We are in Need of Listings

My main concern this morning was to get the last one of the five closing files to the finish line, and fortunately we made it before there would’ve been a long delay on it which would’ve pushed us into next week. While doing our final walk-thru, and as I’d suspected, there were things left behind in the garage which had my buyer a little angered, and the main things were the four used tires that were left behind. I offered to pay for their removal, but he wouldn’t hear of it because he felt it wasn’t on me to remove something a seller chose to leave. It seems such happenings are becoming all the more commonplace in these times which I believe is just another example of how our society has changed in regards to not having the ability to step out of themselves and think about what they’re doing to others.

I’ll still not forget the number of months I worked on getting my mother’s home prepared for sale, and by the time I was finished, there wasn’t one square foot of that main floor or basement I’d not touched. I still smile to myself when remembering what my mother’s attorney said when he saw the photos online and saying, “That basement floor looks like you could eat off it.” I chuckled when replying, “Well, I believe a person could.”

By no means do I want to sound proud or pompous about it’s condition, but rather having the mindset that neither my mother nor myself would’ve wanted it in any other condition prior to going on the market. Truth be told, one of the big “clean ups” was her basement which had been my tinkering step-father’s piggy-pen. It’s no wonder my mother didn’t like going any farther than she had to while down there. His relatives who thought they were going to get some really good stuff out of there, we’re likely surprised to find how worthless most of it was. They wanted it, so I hauled it all off to a storage shed which I paid one month’s rent on, and then sent them the key. I personally wouldn’t have bothered making the long drive, but they wanted “Pa’s” stuff, so that’s exactly what they got. I chalked-up that whole ordeal as one more of my “paying it forward” to the universe and then moving on.

After I delivered the proceeds check to today’s seller, I headed over to an office in Charles City which was closing at Noon, and luckily I made it there in time to get my business taken care of before they locked their doors, but before heading back to the City, I stopped and took several photos of the Cedar River dam. As much as I’d planned on using it for tonight’s photo, I inadvertently forgot to bring my camera home, so maybe it’ll be tomorrow’s. I did stop at their McDonald’s to pick up my regular small burger, and found their prices to be about twenty-five cents higher. That must be the “go to” drive-thru because that line was far longer than what we’d find at either one of them that are here in Mason City. I suppose if there’s a high demand, there’s an opportunity to charge higher prices.

While driving back, I was surprised by the number of cars and trucks on the Avenue of the Saints, but then remembered tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there likely being some early travelers coming in from far off places to be with their loved ones. I’m not a big fan of being on the road, but today’s sunshine offered some great views of the country.

When I got back to office, I had some banking to do and a good stack of accounting, so I doctored-up my burger and immersed myself in it until I had it all completed a good two hours later. I’m still ever-thankful for having a much better sales year than last, which was one of the worst I’d had in a number of years. It took me a while to get my mind adjusted to this impetuous buying spree, but in the end, I finally understood.

One of my dear ones sent a Thanksgiving greeting via text this afternoon, and since I’d been thinking of her these past several days, I picked up the phone and had a long-overdue chat. It seems every time we talk, there’s always another facet to our lives that’s revealed which I find refreshing. I got a good chuckle out of her when I spoke about a time when I was continually challenging a certain teacher over dogma which to this day, I don’t subscribe to. We both agreed that if people are controlled thru fear, then the greatest of sins is on the shoulders of those creating it. For years I’ve been of the belief that fear is at the top of all evils because it causes people to do things they’d not normally do if fears were not present. Just think about it for a bit and you’ll agree.

Since I’d not visited with one of my clients for a number of days, I placed a call just to let him know I’m still on the hunt for the perfect-fit housing he’s been desperately wanting. I’m just glad he’s finally settled down and now just waiting for a phone call from me saying, “I think I’ve found it.” Because he’s be so loyal and faithful, I’m going to extra lengths to find what he wants. Because we’ve both been familiar with the music side of church gatherings, we had a nice chat regarding an organist who was once one of our City’s best, but then took another job and moved out of State. I would say he was one of the gentlest of musicians I’ve come across in this City. His departure was a great loss for those he took the time to give musical instructions.

It looks like tomorrow is going to be a biting cold day which means I’ll be barricading myself indoors while working on my little/big project. Every day I do just one more thing in need of my attention before our hard winter arrives.

After those five closings were finished, I must say in a truthful voice, “We are in need of listings.”, so if you or anyone you know is thinking about selling, please make sure Holtz Realty is called first. Keep in mind, we’re the oldest locally-owned real estate office in North Iowa.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Happiness often sneaks in thru a door you didn’t know you left open.

Joe Chodur

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