I’ve Yet to Hear and Un-kind Word

When knowing I was going to be busier than a one-armed paperhanger, it wasn’t a pleasing sight when discovering a fine misty sleet beginning to fall, so instead of taking my usual routes at normal speed, I slowed my travels way down, along with keeping on more heavily trafficked streets. And to think we’re supposed to get some bitter cold on Saturday which is going to make for a very biting 1st day of 2022.

I had an early showing on one of my listing this morning which has been under the radar for far too long, but luckily the buyer could see its upside potential enough to where he decided it was the one he wanted to buy, so by the time our Noon hour arrived, it was under contract. I’m going to stay confident all with go well with the loan process because I’ve had of late, my fill of bad appraisals and lending issues. I did find out the bank the buyer is using, doesn’t use a particular appraiser who’s done some beating-up of several of my listings.

One of my colleagues is going to be showing another one of my active listings tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll have that under contract before the arrival midnight. From what I heard, there was a very good showing on 1125 W. State today which made me happy because that is also a home that should’ve been sold right out of the gates.

My first closing went as planned with the exception of the selling agent looking to be a bit under the weather which was confirmed when the coughing started. Oh how much I wanted do a little chastising, but there were others there, so I quickly exited as soon as I could. I continue to shake my head when saying to myself, “What’s wrong with these people?” Whenever seeing such disregard for others, I’m reminded of what my mother used to say whenever seeing someone doing something improper by insisting they must’ve been raised in a barn.

My second closing also went well, and glad for it because that particular closer is often very demanding when it comes to having everything in order. I’m glad to have reached his level of expectations to where everything I delivered was to his satisfaction. I’ve come to the point in my life where I’m rarely if ever intimidated by the demands of others, and mostly because I find them to be intimidated by their own responsibilities which causes them to be more insistent on getting everything they’re asking for, delivered in an orderly and readable fashion.

The thank you cards are still coming in from those I gifted prior to Christmas, and for sure I’ll be saving some of them for future re-reads because their words were truly from their hearts. One of the cards that came in the mail today, nearly brought tears to my eyes. Yes, there are some exceptionally kind folks living amongst us who’ve been over-looked and under-rated. In spite of it still being December, I spent some time working on my end of the month accounting, and only because I really want to get a head-start on my year-end tax work which is always a cumbersome beast.

I was called out to look at a home which will possibly be coming on the market once the tenants are out, and if properly cleaned and prepped, it’ll likely sell in short order. The driving force with that quick sale, will be where that gem is located. For better or worse, we live in a community containing certain districts which have always sold well in spite of market conditions. While outdoors with the seller, I couldn’t help pointing out the number of homes I’ve sold in that block over these long years. The meeting went well which left me hopeful I’ll be getting a call-back after it’s cleared-out and cleaned.

Naughty me was being a little wicked when seeing a professional noticeably chewing gum at his desk, so yours truly had to say something to him about his appearing to be chewing gum like a goat. I didn’t get even a chuckle out of him which meant he likely took offense. I know it was me again with my demands on businesspeople being business-like, and also be a personal grate on me because whenever I’m around people chewing gum like that, I find it exceptionally annoying as well as distracting. I do hope he’s not so sensitive to light criticism to where he’ll be holding a grudge.

Since I was exceptionally busy today, I wasn’t able to get those vacant homes inspected until late this afternoon, and glad to find all was well with them. I did make a quick stop at a residence that’s supposed to be vacant by midnight tomorrow, just to see if there was any sign of their moving out. From what I could see from the exterior, it appeared they were well on their way out, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

I had a soulful chat today with an old gent who stops by every month or two. It sounded like he didn’t have the best Christmas this year, and mostly due to his children who live far away, deciding they didn’t want to make the trip during this pandemic. I tried to cheer him up when saying how much I enjoyed my very quiet Christmas, and mostly because I considered it a time to freely give to others, rather than expecting something in return. If only I’d known he was alone for Christmas, I would’ve stopped by to see him.

Every time he arrives, I’m usually actively listening to another one of his stories about growing up in a household of women because his father up and ran off with another woman, and leaving him and his mother basically at the doorstep of his spinster aunt and grandmother. In spite of those many struggles during his formative years, he certainly turned out to be one heck of a very thoughtful and gentle man whom I’ve yet to hear an unkind word about another out of his mouth. Yes, his visit was the highlight of my day.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Songs are more powerful than books.

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