Every Happening Great and Small

At one time or another, I read that Mason City Iowa is in the top ten cities of the United States which has the greatest temperature swings in a 12 month period, which comes as no surprise when finding our temps today reaching well above forty degrees in our Downtown. For sure there’s going to be a good number of potholes created by the extreme cold, and followed by these sudden heat waves. Try to get out and enjoy the weather tomorrow because I’m sure it’s not going to last.

Most of my morning was spent doing some research on a listing I’ll be getting signed up tomorrow, and if we still have buyers out there, there’s no question it’ll get sold quickly because of it’s price, location and condition. Due to how much I’ve always enjoyed the seller over these long years, I’m hoping it’ll go over asking price because she’s fully deserving.

Just after lunch I had to run out of town and do an inspection on a country home, which allowed me to get some good views of our winter scenery. For sure those monster windmills can certainly pollute our country landscapes. I’m still hoping our Government will offer deep-pocket tax incentives for those who opt for solar power. While I was driving down one of our main arteries, I happened to notice a home that recently sold, now having a full bank of solar panels on the entire west half of its roof. The only thing I thought odd about it, was the fact that its roof had such a low pitch which may impede the efficiency of those panels.

I wasn’t at that country home very long because that’s all I needed to do was complete a full walk-thru while taking a number of notes which I’ll be using for a letter of value which I’ll be sending to the owners. I did happen to notice they’ve got a growing problem with raccoons and woodchucks in and around their outbuildings. It’s no wonder our cattle farmers are always making sure there aren’t any of those large woodchuck holes in their pastures because they’ve been known to accidentally step in them and break their legs. I also happened to spy a bald eagle perched high up in a tree in the distance which I’m finding to be more common this year. Their populations have got to be on the increase because of the number of sightings I’ve had this past Fall and now this winter.

After arriving back at office, I found a cautionary email that was sent from a lender regarding a recent sale of one of my listings, and mostly because of some money judgements that were outstanding on the buyer. I picked up the phone and gave that loan officer a call, just to make sure I had enough clarification about the problem which I’ll have relay to my sellers. I did learn something new today, and that being the credit reports that are now being generated from those reporting agencies, are not showing outstanding judgements. I have no idea when and why they stopped listing them.

Since I’m supposed to play over at St. Paul Lutheran this coming Sunday, I spent about a half hour at my piano, just to make sure I was comfortable enough with their selection. I have to laugh to myself because there’s almost always one or two I’ve never played which forces me to kick my sight-reading skills into high-gear. As much as they continue to thank me for playing for them, I should be the one thanking them for challenging me to better my skills on their vintage pipe organ.

I’ve been hearing some rumors about the fate of our City’s Gothic Catholic Church of late, and if those rumors become a reality, there’ll be some German and Irish Catholics rolling over in their graves if that landmark church gets closed. What I’ve always found striking about that church, are their sky-high stained-glass windows which when the sun shines in, fills its nave with multi-colored light.

As I’ve mentioned before, the various conventional congregations of faith have been under fire for the past twenty years by the growing numbers of modern evangelical churches sprouting up all over our Country. I believe everyone should go where they feel the most comfortable, but sometimes I think there’s some extra pressuring that takes place which I find unacceptable because being prodded to attend someone else’s church, offers no spiritual benefit in my book. Just as I’ve said many times, how worthless it is to tithe under pressure because there’s no real inner grace received.

Since I had everything accomplished for the day, and still about an hour to kill, I closed up shop and headed out to do some shopping for office supplies which have been running low. I’m glad I got in and out before the five o’clock crowd arrived because I certainly don’t like being caught in those long strings of cars on the highway. I’d still love to know where all those cars are coming from because we never used to have such long lines in years past. The only thing I can think of , is there being more people who work in Mason City, living either in the country, or likely in our surrounding towns, and especially Clear Lake.

It was a delight to see that new hotel over in Clear Lake fully finished and open for business. Now why in the “yell” is that hotel Mr. Rachie’s was supposed to have built years before they started on that one in Clear Lake, still in limbo? And to think the “Powers that Be” in our City, is giving him their blessing on turning that decaying mall into “Hollywoodland”. When first hearing about it, I had to insist that there’s some weak brainpower behind their ears. I’d personally cut Mr. Rachie loose, burn those plans, and get back to working at bringing more companies to our City which would offer good-paying jobs which would then create more disposable incomes for our City’s enterprises. Oh well, I might as well save my breath to cool the soup.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Every happening great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life, is to get the message.

Joe Chodur

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