A Bit Like Ebenezer Tonight

As I was heading out to work this morning, it was quite the delight to find it above freezing, and from the sounds of it, we’re supposed to be breaking a record for this day of December. While driving this afternoon and looking at the outside temp, I’m pretty sure we broke it.

My first early appointment was to drive over to a home and do a pre-listing walk-thru for one of my long-time clients. It looked exceptionally good, but I had to remind him, that when on the last stretch of getting one’s home readied, those little noticeable things end up taking the most time. Since he’s not one who gives himself a “drop dead” deadline to have something completed, I’ll just wait for his call saying it’s ready to list.

A Christmas card arrived at office today which was from St. Paul Lutheran Church, and inside was a token of their appreciation, but what went to heart the most, were the words of thanks that were written. Yes, there are still those who show gratitude for things freely done for them.

With it being so foggy outdoors, with camera in hand, I took a countryside drive to see if I could find something worthy of sharing. The above is one that caught my eye because at a glance, that row of tanks looked as if they were going on forever around that bend. I did take a few others I’ll have to share these coming days.

When I got back, I decided to stop at a groceteria and pick up a few more supplies I’ll be needing for the weekend. While walking out, I ran into a woman I hadn’t seen for a number of years, and since she’s definitely showing her age, it was her eyes that told me it was her. She had her husband with her, which created an inopportune time for me to say anything about her relatives. As I was driving away, I couldn’t help thinking, “Gee I wish I didn’t see her.”, because all those nasty memories of what her brother had done came rushing back. In my mind, I can still see that youngish little round-faced blonde from so many years ago.

When I got back to office, I changed my clothes and proceeded to crack more of those black walnuts. I didn’t manage to get them all cracked before Christmas, but at least I’m now on the downhill slide, so I’m going to remain confident they’ll all be finished before our new year arrives. After getting as many hundred cracked, I finally have it down to a science which is making my tedious job move all the faster.

Those three hours of cracking, gave me time to get some additional personal reflection and deep thinking done, and in spite of it being Christmas Eve, the realist in me came rushing forward, and believe me, some of those thoughts I’d dare not share with you in fear I’d be branded a cynic.

OK, the first realistic thought was when again receiving a Christmas card from one of my major competitors which I thought to be a joke because truly wishing the best for someone who is sometimes a thorn in their side of business, I find ludicrous. In spite of calling whomever sends them to stop sending me one every year, I now just place them unopened in my office shredder. Bah Humbug!

Over these long years after enduring many gatherings with those who all of a sudden transform themselves into well wishers, kissers and huggers, has always wanted to make me vomit because not a day or two afterwards, they’re right back to their old ways of being selfish and mean-spirited. Bah Humbug!

Of course we’ve all experienced this card receiving and sending, which prompts a one-upping almost to the last day to where you’re secretly wishing our mail people get kidnapped or someone runs off with their pouches. From the time I was young, my mother would send a return Christmas Card to everyone she received one from, which I thought ridiculous because it was a waste of time and postage by sending a card to someone she’d not heard from the twelve months before. I finally realized it’s just a vicious circle offering no lasting benefit to either party. Bah Humbug!

Nearly everyone has had to endure Holiday gatherings with people in attendance you’d normally wish they’d not come, or you came down with an infectious disease with a valid doctor’s excuse. Yes, there had to be one “yell-of-a” good excuse for not attending some charade which more often than not, would end with people being noticeably seated at the opposite end of the dining table, just so they’d not happen to brush up against you. Yes, there are energies from others that can easily be rubbed on, but hellish to get rubbed off. Bah Humbug!

I’ll not forget the times I was in attendance of such gatherings, and not too many days later, I’d be challenged by at least one of them asking for some clarification on what I casually said while there. There were times when I would actually start laughing when questioned because what that person thought I said, wasn’t even close to what I meant. To be sure, my answers were never good enough because my words were already hard-coded in their drama-filled brains as meaning something they didn’t. Bah Humbug.

Not too many weeks ago I was asked to attend a large Christmas gathering, and for the strangest of reasons, one of the hosts challenged me as to why I didn’t go. Well, yours truly lifted his filter and replied, “I didn’t go because I suspected I was going to be seeing people I preferred not to, and likely say something I’d regret, and then they’re be another voodoo doll with my name on it in someone’s dresser drawer. Bah Humbug

A dear one of mine emailed me a note yesterday, and one of her lines impressed me so much, I decided to share it tonight, and it went, “I do wish Santa would fill his bag with common sense and leave a small gift of it on everyone’s doorstep.” Now that was a worthy Christmas wish for humanity. In spite of being a bit like Ebenezer tonight, I must say I’m slowly but surely cultivating relationships with my circle of true friends and family. Give it a try with your own, and I guarantee you’ll feel all the lighter for it. Merry Christmas

Tonight’s One-liner is: The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone, was the founder of civilization.

Joe Chodur

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