A Pair of Tight Panty Hose

Another miserably dark, wet and cold day happened again, and of course I had to be out in it more than I would’ve liked, but as most Realtors know, whether rain or shine, we’ve got to keep our business pipelines flowing. Regrettably, I’ll be picking my green San Marzano tomatoes before Monday morning’s frost arrives, and get them cleaned and canned. I’m sure they’re ripe enough, but since it’s been cold and gloomy these past days, they’re refusing to turn red. I’ll likely be making some green tomato ketchup and green sauce out of them. I’ve had both, and as long as a person dismisses the idea it’s green, they taste the same as the red. After that’s done, this year’s gardening journey will have come to a fruitful end.

I’ve got over half of the many walnuts gifted to me de-hulled, and the rest I hope to have finished before our weekend arrives. I’m exceptionally glad I hung onto that old hand crank corn sheller. After they’re all hulled, I’ll be placing them in a big tub to get washed and then laid out in a squirrel-proof area to dry. After all these many years, I’m getting a bit excited over cracking black walnuts again, and the thought that keeps popping in my mind, is finding an old recipe for divinity which calls for chopped black walnuts. My mother used to make it every Christmas, and it was exceptionally good. I was spoiled to the point where I wouldn’t eat it unless it contained black walnuts. I’m sure many of you think me a spoiled rotten epicure, but really not because I prefer those good old home-grown and homemade goodies which most in these times have no clue regarding the distinct differences in taste.

Another one of my office listings went under contract today, and after visiting with the selling agent, I’m going to stay very positive and hopeful it’ll get past an appraiser’s inspection. The listing that ended up coming back on the market should’ve been well on its way to closing, but we ended up with an appraiser who must’ve been wearing Mr. Magoo glasses and a pair of tight panty hose. Oh well, it happened and there’s absolutely nothing we could do about it other than place it in memories for future reference.

I did have a very good showing on a home to a buyer who’s diligently working at getting her pre-approval in order, and in spite of the home being in need of some cosmetics, it’s one of the best built in its price range. I’m only hoping the seller will have a little wiggle room on the price because there are some improvements the buyer will want to be making as soon as it’s closed. When knowing the buyer’s needs and wants, I’d say today’s showing is about as close as I’ll be able to get for a match-up.

Due to my having a problem with emailing a clear enough copy of a purchase agreement out West, I discovered my scanner/printer has a scan setting on it which can be adjusted to make what’s scanned more clear. You can be sure I’ll be using that whenever another agent emails me a grainy contract containing light blue ink. One of these days I’m going to put the word out to my colleagues to not be using such light inks. I personally use the darker blue which is far more readable when scanned or faxed. I’m still not too keen on subscribing to DocuSign because if their system should ever get hacked by a rogue nation, the signatures of those people will have been compromised, and the way this technology is moving, I doubt there’s any mainframe that can’t be hacked.

I’m sure some of you have heard of the “closed” community in China where there are online workers that are part of their military, who’re diligently working day in and day out on what is likely non-stop attempts at hacking into the government and civilian mainframes of countries all over the world, and don’t think Russia and North Korea aren’t doing the same thing. It’s almost too scary to even think about.

I received a call today from an agent asking about showing 1125 W. State on Sunday, and I told her it should be just fine. That’s another home that should’ve been under contract right out of the gates, but because Mercy’s hiring binge must’ve slowed this month, it’s still on the market. That exceptionally well cared-for brick home is about as good as it gets in the Forest Park area. I know my sellers are getting antsy, but I’m going to remain confident it’ll be sold soon. I personally would love to have its 3-stall garage, and living in North Iowa all these years, having everything out of the elements is the best way to keep vehicles and equipment looking like new.

I’ve been recently encouraging some of our elderly to be more diligent by getting all the facts from people who seem to enjoy dismissing them as second-class citizens. Just a few days ago a woman came to me asking my opinion regarding a troubling conversation she had with someone in one of our government bodies. I internally bristled when hearing how she’d been treated, and after she finished, I gave her some suggestions on what questions to ask, as well as taking notes and keeping record of dates and times. I know those types have always been with us, but after this pandemic hit and their working from home, they’ve grow all the more callous and dismissive.

Someone asked me today what I’m going to do about an issue that never should’ve taken place, and my only answer was, “I’m keeping notes of dates and times, and when the appropriate time does arrive, there’ll be a confrontation.” As far as I’m concerned, the people working in government offices are there to do their jobs at the best of their abilities instead of dreaming up ways to create un-due hardships. I’ve also come to believe they must have exceptionally poor internal opinions of themselves which causes them to willfully pull everyone else down to their miserable levels. I also believe such behavior is a sign of cloaked ineptitude. I personally don’t pity them, but wish they’d simply go far away.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Mature love is composed and sustaining; a celebration of commitment, companionship, and trust.

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