A Complimenting Culinary Combination

When hearing yesterday our northwest wind was going to stop in the night, I was expecting it to be calm today. Well, that didn’t happen after finding it only changed directions and blowing that cold air back on us from the south. Yes, this has been one yell-of-a windy November. As much as I was hoping for clear skies last night, just so I could see our Beaver moon, we had too much cloud cover to enjoy it.

Nearly my entire day was consumed with my on-and-off struggles with four sale files that’ve been challenging, and of course the waiting game I had to play with other key players, was enough to set me into orbit. Just before the hour of closing up shop, I did manage to have three of the four under control, so this weekend I’ll be struggling with the last one. Whenever dealing with outstanding judgements on a given home, it’s just about as bad as pulling teeth to get results.

When looking at the reported sales from this week, I had another jaw-drop at the prices some of those homes were bringing, and especially the ones I’ve personally shown which is causing me to all the more wonder what exactly those buyers are looking at, as well as how they can talk themselves into getting plugged into high-balance 30 year mortgages, and I’m not talking about that $80 – $100K range because most of them are far higher.

Since I’ve been making mental notes of homes that went far over what I believed they were worth, whenever I’m on a street they’re located on, I’ve been looking for any signs of people living in them, and when driving past two of them today, at a glance they appeared as if no one is living in them. You would think there’d be at least something that would indicate occupancy, but today there was nothing. Since it’s a little on the creepy side, I’ll have to pay more attention going forward.

In between my waiting for return phone calls and emails, I plopped myself down at my office piano and ran thru the hymns I was given to play at St. Paul Lutheran this Sunday. I think I have all but one of them knocked-out, but I’ll have keep plugging away at the difficult one before Sunday morning arrives. I was given notice that St. Paul and Our Savior’s Lutheran Church will be going back to trading off on their Sunday Services, so I’ll only be playing for them the Sunday they’ll be held at St. Paul, which will free up every other Sunday morning for me. Now that I’m pretty much up to speed with their instruments and order of Service, it’ll work out just fine.

After visiting with one of my sellers today, it looks like I’ll be getting a new listing signed up this coming week which I’m going to stay hopeful it’ll sell right out of the gates. It’s located in one of our sought after districts, along with having been completely updated to where its buyer won’t have to do one thing to it for years to come. Yes, that’s the kind of home today’s buyers are willing to pay premiums for.

While on the phone with one of my dear ones today, I stepped up on my soapbox and shared my opinion on what really happens generationally within families that have members who intentionally hurt others for whatever reason, and most of the time it’s usually started by one or two looking for attention or a way to control the others in a given group. I’m of a firm belief that when parents of children do bad things to others and their children are unaware of it, those universal sins get laid on the heads of their own children and sometimes grandchildren. The more examples I gave, the more she came to believe I was right. I even when on to say that if I knew that my own mother was causing unnecessary heartaches for others, I would’ve been in her face and saying, “Stop it! You know better than that.” Well, when parents either conceal or lie about the real truths, it falls back on those they care about the most–their children. Yes, it was a good “sermon” on my part which was long-overdue. I’m sure many of you who’re reading this, can recall similar struggles within families you’ve been connected with for over a generation or two. My favorite line of late is, “If you can’t personally fix it, then it’s best to just walk away and leave it to the powers that be.

While in conversation with one of my colleagues today, I was encouraged to watch an on-going series which is called, “Ancient Aliens”. After hearing some of the subject matter contained, I made a note to myself, and if I have time to look for it, I’ll be watching an episode or two. Isn’t it interesting how all the more is coming out in our medias regarding aliens, and I think part of it is because our Government has recently released some long-classified documentations. Considering how large our universe is, one can’t help believing there has to be other forms of higher intelligence out there with far more advancements than we could possibly fathom.

With it being less than a week away from Thanksgiving, I’m sure many of you already have plans made for your get-togethers. I absolutely must make sure I get a little edible gift delivered to one of my dear friends who’s hosting Thanksgiving because I’m sure it’ll go over well. I’ve decided to do a little experimenting this time around with the meat I’ll be preparing. A few days ago I purchased a small frozen duck and a package of two frozen turkey necks which I’ll be roasting together. I’m sure you think me crazy for doing it, but many years ago, some of the best main meat dishes were combinations of either beef and pork or beef and lamb. It’s been many years since I’ve had a combination, so I think it’s time to give it a try. I figure since turkey is normally dry and duck is oily and more juicy, it should be a complimenting culinary combination. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.

Joe Chodur

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