The Hottest of the Three

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful day to consider what it must be like living up in the Arctic Circle, and since today’s wind is another fine example of our wobbling Jet Stream, I’m sure their temps were milder than ours were today. Everyone’s complaining about how much colder it’s going to be tomorrow, and all I could say was, “I could care less what the temperature’s going to be as long as the wind isn’t blowing.” From what I heard, it’s not supposed to be, so let’s hope their forecast is correct.

There must’ve been all the many cars belonging to people around town which their owners couldn’t get started because while I was out running errands this morning, I noticed four different towing companies hauling off cars. We all know we must make sure our homes are prepared for the cold, but I think there are many who forget about keeping their vehicles in tip-top shape for the winter. Unfortunately most don’t realize that car batteries do wear out, and usually when our temps are at their most extreme.

I’m now fully readied for my closing tomorrow afternoon, and unfortunately the buyer won’t be able to make it to the closing table until after 5:00 pm. You can be sure I’ll afterwards be dropping that closed file off at my office and heading home. That was another sale which should’ve been closed many weeks before, but unfortunately there were two strong-minded attorneys on opposing sides. Oh well, that was another good lesson learned which will be sticking with me, and that being, most business people shove the little fish aside, and focus more on the bigger ones which I’m completely against. Whether they’re big sales or small, all buyers and sellers should be given the best services possible not matter what their prices are.

With a few more hours free, I went to work on getting more year-end reporting done which was time sensitive, so I figured that would be the first of many I’d get completed and sent out. As I’ve said before, when it comes time to start on tax reporting, I feel like I just finished them six months before. I think the reason it always seems such a short time ago, is because I hate it so much. Ok, it’s not that I hate it because they’re tax reports, but rather the extended time it takes to get them prepared, and of course I can only work on them when there are absolutely no distractions.

I’m still wondering what business will be going in next door to my office, and the more secretive they’ve been about it, the more curious I am. From what I’ve heard, the new tenants are supposed to be taking possession on the 15th of this month, so I have 10 more days of waiting. All the information I’ve received thus far, is that it’s not a beauty salon which didn’t give me much to go on. Oh well, whatever business goes in there, I’ll be wishing them the best of luck, unless it happens to be a competing real estate office which I highly doubt.

Tonight’s photo is one I took of my dried peppers which are now ready to be processed. The ones shown, are the Cayenne variety I planted, and this time around, I decided to keep apart, all three of those varieties of hot peppers I’ve grown because I want to grind them separately just so I’ll be able to tell which ones will be the best fit for all-around use. All I have yet to do with them, is remove their green stems and send them to my grinder. I have a feeling they’re going to be the hottest of the three. Since I have a great many more to get readied, I decided to get the two varieties with fewer numbers done before I take on that really big batch. I have a feeling there’ll be enough ground hot peppers to fill even a super-store’s order. You can be sure I’ll be giving packages of it as gifts to those wanting. I think I mentioned before that many of the spices we find in the store, have been “cut” with dried and ground grass or straw, just to make it more profitable for those companies selling it which wouldn’t surprise me because from the time their seeds are planted, to the time they’re ground into spice, there would’ve been many hours of labor spent.

Either this coming Friday or possibly Saturday morning, I’ll be getting a home listed which I’m confident will have multiple offers on it because it’s of a style and in a price range which many are waiting for, and since we’re now past the first of the year, the cabin fever many buyers get at this time of the year, has already taken hold. It’ll be interesting to see how many days it’ll be on the market and how much it ends up selling for.

I received an email from a buyer this afternoon asking if I’d be free to show an out of town home next week, which I agreed to do. Having already shown it to another prospective buyer, I’m pretty certain it’ll be a waste of time for the both of us. That’s another home which has one killer of a steep staircase. While showing it the first time, I posed a question to the buyer being, “How many people do you think have fallen down these steps since this home was built?” Yes, that’s one dangerous staircase because of its short steps and sharp turns.

In spite of the bitter weather we’re experiencing, I have one scheduled showing tomorrow and two on Friday. You can bet I’ll be fully layered with warm clothing because even being outside for five or ten minutes, is enough to take one’s breath away. While visiting with a businessman today, we shared our hatreds of winter because the both of us grew up on farms where we had animals to take care of. I usually throw in my many fears at the time when out carrying pails of water and feed up and over snowbanks to animals in buildings and wondering how long it would take my parents to find me if I got stuck in one of them and froze to death. Yes, those experiences were enough to hard-code my brain into forever hating winter.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s no such thing as public opinion because it’s only published opinion.

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