Fire in the Eyes of Many

Due to Thanksgiving being on a Thursday as it always is, this is the third and final day that’s been feeling like a Sunday. Whenever a week day has a holiday thrown in it, and especially if it lands on a Friday, the following day has me thinking it’s Sunday. Now that I’m on my third Sunday, I’m more than ready to return to a normal week.

My first duty of this morning, was to head to my darkened corner and complete my Sunday morning spiritual exercise. Due to the weather outside getting colder, it takes a little longer for me to get warmed up enough to where I’m comfortable. There was more reflecting than prayer taking place this morning, and likely due my having attended that Funeral of a long-time friend, as well as my having a soulful conversation with a dear one yesterday who sent me “The Train” which I shared with all of you last night.

Once I finished up my session, I headed over to my piano and ran thru the music I was given to play at St. Paul Lutheran this morning. Because of the lingering chill, it took me longer to get my fingers working properly, but once there were warmed up, the music flowed just fine.

After having a short phone conversation with a colleague, it was time for me to head over to St. Paul and get myself settled in for their first Sunday of Advent. For some reason, the organ was being a little more difficult with me, and likely because of the temperature, so I left it running longer, just so it would get warmed up. Being the “old girl” that she is, it came as no surprise.

Before they started, I went downstairs to make sure their visiting Pastor knew he had to announce the hymns which he didn’t realize he needed to do, so my trip down was worth it. On my way back up, I asked several of their members if they would mind if I bring all of them a small gift next Sunday, and after telling them what it would be, they were all for it, and since they were agreeable, that’s all I needed was an approximate head count because I wouldn’t want anyone walking out empty-handed.

By the time I finished playing the last piece, I was convinced I was having an “off Sunday” with my accompaniment. By no means was it a disaster, but there were several noticeable mistakes which I’m sure at least one was noticed by their members. After today, I’m going to make a point to purchase a new light for the pedal board because the one that’s hanging there now, randomly goes off and on, and of late, it’s off more than it’s on. Since that particular area where their organ’s stationed is already dimly lit, I can barely see the pedals, so I’ve had to be a little cat-like and feel my way around. The old girl is likely in need of thousands of dollars of work to bring her up to par, but as long as I can work around those problems, that money would be better spent elsewhere.

When I arrived back at office, I hurriedly changed my clothes and went to help another in need of an extra set of hands to help carry a workbench from one area to another. Thank goodness I can still lift and carry heavy things while always remembering to lift with my legs instead of my arms. Too many people end up hurting their backs when not following that standard rule. We did end up getting it moved without being hurt or breaking anything, so it was a job well done.

After arrival back at office, I changed back into my Sunday clothes and went to pay a short visit to one of my clients who wanted me to see the progress on his early preparations for moving. I was happy to see the amount of personal items he’d rid himself of, and by the looks of it, he’s ready to make his housing transition. We did have a good chat before I had to leave for an appointment to show two homes.

My two showings were repeats for my buyer, but today she wanted her friend and all of her children to see the two she’s narrowed down on her list. Both of them ended up being good viewings, so all she has left to do, is make a decision as to which one offers the most for the money. She’s been exceptionally good to work with, so I hope the decision she makes is going to be based on a long-term projection. I was quick to remind her that children grow up and leave home more sooner than most parents realize, so what they often thing to be many years of having them under-roof, ends up being shorter than they ever would’ve considered. Yes, the years move quickly, and especially as we grow older.

Those two appointments took longer than I’d expected, so by the time I got back to office, it as nearly the time to lock it up and head home. While on my way, I couldn’t help noticing a home that sold for at least $30K more than it should have earlier this year, and after getting a closer look at it, I was shocked when seeing an elderly person sitting on a walker outside its front door, and the first thing that came to mind, was that poor soul not having a clue regarding that lipsticked pig’s really bad bones. I’m even more angry at those sellers for selling it to an unwary and likely far too trusting buyer. If that be the case, then what goes around, will come around for those previous owners. Karma can be very vengeful when stirred.

When noticing all the young trees those vile deer have already been eating on, I strongly recommend anyone with young fruit trees, flowering trees, young evergreens, and just about anything that isn’t poisonous, to get them deer-proofed because come Spring, we’ll be seeing some fire in the eyes of many. Before the snow arrives, make a closer inspection of your now dormant greenery.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who’re proud of it.

Joe Chodur

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