering about in fields. Thank goodness there wasn’t one running across the road in front of me.

I managed to make it back in time to meet my buyer, and when he pulled up, I already had the front door unlocked and lights turned on. The second look was longer and more discriminative which I’ve always liked because it’s best to get a good “feel” for a property before even thinking about making an offer. I did get a good laugh out of him laugh when speaking about how gossipy our City is when saying, “Mason City is not a city, but rather a bloated village.”, and we all know what village people do; they gossip from sun up to sundown.

After the showing was over, I headed back to office to work on my taxes until it was time to call it quits for the day. Slowly but surely, I am making progress, so hopefully I’ll have them fully readied by the time I have to meet with my accountant.

While driving home, I began thinking about how “off” today’s music over at St. Paul Lutheran sounded, along with reflecting on the sermon their visiting Pastor had given which centered around doing things for the good of all, instead of all this tribalism that’s infected the minds of many. As they’ve said, “If our Country should fall, it will have fallen from within.”, which makes me wonder why people don’t realize it. Just today I noticed another big tribal flag flying in someone’s back yard which looked out of place.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We never understand how little we need in this world until we’ve experienced the loss of it.

Joe Chodur

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