Compliment Him on His Delivery

After sticking my head out the door this morning, I was delighted to find it not as cold as yesterday which gave me the incentive to get some additional work done without having to bundle myself up like an Eskimo.

There were only a few things I needed to get completed at office this morning, and once they were done, I figured I just as well get my clothes changed and head back to the project I was working on yesterday, and since it was early enough in the day, along with some cloud cover, I didn’t have to worry about the sun shining in my eyes.

Before I left, I placed a call to a past customer and now casual friend whom I’ve crossed paths with a number of times since we were in school together, and years after, we’d call each other once or twice a year. What I appreciate about him the most, is the fact that he and I grew up in the same City, along with frequenting similar haunts which no longer exist.

My reason for calling, was to find out if he was going to attend a funeral of a mutual friend who recently passed away. My first question was to find out what happened to the old gent. Well, from the verifiable source he got his info, it sounded like he came down with pneumonia and had to go to hospital, but unfortunately he contracted Covid while there, and that being what his doctor believed killed him. What’s all the more troubling, is my having heard more than once, such scenarios having taken place.

While reading the BBC Online news today, I was shocked but not surprised there’s another super-variant of Covid which was discovered in South Africa and sounding to be more deadly, and of course they’ve already discovered it in Hong Kong and Israel, which is another reason why I’m so much against all this recreational traveling people are doing while this pandemic is still a force to be reckoned with. I’m sure many of the European Countries are preparing to close their borders again which will create all the more political unrest.

After arriving back to my project, another two solid hours were spent at my tedious and time consuming job of scraping loose paint off a number of windows which will soon be getting a fresh coat of paint. As we all know, whenever painting over loose and peeling paint, it creates more work in the not so distant future, so I figured it best be done right the first time, just so I won’t be doing any re-visiting for a number of years. I know most would’ve walked away from it, but in truth, such long periods of being alone, offers precious time for me to get some additional uninterrupted thinking done. While on the phone this morning with my friend, we both agreed that the cross-cut of society is losing its ability to envision and create, which is why the lipsticked pig homes we’ve seen for sale are now in vogue.

When looking at the hour, I stopped what I was doing and headed back to office to get cleaned up, pick out an appropriate sympathy card, and head over to the funeral. I was about ten minutes early which gave me time to sign-in and find an empty pew. There were signs everywhere regarding the insistence of those in attendance to “mask-up” of which I had absolutely no problem.

As I suspected, there wouldn’t be many people there which was another confirmation that the older one gets prior to death, the fewer you’ll find attending, which only makes sense because most friends and relatives had already taken their dirt naps. Unless the decedent has a number of relatives living nearby or the person having made some sort of great mark in their community, a small crowd is what you’ll expect. I was a little shocked when finding the funeral Service having not lasted even a half hour, which also included the time those two military veterans spent formally giving his widow the American flag.

They were offering refreshments in the Social Hall directly afterwards, so I headed down to pay my respects to his widow whom I’ve also known for a number of years. I was happy to find her looking well in spite of the circumstances. I did mention how fortunate she was to have her daughter living nearby now that she’s all alone. Yes, it’ll be another life transition, but we must always remember it’s going to happen to all of us some day.

It was a bittersweet experience because while seated in the pew and looking at all the photos being shown on their big screen, I was being mentally catapulted back to the time when I was young and watching his family marching into an early Sunday church Service. Like clockwork, they’d arrive almost late in a very old car which had suicide doors, march in line up an aisle, and sit in the very same pew. During the funeral, the Minister mentioned something about the decedent having contemplated in his early years, the idea of becoming a man of the cloth. As much as I knew about his past, that little fact I did not know. I’m sure that bit of information must’ve come from his wife. While walking out, I did catch up with the Pastor and compliment him on his delivery.

I did make a few stops before heading back to office, and one of them was to check on two vacant homes, just to make sure their furnaces were working properly. I then stopped and picked up a few things at a groceteria, and while there, I noticed what must be a new cultivar of Poinsettias which is now a deep shade of purple. I picked one up to see how much they cost and where they were grown. There was no price tag, but the sticker on the bottom said they were grown in a town out in Eastern Iowa. Unless they were spray-painted, we now have three colors of them to choose from. Christmas is now less than a month away. Ouch.

Tonight’s One-liner is: And all the winds go sighing, for sweet things dying.

Joe Chodur

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