Nothing Rewarding About Shopping

Due to our extremely cold temps this morning, you can be sure I dressed in a multi-layered fashion before heading out. Of course my first two stops, were to check on those vacant homes, and ever-grateful their furnaces were running just fine. One of them is supposed to close tomorrow afternoon, but as I’ve always said, “It ain’t closed until the docs are signed and checks delivered.” I’m sure you’ve been following my account of a not so recent home sale which turned into a precarious struggle after that crazy appraisal was delivered on it. If it does close tomorrow, I’ll be feeling as though a millstone has been lifted off my shoulders, along with likely never being forgotten.

After arrival at office, I proceeded to my darkened corner and began my Sunday morning contemplative session. Of course with my having been chilled from being outdoors, it took longer for me to get comfortably warmed, which caused me to begin wondering how all those monastics managed when they had to get up before dawn and walk down to cold and dimly-lit chapels where they performed their daily morning prayer sessions. For sure they must’ve had some very warm woolens to keep their bones from rattling.

Once my session was finished, I went back to work at getting more of 2021’s useless paper and journals sent to either the trash bin or shredder. I made a silly mistake by placing the phone number of a future client in the shredder and just when I realized I’d made a mistake, it was already being chopped up. Luckily I found one little shred containing the last four digits of his phone number, which was enough for me to find the rest of it in last year’s appointment book.

Well, you’re probably thinking I went thru the entire book, but in reality I didn’t have to because that person was one who waited too long to make a decision on a home I had for sale and in the mean time, I sold it to someone else. All I had to do was go looking for that sale file in my archives and find the date of the purchase agreement. Sure enough I found my shredded number in a two week section of my appointment book. It was a silly mistake on my part, but at least I managed to retrieve that prospective buyer’s number.

Around mid-morning I received a call from the selling agent who received yesterday’s counter-offer from my seller, saying the buyer was going to accept it, so I called the seller and had him stop in and sign the purchase agreement, just so I could get it scanned and emailed back for the buyer’s initials. Yeah! The first sale of 2022 happened today. I’m not going to be looking for any issues with that sale, and if something should come up, we’ll just have to deal with it.

Several months ago one of my past clients called and mentioned something about an animal he thought to be a feral cat that was sneaking around in his backyard after dark. What few glimpses he got of it, and the more he talked about what it looked like, I couldn’t help saying, “Are you sure it isn’t a fox?” After that conversation, I’d not heard anything about his nighttime visitor until today he text me the above photo with a little note saying, “How do you like my little friend?” Oh my goodness! He must’ve started feeding it, and now it’s become more accustomed to his movements. I doubt I could’ve taken a better picture. If that poor thing could speak, I sure it would be saying, “Please give me something more to eat because it’s really cold out here.”

Yes, we’re getting more wild creatures setting up shop here in the City, and most likely the fox families have arrived because of the competition their getting from the coyotes. I sure as heck would rather see a fox running around at night instead of a filthy coyote. Luckily I haven’t seen one for months now, so maybe the hunters are culling their little packs.

I only about a half day at office, and the remainder of my time was spent getting some shopping done and errands run. In spite of it being so cold out, there sure were enough people at the restaurants, Menards and Walmart. I’m still convinced most people go shopping only because they have nothing better to do. How about if they take up woodworking, cabinet making, knitting, quilt making, or even go walking our nature trails? I personally find nothing rewarding about shopping.

While doing some additional clearing out at office, I happened upon a name I’d written down to look up, but for some reason, I never looked her up until today. After doing a little extra digging, I’ll be looking for one of Iris Murdoch’s books which is titled “The Sovereignty of Good”. She was a Irish-born author who published a number of well-received fictions, but she was also heavy into Philosophy.

Just from what I gleaned online about it’s content, I’d say it’ll be a good read for me because her thoughts about faith and God bordered mine to the point I’ll likely get some good pointers and additional direction with my continuous journey on the path of contemplative prayer. She was also a student of Plato who’s considered the father of modern philosophy, so if I do find it, I’ll let you know my thoughts after reading it. Since I’ve not read much regarding philosophy in years, I should find it refreshing.

It sound like we’re going to have temps above freezing on Tuesday, which should give us a short reprieve from these bitterly cold days. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on sunny beach in the Caribbean about now? Oh well, somebody has to stay to keep the mill running. Right?

Tonight’s One-liner is: We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves to those we let slip out.

Joe Chodur

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