It was Too Sweet and Doughy

It turned out to be quite the pleasant day in North Iowa, and with the lowered rays of our sun, I found our landscapes to be quite stunning, and especially while driving out of town to an appointment and seeing all the many farmers harvesting their corn. Now that we’re approaching the 31st, I couldn’t help remembering the Halloween over twenty years ago when we had a terrible ice storm which downed many power lines and poles.  I can still see in my mind a straight line of power poles downed while driving along 19th St. SW. I think that area was out of power for a good three days. I’m glad to see Alliant Energy burying more of their power lines in our area.

Speaking of corn, while rummaging thru a box of “stuff” I’d been saving, I happened upon a very old corn sheller which was the type which you’d mount on a piece of wood and then run one cob of corn thru at a time. When looking closely at it, I was surprised it was still completely intact and not much rust. Now if only we had that little devil years ago when we grew popcorn, because we had to shell that by hand and believe me, popcorn kernels are much sharper than regular kernels of corn. We’d use heavy gloves when working at those cobs of popcorn, and by the time we were finished, the gloves had holes in their fingers. Oh how the memories came rushing back when I found that vintage sheller.

I kept myself busied all morning with emails and phone calls, and as the hour of eleven approached, I headed out to meet a potential buyer on one of our listings, and when I pulled up, they were already there waiting for me. It was a good showing, and by the time they had a look at everything, the buyer decided to come to office and make an offer on it. Since I wasn’t expecting to be writing one, I had to hurry to office and get a handful of documents readied for signatures.

While preparing the offer, I had a good visit with the buyer, and after we had everything signed, we ended up speaking about how so few in our society look past what they’re seeing, instead of only focusing on what’s before their eyes. I’ve come to the conclusion that many of our young are losing their ability to envision, which is a very bad thing because that’s telling me they’re only living in the “now”. It’s no wonder so many of these lipsticked pigs are selling for unbelievably high prices. I did tell today’s buyer that if he’d make a number of cosmetic improvements on it, he’d likely turn a handsome profit if he’d decide to sell it. After hearing how many homes he’s purchased and sold for a profit in his life, I’d say I was preaching to a choir.

After the buyer left, I headed out to grab something light for lunch, and then returned to office to doctor it up before eating. Unfortunately I had to remove part of the bun because it was too sweet and doughy. I’m still wondering why these fast food restaurants don’t make buns that don’t have sugar in them, and make them a little more crunchy. If someone had the right lunch menu and served burgers with homemade crunchy buns, there’d be people standing in line to buy one. Once you’ve had a good crunchy bun filled with tasty meats and veggies, you’d never want to eat another softie again. I know you may think me terrible when saying most of today’s fast food restaurants serve burgers that could be easily eaten by people missing all their teeth. My mother would make crunchy buns once in a while, and they were oh so good.

Since I had about twenty minutes left of my lunch hour, I seated myself at my office piano and ran thru all the music I was given to play at St. Paul Lutheran this coming Sunday. In the Lutheran world, this coming Sunday is Reformation Sunday, and the opening and ending hymns were appropriately chosen for the occasion. Martin Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress” will be their entrance hymn.

The remainder of my day was spent running errands, paying bills, along with taking and returning phone calls. I was a bit shocked when finding it nearing the closing hour, so I called it quits and headed to a groceteria to pick up a few things before heading home. One of the clerks who was checking me out happened to be someone I’ve known for some time which gave me an opportunity to visit a few moments. She is one of the happiest people who always seems to have a smile on her face. Just to get a few more laughs, I always have to share some little joke with her.

I happened to read online today where the United Nations isn’t happy about the weak responses they’ve been getting from countries regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases. As I suspected, they’re continuing to raise their predictions as to when we’ll be past the point of no return. I still believe solar is the best bet for reducing emissions, but of course it’s going to take a concerted effort on everyone’s part.

I have been noticing all the more people installing solar panels on either their rooftops or placed out in their yards if there’s room. Since I’ve been following the solar industry for a number of years, their efficiency/recovery levels have greatly increased, and don’t think they’re not working even harder at making them even more efficient.

Earlier today, I brought one of my colleagues up to speed at how quickly the population of one herd of deer can increase. He didn’t know that if a female fawn was born early enough in the Spring, it would be old enough to be bred in the Fall, but the real kick in the head is that they usually have only one, but the following years, they normally have two. Now you understand how quickly they can multiply, and especially when there are no predators to keep their herds culled. One of my friends mentioned several years ago having seen a herd of at least 40 deer out near NIACC. Now that’s scary.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Sometimes the heart sees what’s invisible to the eye.

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