Snow’s back on our Menu

Another chilly-gray day arrived again, and it looks like tomorrow’s going to be a clone of today. As much as I normally despise the month of November, I’m very thankful we haven’t had any snow accumulation thus far, which will help to make this winter seem all the shorter. Not so many months ago, I mentioned how soon the Christmas Season will be upon us, and wouldn’t you know, while I was doing a little shopping this afternoon, I noticed they already had Christmas displays out. Whatever happened to waiting until after Thanksgiving before going all out with its commercialization.

My morning and part of the afternoon was spent working on some outdoor duties, and as much as I would’ve liked to stay outdoors, my freezing fingers were telling me to get indoors. At least I did manage to get one little chore accomplished which had been annoying me for weeks.

Late last evening I received a text from the listing agent on a home I was scheduled to show today, and telling me it had already gone under contract. After reading the Sellers Disclosure on it before heading home yesterday, I was prepared to mention some potential red flags regarding that property which could cost thousands of dollars to fix, so when I called my buyer early this morning, I mentioned those issues which I knew would’ve been a turn-off, and with that said, neither one of us had to waste our time looking at it.

I also had time to clean up that last pail of black walnuts I received which didn’t take as long as the others I’d gathered several weeks ago. This time I did an even more thorough washing of them before I laid them out to dry, and for the reason being, my not wanting to have any staining of my hands going on when I start cracking them. Anyone who’s ever worked with black walnuts learned the hard way how badly they can stain your hands, and especially when handling them when they still have their outer skins on, because the juice in them is what stains.

Speaking of nuts, have you all noticed how many squirrel nests there are in the trees of our City. I’d noticed it last year at this time, and suspected we were going to have a bitterly cold winter, which we did, so if this is a repeat of those three agonizing weeks of sub-zero temps we had last year, I think it best we get ourselves prepared for it. Irregardless what most think, animals for some reason, seem to “know” more about our weather patterns than we do.

While driving a short distance on the highway this morning, I noticed a number of road- kills, and of course those vile crows were pecking away at them whenever there weren’t any cars coming. I spied two raccoons, a skunk, a rabbit, and a bloated opossum, and all five of them were up for grabs with those circling crows. One lone crow was standing near that rabbit with a determined gaze which must’ve translated into something in the order of, “Are you dead yet?” Yes, they are quite the road-kill peckers. Someone was teasing me not long ago when saying something about how hard-up we may be for food sources by saying, “Road-kills would be free for the taking.”, which created my knee-jerk response being, “I ain’t eating anything a crow’s touched with its pecker.” Too funny.

After opening yesterday’s mail, I bristled when seeing one of our politicians had sent me a “beg for money” letter which I found not only silly, but also an insult to my understanding of where much of the money comes from when a person of power is running for election or re-election. If the general public only knew how many big money special interest groups fill their coffers, and only because they’ll be expecting future legislation to be on their sides of their income streams, they’d not only vote against them, but likely contribute to their opposing candidates. I didn’t count, but I’m pretty sure that letter contained five random lines of pleas asking for more than I’d ever consider giving. Yes, politics is a very big money-making business. I still believe it should be against the law to allow donations any larger that $100 from both the general public and corporations, and don’t even get me started on the farm subsidies that we the taxpayers have to make up for. The days of truly struggling farmers has long been over, and if you don’t believe me, check and see what the “price per acre” farms have been selling for this past year. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve been going for well over $12K per acre here in North Iowa.

After my appointments were over, I sat myself down at my office piano and ran thru the three un-familiar hymns I was given to play for St. Paul Lutheran’s Services tomorrow morning. After a short twenty minutes, I figured they were good enough, so hopefully my favorite pipe organ will be kind to me and offer up some good sounds for their delightful community of faith. Every Sunday I look forward to reading their introduction which always speaks of love, taking care of our natural resources, bridging the social and political divisions, and more. The church I previously attended on a regular basis, never had such introductions, and another interesting difference, is they almost never have any of Paul’s letters read which I also like because for years, I’ve been “Paul’ed Out”. I did mention to one of their members how refreshing it’s been for me when not having to listen to someone reading one of his letters. I hope I’m not going to Hell for sharing my feelings over them, and if I am, there’ll be boxcars filled to the brim with others on their way to Hell’s depths.

I just now noticed the light snow coming down which I hope stops soon because I don’t want to be dealing with that in the morning. It looks like snow’s back on our menu.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons, and subsequently cease to grow.

Joe Chodur

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