Windburn up in Worth County

It was certainly a more pleasant early morning than we’ve been experiencing this past week, and since it wasn’t so cold outside, my car didn’t take as long to get me toasty warm while driving.

After I got situated for the day, I began working on getting the numbers together for a closing we have scheduled for this coming Friday. After giving everything a good proofing, I scanned and emailed them to the lender for review. I didn’t hear back from them today, so everything must’ve met their satisfaction. All we’re waiting on now, is the opinion of title from the buyer’s attorney, and when that comes in, we’ll have everything ready to go and clear to close.

Once the sun was high, I went out and checked on some vacant homes, just to make sure their furnaces were working properly, and then drove over to a listing and placed a sold sign on it. Just as I was heading back to my car, a neighbor walked towards me and mentioned something, and since I wasn’t sure what he said, I drew closer. With a smile he said, “I don’t think you remember me.” Still not that near, I replied, “I’m not sure who you are.” Well, the moment he mentioned his first name, I instantly knew who he was in spite of having a great deal of hair on his face, as well as being at least 30 pounds heavier. I patted him on his tummy and said, “It looks like you’ve put some pounds on since I last saw you.” He laughed while saying, “Yea, and I’m just heading out with my friend for lunch.” Since he’s the son of one of my favorite cousins, I had to ask how all has been with their family. I would’ve stayed longer, but I could tell his friend was getting antsy about getting to lunch. For sure, that was quite the coincidence seeing my cousin’s son visiting a neighbor while I was out placing a sold sign. Before he left, I mentioned my having stopped at Deer Creek Lutheran Church yesterday, and since he’s so young, he likely never attended the church my grandparents frequented.

When I got back to office, I had a quick bite of what I picked up from a drive-thru, and then went back to work on several more closing files which I hope’ll get closed before Christmas, but I’m not holding my breath because expecting title work to be cranked out early, just isn’t possible in these crazy buying times.

Now that we have more direction from a lender, I decided to get all the transfer docs prepared and sent out of State for my seller’s signatures. Since the mail delivery times have been so sporadic, I decided to send them USPS next day delivery, which really isn’t next day because you start counting the following day. With file in hand, I drove over to the Post Office and stood in a very long line while watching the antics of various people being waited on. I couldn’t believe how long a little lady managed to keep a clerk button-holed when talking about a book she was sending to someone. I’m surprised that clerk managed to keep her cool. The line I was behind, had a middle-aged man at the window who was very confused about prices, times of delivery, and even how he was supposed to pay for it. All the time he was jabbering, he was rapidly chewing gum in the fashion of a goat. It appeared the more he became confused, the faster he was chewing it. Now that was annoying. When I finally got to the window, all I could say to the clerk was, “You all must have the patience of Job because of how disorganized so many are who’re wanting to mail something.” Of course she couldn’t say anything other than give me an acknowledging nod followed by a smile.

Just as soon as I arrived back at office, I received an email from an attorney’s office stating another sale’s title work was ready to be picked up, so off I headed to get that in the overnight. Before leaving, I made sure to have the correct address where the seller’s are wintering because I definitely didn’t want any delay with those documents.

Once again I was standing in line at the Post Office, but fortunately there weren’t as many there my second time around. I did manage to be in turn for the window of my favorite clerk, so we had a quick chat while getting that package stamped and paid for. I couldn’t help mentioned the guy who was chewing gum like a goat at the other window, and the only reply was, “We get all kinds.”

Just being at the Post Office two times today, I was reminded how many people I do know in this City because there must’ve been at least eight people who were there that I exchanged greetings with. One of them happened to be a woman I’ve done business with over the years, as well as being a classmate of mine while I was in college. As much as she wanted to go and have coffee, I had to promise another day because I was on a burn to get a number of things done before closing time. I did ask that she give me a call and we’d have coffee.

The above photo, is one I took near Deer Creek Lutheran Church yesterday which to my shock, appeared to have been on fire. I would’ve never had the wildest of dreams that those things catch on fire. But what made it all the more shocking, was seeing two other windmills having large black spots on them which looked like soot. I’m surprised there wasn’t something in the news about the one catching on fire because that would’ve certainly been newsworthy.

After giving it some thought, the only thing I came up with in regards to how and why they caught on fire, was likely their so-called “braking” systems failed during that hellacious wind we had last Monday. I’m now wondering what the company that owns them has to say about it all. I still believe they have far too many of them polluting Worth County’s landscape. Yes, I dare say they had a windburn up in Worth County.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The secret to happiness, is to face the fact that the world is horrible.

Joe Chodur

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