Rubber-stamping of Each Others’ Failures

For being the last day of 2021, it ended up quite the whirlwind of little “to do’s” I had on my plate I had to get taken care of, and since several of them were out of town, I was holding my breath while driving in the light sleet and fog. What made me the most nervous, was the thought of a deer suddenly appearing out of nowhere and my not being able to dodge it. Thank goodness I didn’t come across any other than several dead ones on roadsides, and above one of them I noticed a bald eagle circling. I’m still in disbelief those eagles actually eat road-kills, which became something new for me to remember.

Since I didn’t have time to finish up on yesterday’s desk work, I managed to find time to get that completed before our year finished. I did take the time to run some market stats which I usually do twice a year, and after reviewing them, I was greatly pleased when seeing my office had a much better year than last, which by the way, was one of the worst I’ve experienced in decades. I believe I mentioned before how I had to finally get myself “re-programmed” with these spiking home prices along with the impetuous mindsets of today’s buyers. I’m ever-thankful I managed to get re-calibrated to their thought processes when it comes to buying and/or selling.

I’m sure you’ve all seen what our weather’s going to be like come tomorrow morning, so make sure you dress properly while out and about. I’ll be meeting with a seller tomorrow to go over an offer that came in on his home today. I did get it presented over the phone, but unfortunately the amount offered wasn’t even close to what he was willing to sell it for, so we’ll see what he decides after getting a good night’s sleep.

I went out and checked on those vacant homes this afternoon, and since I know it’s going to be very cold tomorrow, I kicked up the thermostats on both of them. Whenever being faced with bitterly cold weather, it’s always best to be more safe than sorry.

It came as no surprise when seeing all the traffic today which was likely due to people getting themselves prepared for their New Year’s Eve gatherings. Let’s hope they all have designated drivers if they’re going to be getting into the giggle water because that sleet we had today is likely going to make our streets all the more slippery after the temps drop well below freezing tonight.

While in conversation with a friend of mine today, we began sharing our thoughts about the many ills which are plaguing our City, and most of them never even hitting our newspaper or online news feeds. He was shocked when I mentioned more of these crimes committed in our City are going un-reported which prompted him to ask, “Why wouldn’t they get published?” All I could come up with was possibly our “powers that be”, not wanting our City to be considered something less than desirable.

What we also found to be troubling, is the continued lack of transparency of the day to day goings-on in our local governments which caused me to share with him what I said to one of them yesterday which went in one ear and out the other, and that being, “The problem with many of our government bodies, is that they believe if the money’s there, then it’s to be spent.” I don’t even want to know how much rubber-stamping of each others’ failures takes place on a yearly basis. I’ll continue to insist that the reason for it, is the fact that they personally didn’t have to work for it.

There’ve been countless times I’ve seen willful waste and conspicuous spending of money by those who’ve either inherited big chunks, or was given to them by aging relatives. One example I’ll not forget, was the purchase of a brand new and very expensive sports car by a nephew who inherited the bulk of his aunt’s money. I remember her well, and to this day, I’m sure she’s still rolling over in her grave because for whatever reason, a large portion of what she had, was supposed to go to charities. I didn’t know, and really don’t care to know how that managed to happen.

Just before quitting time, a friend of mine asked if I’d help him get a washer and dryer moved into a heated space, just so the water that was likely still in the washer, wouldn’t freeze and ruin the pump. I agreed, so off I went and helped him get them moved. Thank goodness they were newer models which weren’t as heavy as those older devils. He admitted having dropped the ball on getting them moved long before, and only because he’d forgotten about them.

I think most of my day tomorrow will be spent cleaning and clearing-out things that have been piling up in my office, and since tomorrow’s the first of the year, I’ll be a good time to start out fresh. Much of what’s going to get sent to the shredder or trash, are old real estate publication and print-outs of homes I’d shown in past months to potential buyers. Of course I’m also a bit of a note-taker, so I’ll be sorting thru them and getting rid of those which are now irrelevant. If I have time, I’ll be giving those wooden floors in my office a much-needed scrubbing.

Since I’ll likely be up until the our new year arrives, I’m going to try my hand at making my long-awaited black walnut divinity. And to think the only reason I accepted those 1,200+ nuts, was to make myself a batch of it. Little did I know at the time that I’d be making numerous batches of black walnut fudge which I gifted for Christmas, along with a large amount of yummy black walnut-filled banana bread which was also well-received. I’m still getting thank you notes from those I’ve given Christmas gifts which continue to touch my heart-strings.

I wish each and every one of you a healthy, prosperous and enlightening year ahead.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Unity in faith is theocracy; unity in politics is fascism.

Joe Chodur

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