The Legitimacy of Their News

If the wind wasn’t blowing cold gusts from the north today, I would’ve been a pleasant November 1st, but unfortunately it wasn’t, and since I had a bit of a weird night’s sleep with an overly vivid dream, I was glad to be fully awake and off to office early. I’m sure you’ve all had those nights where for no reason, a lucid dream takes place, and last night’s had to do with clients and customers whom I’ve worked with in the past, but nothing of late. More than once during the day, it was brought back to mind but no logical reason came of it. Oh well, perhaps it was something in my sub-conscious regarding Halloween. Who knows.

With it being the first day of the month and landing on a Monday, kept me hopping from one little “to do” to another, but at least I did manage to get everything accomplished in a timely manner. There were stops I had to make at clients’ homes for signatures and updates on their sales. Since they’ve not sold a home in many years, I had to make sure they were fully up to speed with the process and timelines. Everything seems to be falling into place with the both of them and very thankful for it. I made sure to remind them that I’ve been doing everything I can to keep my side going, but unfortunately there are title companies, appraisers and attorneys who are in the mix, and since this pandemic started, those three areas are where the bottle-necks are created.

Due to a furnace malfunction, I had to call my favorite HVAC person today and get an appointment scheduled for a visit. Every time I talk to him, I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me these recent years, and only because I can trust his work and his billing practices. I dare not say how many of our so-called “trustworthy” HVAC people I’ve had to walk away from, and always due to either their heavy-handed billing or their shoddy work. To this day they’re likely thinking it was all on me instead of them. Isn’t that the way it always seems to go?

A dear lady called today regarding the progress on the sale of her home, which gave me the opportunity to thank her profusely for gifting me some wonderful fruit off her trees. I made sure to tell her I re-gifted half to the buyers of her home which they greatly appreciated. It’s always those little things people go out of their way to do for others which ends up being the most remarkable.

I’ll have to make a point to go and vote tomorrow, and for sure there are several I hope win because there’s some definite change needed, or should I say, a freshening up of those open seats. I’ve always been of the belief that when someone’s in an elected position too long, they become entrenched in the little circles they’ve created which leave no room for new concepts and ideas. Without a doubt, I believe term limits should be in place for all elected positions, and especially on our National level. Just think how long some of those in Congress have been in office.

I listened to an online news interview with Adam Kinzinger today, and after it was over, I’m even more convinced he’s got what it takes to make good change in the way in which our government is now being run. I have a feeling this new movement he’s creating, is going to grow rapidly, and none too soon because of this horrid polarization of our society which is undermining the foundations of our democracy. I’ll be keeping a close eye on his success.

Since I was reading the news, there was a very troubling survey which was recently published that mentioned 30 percent of the Republicans, 11 percent of the Democrats, and 17 percent of the Independents believe it’s going to take a military or armed force to get this country back together. How can there be such radical mindsets in our society?
They also mentioned that most Republicans believe Fox News is the only legitimate news source worth watching. Don’t people realize it’s not Fox News, but rather Fox Entertainment? Personally, I believe the Wall Street Journal or New York Times the best newspapers, and of course my favorite online news, is BBC which has never caused me to question the legitimacy of their articles. It’s no wonder they’re considered the highest ranked news service in the world.

Another article I read over the weekend, was regarding the over-exposure to the internet and social medias which many are now believing to have long-term effects on their minds and bodies. Some may have thought it something new, but yours truly has always believed it exceptionally addictive and harmful in more ways than one.

While out finishing up the cleaning of those many walnuts late this afternoon, I fully enjoyed being outdoors with no headsets on, or music playing because I much prefer my quiet time outdoors where I can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the uninterrupted freedom to suck it all in. Last week’s visitor at office came to mind who shared her thoughts regarding what she prefers to do during her hours away from work. I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

I’m still pushing hard at getting 1125 W. State Street under contract, so if you happen to know anyone looking for an exceptionally well-built and meticulously maintained home offering a 3 car garage, please encourage them to give me a call. I still think it would be a good fit for someone working at Mercy Hospital.

Tonight’s One-liner is: For most of us, wisdom is acquired in the thicket of experience and usually meets us somewhere along the way if we live long enough, but sooner is better than later.

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