After the Return of Sensibilities

Here we had another day of wind which completely boggles my mind because I don’t think we’ve had a near-calm day in a-many. I’m sure many of you are starting to wonder if this is going to be a standard for our winter months. Let’s hope not.

If any of you were up before dawn, I’m sure you were struck by the beauty of this morning’s red sky. When looking at it, I was reminded of some of those landscapes painted by a number of our Old Masters. It was certainly an uplifting sight to behold.

Once the hour of eight arrived, I was out again delivering Christmas gifts to some dear ones. When one of them noticed me coming, she yelled, “Here comes Santa!”. Too funny. I will say that by the time my day was over, I thought back over all these years of Christmas giving, and I dare say I’ve far-exceeded the number of gifts I’ve presented on a given Christmas. How do I feel about it? Absolutely wonderful and will likely next year attempt to out-do myself. Everyone has their “thing” about giving and receiving gifts, and without a doubt, I’d rather give than get.

I had some additional shopping to do over the Noon hour, so out I headed, and of course there were several past clients I bumped into while there and had a quick chat. I’m still in disbelief how few people are wearing face masks while out in places where there are other people. Don’t they realize this pandemic isn’t even close to being over, and especially with another hybrid being spread across our Nation? Oh well, we either learn the easy way, or in the end, the hard.

It came as no surprise when seeing a number of tree removal people out in various parts of our City with their big chippers and bucket trucks. That wind yesterday must’ve been strong enough to take out those which were weakened by last week’s storm. While on the phone with one of my relatives today, I couldn’t help mentioning how much more wary I am about large trees growing within striking distance of homes. In the old days people used to be concerned about lightening strikes on close-by trees, but now it’s these strong winds that are even more worrisome.

I had to open a home today for an appraiser, just so we’d get a clearance on the work requirements which’d been made. I thought it funny when noticing the appraiser in the home at least twice longer than when the initial inspection was being made which I thought to be terribly odd because that’s all they normally do, is a visual and then check off what was flagged. Oh well, it passed, so now that’s all we have to do is wait for the bank’s underwriting department to do their rubber stamping of approval. You have no idea how happy I’ll be when that’s closed.

My office was pretty busy this afternoon with Christmas drop-ins who were thoughtful enough to pay a visit. One visitor in particular was kind enough to bring me some homemade goodies I tasted after arriving home which I found quite tasty. Since I’d not seen her in a number of months, we had a very good visit which revolved around the change in the way people do business, along with how differently they now treat others. Having known her long enough, my filters were lifted to a point where I freely offered my un-censored opinions on various topics.

The thrust of my soapboxing, was my insistence that people in general have grown radicalized with their personal beliefs to where they’re quick to pick a fight with anyone who doesn’t look at the world thru their eyes. I also went on to say how all the more older professionals are basically saying “screw it” and retiring because they’ve allowed their underlings to re-write their business plans which are now all about making as much money as they can and to “yell” with the rest of the world. For sure, greed has now become the mode.

I went on to say how just his year, I’ve had to chastise more than I have in past years for doing something wrong which they believed to be totally acceptable. I’m not exactly sure what’s brought about this noticeable change, but what it does remind me of, were the mindsets of the ancient Romans being, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.”, and the key similarity is the mindsets of our society being stuck in the near-absolute present to where the past has already been forgotten, and the future is no farther than the moment their eyes are closed and fallen asleep. Believe me, I’ve personally heard others not wanting to even consider what’s in store for them “tomorrow”.

On a lighter note, my closing words were for her to stay strong and not weaken, and always remember that when we’ve created a circle of those who truly care about each other, then we’ll likely be able to survive even the worst of times. Yes, there’ll be challenges, but after the return of sensibilities, our world we be an even better place than we would’ve even dreamed. Once again, from bad things come good, as long long as we reach for them. In these times that line has rapidly become my own personal mantra.

Before the hour of closing, I’d already received a half dozen “thanks” from recipients of my gifts. What warmed my heart the most, was knowing how well they were received.  I’ve got several more to deliver tomorrow and then I’m done for this season of giving. I can only say it was a little nerve-racking when getting them all prepared and safely delivered.

I’ll be on the road tomorrow morning to an out of town bank to finish up on another one of our closings, and taking my camera along just in case I find something photo-worthy.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.

Joe Chodur

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