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I didn’t take the time to look how many inches of snow we received, but judging by the average amount that was moved today, I’d say it was somewhere around eight inches. Thank goodness the wind wasn’t blowing hard while the sun was shining because it made for a more tolerable three hours of shoveling. Yes, I sure got my workout today, so I guess I won’t be going to gym anytime soon.

The only real estate work I had, was to show home which recently came on the market, to a client of mine who’s very particular about location and quality of construction. The showing went well, but not sure if it’s anything that’ll be moved on right away.

Late last evening I missed a call from my favorite aunt whom I’ve not spoken with in many months, but what I found the most creepy-cool, was the many thoughts I’d been having of her recently, so she must’ve picked up on one or two of them. After my shoveling was over, I returned her call and asked if she’d like me to stop over this afternoon. Of course she wanted to see me, so after her lunch hour was over, I ran over for a visit.

Just after walking in, I gave her a big hug while saying, “If you happened to forget, I just want to remind you that you’re my favorite aunt.” For a woman who’s hovering around the ninety mark, she continues to have a sharp mind and quick wit. She’s always been one who’d stand her ground whenever being challenged over something she didn’t believe to be right, which is another reason she’s my favorite.

We must’ve been visiting a good hour, and likely would’ve still been there if I didn’t have an appointment coming up. Oh did we get some good laughs in about happening which took place back when life was much simpler. Before leaving, I did promise to stop and see her more often, because I’d almost forgotten how good a conversationalist she is, and especially when there’s no one else around. She has children living in the area, but I don’t think they appreciate her as much as I do. Perhaps in more ways than one, we are kindred spirits. She just so happens to be the last surviving sibling of my long-deceased father, which makes her even more special to me.

Just recently while in conversation with another one of our City’s fine minds, the subject of Rob Sand who is our State Auditor came up, and glad to hear he also had a great many good things to say about him, and one of them being, his belief Rob Sand to be one of the most intelligent people he’s ever met. Since I had a very short conversation with Rob when he was here this past year, I couldn’t help agreeing. Yes, that young man is well on his way to making a very good name for himself. Good for him, and good for our State of Iowa.

With a little time to kill, I went and checked the news feeds and happened upon a very long article regarding the melting of the permafrost in Russia’s arctic. The article was one posted by “The New Yorker” which I’ve always held in high esteem, and in spite of it being very long, I read the whole thing. If what was said is even half true, our world is going to be in deep “shite” not so many years into our future. The amount of carbon dioxide and methane gas that’s already being released, is enough to sound an alarm all over the world. I won’t go into any detail, but if you have time, please click on the following link and give it a good read. For sure, it’ll shed some shivers up your spine. There’s no question the melting of the Arctic’s permafrost, is a big player in our climate change. Here’s the link:  The Great Siberian Thaw

After my showing, I putzed around the office with files and bill paying, along with spending about a half hour working on those hot peppers, but since it was already getting late, I decided to call it quits for the day.

While locking up, I noticed the salon next door was still busy getting their business equipment moved over to where Market 124 used to be. They were certainly busy at it all day, so hopefully they’ll be completely out because this was their drop-dead date to be out of that building. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see who the new tenant is going to be, so I’ll be watching all the closer for any new faces around that building. I only hope whomever did rent it, realizes that brick structure isn’t the easiest to keep heated and cooled. Let’s hope it’ll be a smashing success for our Downtown block.

As I was driving home, I did notice our sun is indeed now crawling back north again while offering us more daylight hours. We’re almost halfway thru this dreaded month of January, so if we can at least get past the first of February, we should be sailing towards milder weather. As much as I hate dealing with snow, I’d rather be shoveling than enduring those bitterly cold days with staggeringly cold windchills. At least we now have a good snow cover which should help to keep the frost from traveling any deeper.

When visiting with the owner of 808 – 6th Place SE, we came to the conclusion that it would be best if he’d purchase a new counter-flush refrigerator which would finish-out its brand-spanking new kitchen. Tell friends and relatives because I believe the street that home is located on, is one of Mason City’s prettiest, and the quality of its construction is off the charts.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Our tempers are weapons we unfortunately hold by their blades.

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