Put on a Smiling Face

What a welcome relief it was to have no wind and above freezing temps today, and it looks like we may be having some record-breaking temperatures these coming days. I’m still bracing myself for the months of January and February because I’ve not forgotten how many weeks of bitter cold we had during those months last year, and of course the wobbling of the jet stream is what caused it. According to the experts, global warming is what’s been making it happen more often. Do you remember a few times last winter when our temps were colder than areas in the Arctic? Well, that’s another reason why the jet stream needs to remain in its normal pattern.

An extra pair of hands were needed this morning, so I went out and help a friend move something that was just a bit too heavy for one person. It didn’t take as long as I suspected, so back to office I went and did my final review of a closing file before heading off to a bank in Charles City where the closing was to take place.

It was a pleasant drive over and when I arrived, I found the loan officer wasn’t quite ready for me so I took a seat and patiently waited. I’ve been in that bank in the past, but today I had more of an opportunity to get a good look at its structure. In spite of it having been built a number of years ago, it still has a timeless charm about it. They were busy, and likely because people were getting their weekend banking done before Christmas arrived.

I was finally called into the lender’s office, and not five minutes later I was walking away with everything I needed including the seller’s proceeds check. It had been years since I’d actually seen the selling agent in person, and couldn’t help noticing he’d changed in looks. I didn’t hang around long because I needed to get back to the City and move forward with other closing files in the progress.

As of mid-morning, I finally managed to get a home sold to a buyer I’ve been working with for many weeks, and after having three offers submitted on it over this past fortnight, we finally got it put together. That seller has no idea how close she came to losing my buyer because she must’ve thought a few more thousand wouldn’t make a difference, but it did. My buyer is exceptionally happy now, and that’s all that matters. In retrospect, I’m sure she now knows what kind of market we’re in because I showed her more than a couple homes over these recent months which were grossly over-priced. I was so hoping she’d purchase 683 – 16th St. SE, but it just didn’t seem to trip her trigger. Oh well, there’ll be another buyer for it.

I’m still impatiently waiting for the green light from a lender here in town who’s been taking her sweet time getting an over-due file closed. She happens to be the replacement of a mortgage banker I worked with from time to time, and for the strangest of reasons, there would always be complications and extra hurdles to jump thru. Well, it looks like her replacement is showing signs of similar patterns. I once said to the old one, “For some reason I think there’s some really bad karma going on with my office and the mortgage lending side of your bank.” She was dumbfounded when I said it, so I had to start naming specific incidents which she must’ve forgotten. Little does she know, I clearly remember the buyers of a house I had listed whom I’d show it to several times, and wouldn’t you know, she had the guts to talk those buyers into working with a Realtor with one of her “pet” offices which was a very easy for that agent. I suspected she’d done it to me once before, but that time I knew for sure it was her. Yes, there’ve been some tying arrangements going on over the years in our not so clean and pure “River City”. I’m now glad she doesn’t work in mortgage banking anymore, and only because I don’t have to put on my smiling face at a closing.

When speaking about such past happenings, I was reminded of my conversation with a friend of mine today where I mentioned how all’s been well with me this year, but sometimes having to work very hard at keeping my bitterness at bay, and only because of how people in business treat each other. Yes, we all want success, but at what price?  In these times, it seems the mode is, “Get all you can as fast as you can.”, which I find to be the core of greed and selfishness.

While attempting to look for a lot that was for sale in our MLS, I couldn’t find it, so I called the agent and left a message for her to call me. A return call from her while I was driving, so I asked if it was still for sale, and she said it was. I mentioned my not being able to find it, and she insisted it was there. Well, when I returned to office, I looked in land for sale, and sure enough it was there, so I called her back and told her if she really wanted to get it sold, she should put it in the “lot” section instead of “land for sale”. She actually didn’t know the difference, and to my surprise, she thanked me for the direction, and went on to say most agents wouldn’t have bothered to make such a recommendation. I didn’t say anything, but after hanging up the phone, I knew fully-well her words were sadly correct.

When finding I was in need of a few groceries, I ran over to Fareway, and wouldn’t you know, I must’ve ran into at least six recent clients and/or customers. I thought it funny when just finishing a short visit with one, another would be walking around the aisle. I did have a good laugh with one when talking about having run into his ex-wife several days ago and telling him after not seeing her for over ten years, the only thing I recognized were her eyes, and mostly because of the amount of weight she’d gained. Wow. She kept going on and on about how good I looked, but I couldn’t force myself to lie and return the compliment. As I’ve said, this pandemic has created some major weight gains in our general public.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It takes resolve to suffer ignorance and smile.

Joe Chodur

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