A Chronic Worry-wart About Pipes

You can bet yours truly was up and out early again due my having to make sure everything was readied for today’s closings. Before the crack of dawn I was out picking up signs and removing lock boxes, and believe you me, the cold wind that was blowing had my hands nearly frozen each and every time I grabbed those metal signs and lock boxes. I certainly can’t remember the last time we’ve had such a windy November, and if this keeps up all winter, we’ll be seeing some horrendous heating bills due to the extra chilling from that nasty northwest wind.

My first closing was for the last remaining unit over at Prairie Place on 1st, and of course as suspected, I was having some bittersweet thoughts while seated at the closing table. I’ll have to look and see how many of those units were already sold before I was hired by Good Shepherd. If I’m not mistaken, I’m thinking there were twenty un-sold units when I began, and since one of my dear ones from out of State asked me today how many there were, I’ll have to check the file and get back to her. As much as I encouraged my fellow Realtors to show and sell them, I’d say I personally sold 75% myself which is not normal. Oh well, it was their loss. I’ve decided to do something nice for all of them before Christmas, but I haven’t yet decided what, and for sure I’m not going to do anything commercial because they’re too special for such.

My second closing went smoothly, and as chance would have it, I remember those buyers from a very many years ago because I made special note at the time who it was that purchased a home belonging to one of my relatives, and when I brought up the subject, they were shocked when hearing my relationship to that owner. I told them how happy I would be if I could be offered a “tour down memory lane” when and if it were possible. I’m sure my having mentioned that, was likely the subject of their conversation after I walked out because before leaving I said, “If you’d blindfold me, I could walk thru that entire house and basement without a stumble.” Too funny.

My mid-afternoon appointment was with a seller who stopped in to talk about some improvements which could be made to get his home sold all the faster. From the very day I listed it, I made mention of things that should be done, so now after two months have passed, he was ready to listen and take action. You can be sure I’ll be taking new photos after those improvements have been made.

After he left, I went back to work on three closing files which were scheduled to close this coming Monday, and unfortunately two of them were delayed until Tuesday due to a particular agent not having all the necessary docs submitted to the closing company. Of course I had to call my buyers and tell them to hold off with their movers until Tuesday arrives. There are three Realtors involved in those two transactions which has been a confirmation that too many cooks spoil the soup. Oh well, I’ve been doing everything I can to keep them moving forward, so hopefully they will close on Tuesday.

When I had a chance to look at today’s online news, I read a very troubling article about that super-sonic missile the Chinese government launched which our military has now confirmed it having circled the globe and reached its target in China. One of the generals mentioned that such a system was created as a “first strike” weapon, which gives us all cause to wonder if they’re planning an invasion. I also read where radicalized Chinese “patriots” are now loading up our social medias with fake news. What’s next?

After hearing it’s supposed get down into the upper teens and low twenties tonight, I encourage everyone to make sure you unscrew your garden hoses, roll them up and place them in storage. I also want everyone to make sure your combination storm windows are in place because even the smallest air leak, will cause unnecessary energy consumption. Winter is well on its way, which is why we should all be fully prepared. First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be checking on several vacant listings I have, just to make sure their furnaces are running properly. I am a chronic worry-wart about pipes freezing, but if you’ve seen the aftermaths of freeze-outs like I have, you’d likely become one of my club members.

Another “to do” is to make sure your tires are in good shape for winter driving, along with having your mechanic do a seasonal check-up, just so you’ll not find yourselves in a bad way during a blizzard. Every time I see someone stalled during a storm, it sends chills to my bones. Many years ago I had a break-down during a storm and it wasn’t the least bit pleasant.

I took a few minutes to check on the chile peppers I’ve been drying, along with those 1,200+ black walnuts which are also on their drying floor. I can’t wait to start working on them in my spare time, and just for kicks and giggles, I checked to see how much these “nut crackers” in our area are getting for their meats. The cheapest I could find was from a couple selling them who live just across our border in Wisconsin. Not counting the shipping, they’re wanting $15.00 per pound. It may sound like quite a bit, but the necessary efforts to get one pound, makes that price well worth it.

Someone mentioned their having started a perennial bed of Jerusalem Artichokes which I’m not familiar with because my family never grew them, so I went online and checked them out, along with what their uses are when cooking. I certainly got a real education, so next year I’ll have to try growing a patch, but first I’ll have to buy a few of them and see what they taste like. From what I read, they’re best when dug in the late Fall or early Spring. It’s always fun whenever discovering something new when it comes to gardening.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whether they’re good or bad, dreams are necessary to life.

Joe Chodur

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