Do Not Extort anyone or make False Accusations

When it started snowing again later last night, I figured we’d have more snow than I came home to, and of course we did, but what made it even worse, was the heaviness of of it, along with some drifting. After arrival at office and getting my little morning chores done, I changed my clothes and headed out for a good workout at shoveling.

It wouldn’t have taken so long, but there were several vacant homes belonging to clients which I felt compelled to shovel, and only because they’re out of town and I wouldn’t want any Realtors or buyers getting the wrong first impressions should they have to trudge thru snow to get to their front doors.

Please don’t think me a glutton for punishment when saying I was actually enjoying myself out in the bright sun and seeing our City blanketed with a fresh coat of white snow, along with ice-glazing our trees and shrubs were covered with. Believe it or not, I was out in it for almost three hours, but of course I was taking breaks between jobs. After today’s workout, I’d say I’m back in shape for the next snowstorm that moves into our area.

After I cleaned myself up, I headed out to our beloved Walmart to pick up a few things only they sell. In spite of it being a quick in and out, I was again shocked at the way in which people dress when they’re out shopping. Whenever glancing at the license plates in their parking lot, one’s reminded that many of their shoppers come from the Counties bordering ours. The County besides ours I notice the most, is Wright County which is where all those monster chicken and pig farms are located, and likely those drivers are their workers making a day of it at Walmartia.

By the time I got back to office, it was nearing the hour I was to meet with some sellers to sign the transfer docs on the home they’ll be closing on next week. When they arrived, I had their file out and ready for their signatures, but before we began, I couldn’t help mentioning that I’d been in their home many times back when it was owned by some clients of mine many years ago.

I think they were a bit shocked with my having remembered many features of their home, including the color it was back when my clients lived there. Yes, those were back in the days when I would go and play the card game 500, have some light snacks and a great deal of joyful conversation, but as always, good things don’t always last, and in their case, they ended up divorcing and selling that charming home.

Somehow we got on the subject of entitlement and taking ownership of mistakes and wrongdoings. What pleased me the most, was when the husband mentioned how much he works at teaching their children humility and making themselves personally responsible for things they do and say. His words impressed me so much, I actually said, “Why don’t you and your wife have at least twelve children, just so you can help to bring about a good change in the mentalities of our general public?” I’m sure his wife wasn’t too keen on having any more than they have. I hope they took my comment as a compliment rather than inciting them to have more.

I couldn’t help mentioning how just recently I had an unfortunate situation which should’ve been chalked-up as a learning experience for both parties, but instead there were a number of complete strangers who went on the attack, and so much so, they actually posted very negative Google reviews on Holtz Realty.

Since the husband has a job where he works with the general public on a daily basis, he said the best method of dealing with troubling situations, is to be as helpful as he can to get his customers issues resolved. He made me laugh when saying, “Most successful business owners follow that old rule where the customer is alway right.” Of course I knew the true meaning of that line because I’ve been down that road more times than I want to tell, and almost always, everyone is happy in the end, even if I have to go a few extra miles to make it happen. We both agreed that we live in a small community and bad news travels far faster than the good.

After they left, I went back to my workroom and began cracking more walnuts for about an hour. Since I had a scale handy and a bit curious as to how much I’ve already cracked, I placed them on it and found that I had exactly ten ounces ready to be used for baking. I’ve got a long way to go before I have them all cracked, but I’ll be working on them whenever I have free time because I’d like to have them finished before Christmas. I think a handsome sealed bag of freshly cracked black walnuts would be gladly received by anyone of my clients or customers who enjoys baking, and to think the only reason I decided to take those nuts from a client of mine, is my wanting enough to make some black walnut divinity. It’s been so many years since I’ve had it, I decided this Christmas I’ll be trying my hand at making it. Truth be told, that divinity was my all-time favorite whenever that big plate of Christmas candy was passed around. Yummy.

After nearly two years, I decided to take a good long trip to a church Service being held in a not so near town, so I closed up office and headed out. My how time flies when thinking I’d been there no longer than six months ago. They’d changed their Minister along with the person playing the organ, and of course there were new faces and some missing. There was part of one line in the Gospel reading which really hit me which went, “Do not extort anyone or make false accusations…”. and then happenings of this past week came rushing to mind. I do hope those involved are reading this tonight.

Tonight’s One-liner is: True empathy is rooted in humility, and the understanding that there are many people with as much to contribute in life as you.

Joe Chodur

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