Windy Winter Solstice of 2021

Another cold drive in the dark to office this morning, was my near-daily reminder of how much I hate winter. Upon arrival, I noticed that Clear Lake Tel had all their trucks removed from the parking lot next door, but they were back out there again today. Curious me had to go ask what they were doing, and all I could find out was some company which they wouldn’t name, will be moving in the building next door and the reason they were there, is because whatever local company it is, are insisting on being hooked up to Clear Lake Tel’s fiber optic network. Since it got rented so fast, I suspected it was a local company which was confirmed by one of Clear Lake Tel’s employees. I’m still wondering what’s the big secret of not saying who’s moving in that Downtown spot. I am glad it’s not going to be setting empty like it did for nearly two years before Bare Sugar took up residence.

Most of my morning was spent filling out forms and making a few Downtown stops, along with checking on several vacant homes. I did stop and have a nice chat with a well known, just to wish her a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. She and I are very much kindred spirits when it comes to the way we treat people, as well as the way in which we expect to be treated. She’s very much a die-hard believer in karma which has helped immensely whenever having to deal with the dark sides of some of her colleagues. She’s another one who’s been under-recognized for all she quietly done for others.

I happened to notice our School Board went ahead and kept their heels dug in with their so-call “unanimous” vote to scrape the Mohawk mascot from our high school. What I find the most curious, is this all of a sudden being brought to the forefront which created a polarization within that school, as well as the general public. There’s no question in my mind, there was someone with a hidden agenda who got it all started. Unfortunately, the scraping of that school’s mascot will not be easily forgotten by its alumni who’re still living here, and I won’t be surprised the next time a school board election comes around, there’ll be some board members voted out. I really didn’t like reading some of those comments made by several of those Board members because it showed how much their decisions were very much personal. Back when I sat on a board, I worked very hard at keeping my personal opinions out of the decision-making process. Oh well, it’s done, but the spill-over of strong sentiments will be long-lingering.

While looking for a card to send a dear one today, I grabbed one from a box I’ve had stored away for years which I put to use on occasion. Just as I was writing a note, I noticed in the upper left hand corner of the inside cover, several lines which happened to be a Mohawk tribe’s saying which goes, “Remember that your children are not your own, but lent to you by the Creator.” After having read that Globe Gazette article about our School Board’s decision not a half hour earlier, I unknowingly picked a greeting card containing a Mohawk saying. What a creepy/cool coincidence!

Well, here we are at the windy Winter Solstice of 2021 and rapidly barreling down on Christmas Day. I took the above photo of this morning’s sky which showed how far south the sun was when it reached above the horizon. It seems like only a month or two ago when I took a daybreak photo shot of our Summer Solstice. My how time flies when looking back on past events. I distinctly remember that morning because I got up very early and out to get it taken. Just keep in mind, we’ll be at the Summer Solstice exactly six months from now. I can’t wait.

I’m not sure how it happened, but my car was in a great need of a washing, so I headed out to Fleet Farm’s car wash. While driving out, I noticed how the wind was blowing even harder, and just as I drove past a home, I noticed a big tree must’ve snapped off at its trunk from the wind, and clearly wedged atop a neighbor’s roof. I’m sure the owner of that home is going to have a big expense getting it removed, along with the cost of repairing the damage done to its roof and siding. I didn’t look close enough to see if one of its limbs poked a hole in the roof, and if it did, it’ll have to be addressed more sooner than later.

Early this morning I had a strong urge to do something nice for one of my struggling distant relatives, so I stopped and picked up a card and put some “coin” in it before sealing. I did manage to catch her at work, so I asked if she would step outside for a moment because I had something for her. When I arrived, she was already waiting, so I gave a her a big hug and then handed her the envelope while saying, “Now don’t you open it until Christmas.” She’s very much a dear one who’s been thru more trials and tribulations than most would have in several lifetimes. What puts her a cut above the rest, is her rarely ever complaining about situations that couldn’t be readily fixed. Seeing her this morning was definitely the highlight of my day.

With a few hours to kill after I had my day’s work done, I headed back and started cracking more black walnuts. I’ve now got myself a good method established to where I have a small bucket of nuts laid out, and when they’re all cracked, that’s enough for one day. Since I’ve started my new regimen, my fingers aren’t getting beat up so much, because they paid the price the next day after working on them non-stop for nearly four hours. Believe it or not, those cracked shells can be very sharp.

Before heading home, I sat down at my office piano and ran thru a number of Christmas hymns which were uplifting. To this day, I can’t say if I truly have a favorite because they seem to fall in and out of favor depending on my mood. Of course “Silent Night” is always right up there in the top three.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Surely the glory of journalism, is its transience.

Joe Chodur

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