To Think it was Proudly Built

It was another earlier than normal waking this morning, so again I readied myself for another early start and headed out. I’m hoping it’s not going to be another battle like it has been when attempting to get accustomed to this time change. Oh well, if continues, I’ll just have to find something to do at office those extra early morning hours. I’ve already come up with a few ideas which I’ll be putting into practice.

After getting myself settled, I picked up the phone and called a dear one who I know is always up before the crack of dawn. The main reason I called, was to read a letter which was sent to hundreds of households in our City I happened to receive in Saturday’s mail. After opening it, I quickly skimmed it, but then when I had more time, I re-read it, which confirmed my belief that the person who wrote it, must’ve been having a “brain fog” day, along the person it was given to for proofing who must’ve been half asleep or in possession of very weak English writing skills.

My friend got some good laughs out of it, and especially when I purposely stopped at the end of each short sentence and said, “Period”. We both agreed the author of that letter did more damage than good by writing it and sending it out without carefully proofing it, or at least have someone with a little bit more knowledge in the area of proper letter writing. We all make grammatical mistakes, but that particular letter was filled with incomplete sentences, a poorly laid-out format, along with the excessive use of an exclamation point, and you can be sure, I grow quickly tired of the dirty habits of others inserting them when not needed. Have any of you also noticed its over-use?

Another subject debated, was how it’ll not be “if”, but “when” there’ll be some catastrophic event taking place in our world which will rapidly change the direction in which our planet is moving, which is a likely a near extinction of the human race, and mostly due to the consumption and destruction of our natural resources. Just think how many species of plants and animals that’ve become extinct due to the exploitations of humanity.

Many years ago I read a scholarly article regarding the blind assumption that potable water will always be freely available to everyone. Well, unfortunately the free access to drinking water has been slowly declining in our underdeveloped nations, but now, it’s right here in our United States. The Rio Grande which has been the life-line for many of our Southwestern States is rapidly growing more shallow and weak. I’m sure you’ve read about what’s happening with the Hoover Dam which is at it’s lowest level since it was constructed, and to think it was proudly built not so long ago to serve the needs of millions for many generations. My how the feats of great men can come tumbling down when Mother Nature steps in to settle the score.

A dear friend of mine who lives out East, sent me a CD which was a recent documentary regarding the plight of our American Indians since the Europeans arrived. I believe there were four episodes to it, and when I finished watching the last, I was deeply saddened as well as sickened by it all. In my earlier years, I read about their brutal relocations from State to State, but when having it all served up to me at once, it was a shocker. I did shoot off a “thank you” email for sending it, along with sharing my personal opinion of it all. I still can’t believe how those people in power back in those years could sleep nights after doing what they did to them. The justification of greed was just as widespread back then as it is in these times, but living in the age of computerization and social media, it’s all the more visible.

The closing of my sale went very well today, and while out at the house during our final walk-thru, the parents of my buyer insisted that I take a photo of their son standing in front of my sold sign, and then another one with yours truly standing next to him. I promised that I would post it this evening, just so the internet world would see how happy that young gentleman was over the purchase of his new home.

Before we headed over to the bank, I assured him he got a very good home for the money, along with it needing nothing more than general maintenance for years to come. That particular home was only listed for two days and happened to have multiple offers on it, but fortunately we managed to get it purchased. I couldn’t have been happier because I know that family well enough to say, their son was the most deserving. Unfortunately the sun was so bright I found that we were both squinting when that photo was taken.

When I arrived back at office, I had more closing files to work on, and by the time I was finished, it was the hour for me to head out to an appointment which took longer than expected because of the customer calling to tell me he’d be late, which allowed me more time to get a good look at the house before he arrived. By the time I got back to office, it was nearing the hour of closing, so I closed everything down for the day and called it quits.

I had to stop at a hardware store to pick up a few things, and while there, I ran into an acquaintance I’d not seen in months, so we had a nice chat. Somehow we got on the subject of woodchucks and ants, so by the time we parted company, he walked away knowing how to poison ants with a boric acid mixture, as well as keeping woodchucks from continuing to re-dig their deep hide-outs by pouring a half gallon of ammonia down them and then covering them up. Since woodchucks hate the smell of ammonia, they’ll exit their escape holes and never return. Yes, they can make quite the mess of a person’s yard.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You can’t hire someone to practice for you.

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