Closest to Being that of a Human Voice

After all the stressful days of getting a home’s basement and roof inspected, then having to quickly complete an appraiser’s work requirements, and finally waiting for an underwriter’s approval on that buyer’s loan, we now have a scheduled closing day and time on that “problem child” sale file of mine. Let’s hope it’ll be a very long time before I have to endure a dog and pony show like that again. I’m not mentioning names, but for sure the lack of understanding the whole picture of a given sale transaction displayed by a few, will long be remembered. In the future when looking back at it, I’ll be of the belief I personally went the extra mile, only to ensure a first-time buyer being represented by another Realtor, was able to get that home purchased.

Another file I’ve been struggling with, is home that’s supposed to be closing on Thursday, but today I got hit with a boomerang when being told my a closing agent that he wanted the sellers’ signatures on the closing statement. Now if we had known that two weeks ago, I would’ve included a blank signature page with the transfer docs I had to overnight to South Texas. I called one of relatives and asked if there was a power of attorney signed by them, and luckily there is one, so hopefully when I get a copy of it emailed to me tomorrow morning, the language in it will be satisfactory for that closing agent, so I can then have their power of attorney sign on behalf of the sellers. Oh, if I don’t despise these last minute demands which could’ve been taken care of weeks ago.

By the time I had those three closing files under control, I called a friend of mine who’d been out of town for Christmas, and drove over to her home to deliver her plate of black walnut fudge. Since it was still snowing out, I insisted she not invite me in because I didn’t want to track snow in, so I stepped into her foyer, handed her the plate, wished her a Happy New Year, and off I went. Once I get one last plate delivered, I’m officially finished with my Christmas gifting.

It had finally quit snowing around the hour of one, so I grabbed my shovels and headed out to get my personal scooping done before the temps dropped. Fortunately the snow wasn’t heavy, which enabled me to clip along with getting those sidewalks and driveways cleared. I’m sure there were many fender-benders this afternoon because the streets were definitely “greasy” with that half-frozen snow. In spite of my driving less than the speed limit, while driving around a bend, I almost lost control of my vehicle. Thank goodness there wasn’t anyone tailing me.

When I arrived back at office, I re-shoveled the front, just so there wouldn’t be any slick spots once our temps started dropping. I continue to marvel at the characters who walk our Downtown. Today there was young man who must’ve been on something because he seemed oblivious to my shoveling as he was quickly walking towards me in a gyrating fashion. I actually had to step aside just so he wouldn’t run into me. Poor soul.

It was already beginning to get dark by the time I was finished with my little snow workout, so I headed back inside and returned a call that had come in while I was out. The caller happened to be a dear cousin of mine who also received a Christmas gift from me, and her reason for calling was to thank me for that unexpected surprise. We had a nice chat and a few good laughs about some recent events, which was much needed for the both of us on this snowy-dark day.

With a few minutes to kill before heading home, I sat down at my piano and played a few seasonal hymns out of my church accompaniment book. Whenever I’m able to lift my spirits with live music, I’m ever-thankful that I’ve kept up on my keyboard skills. I dare not even want to think about the number of people who took lessons while in school, and shortly afterwards, completely walked away from it. Back when our grandparents were alive, they continued to play well into their later years, and likely because live entertainment was highly regarded and appreciated.

If I had it to do all over again, I would’ve insisted at an early age that my parents purchase for me a violin and then have me sent to a real instructor. My entire life, I’ve always loved the music being created by violins, violas and cellos, to the point where I could sit and listen to live string music for hours on end.

Many years ago, I used to be a song-leader at a local church, and as chance would have it, the organist had a violinist friend of hers who’d often be there to accompany the organ. There were times when I’d be almost brought to tears after listening to the two of them as they accompanied my song leading. For sure the “Spirit” was alive and well during those Services.

On a darker side, I also had to endure others who thought it just fine to be playing those overpowering brass instruments. French horns and saxophones can certainly drive a person up the walls of a large church where their music would be bouncing off its floor, walls and ceiling. I personally had to accompany several brass instruments during a Holiday Service, and after it was all over, I said to myself, “Never again.”

I also did a great deal of organ and piano accompanying of a clarinetist, and for sure whenever we’d be “right on”, the music was well-received. Most don’t know that the music coming out of a clarinet, is the closest to being that of a human voice, so when there’s another “voice” of a song-leader during a Service, that also creates a memorable experience. It’s unfortunate when finding fewer parents encouraging their children to learn a musical instrument in these troubling times.

Tonight’s One-liner is: What’s invisible to us, is also crucial for our own well-being.

Joe Chodur

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