1910 S. Georgia is Back on the Market

I’m still wondering how we managed to get to the 25th of October so quickly. Perhaps it’s due to everyone running around trying to get everything they want done outdoors before the bitter cold arrives. I can certainly say it’s been an interesting month thus far, but at least our weather’s been favorable.

It was quite the full morning with appointments at office which had me busy up until the time Noon arrived. My first appointment was to meet with the seller of 1602 N. Pennsylvania to get a price reduction signed, so we now have that well-built home priced at $89,500 which should spur some buyer interest.

Somehow we got on the subject of the questionable billing that’s coming out of our local clinics and hospital which is under the umbrella of Mercy Hospital. It seems there’s no services in North Iowa being offered by a corporate body that has the mindset of customers and patients being first. But when you look at all of the out-sourcing that’s taking place, it comes as no surprise. You can’t help realizing their corporate offices are so far away, that what’s happening here in North Iowa, really doesn’t matter. Today’s conversation was just one more confirmation that the medical services being provided are not what they purport them to be. In these times, it’s plain and simply all about money. You can bet I had a few stories to share before my next appointment arrived.

My second appointment was with the executor of the the estate who’s in charge of selling 1910 S. Georgia, and as I suspected, he refused to lower the agreed-to sale amount due to what a so-called licensed appraiser said it was worth. After I went over the comparable sales with him, he shook his head and said, “Put it back on the market.” Here we are nearly 30 days after it sold, now having to place 1910 S. Georgia back on the market. The executor did say he’d get the basement more presentable, along with having the carpets professionally cleaned. If that gets done, I’m confident it’ll sell because there’s nearly nothing now on the market that comes even close to what it has to offer. Where can you find a two bedroom home in Mason City in a comparable neighborhood for under $60K? Looking at the new listings today, I’d say the sellers are getting all the more greedy with their pricing.

My last appointment was to meet with a new tenant on the acreage I rented some weeks ago. I have a very good feeling they’ll be there for well over a year because it meets all their needs and then some. Once I had all the docs signed, I formally welcomed them to Mason City. My only warning was, “Just remember, it gets colder here than where you’re coming from.” It always makes me smile when seeing such excitement in their eyes.

After getting all my noontime errands run, I headed back to office with my little cup of chili I purchased from Wendy’s. I hadn’t been for at least two or three months, and when the clerk gave me the amount owed, I found they’d also raised their prices. This inflationary period we’ve entered has me more than troubled because we have far too many people living here who’ve overloaded themselves with debt, and if they can’t keep their monthly bills paid, there’ll be some downward spiraling taking place, and if we think there are too many angry people running around now, just wait until they’re faced with situations which would warrant such anger, but unfortunately it’s of their own doing. Why do so many people believe they have to have everything now?

Thinking I’d finally found a contractor to finish up on a project I’ve been working on, I had to tell him it’ll have to hold off until next year due to the amount he was wanting. Unfortunately most contractors don’t realize I’ve done similar jobs, and know how many hours is needed, so when calculating their price-per-hour estimate, I wasn’t keen on paying a non-highly skilled person over $200 per hour. I’ll be placing a few more calls tomorrow morning, and if I can’t find someone more reasonably priced, then I will be waiting until next year. Yes, it’s one more confirmation of how many of our area contractors can drive around in very expensive pick-up trucks. I think I made the wrong turn in careers after seeing some recent bids given by contractors.

Since this weekend’s price reduction on 207 N. Hampshire, we’ve already had one showing on it today, so hopefully that’ll be the next one to go under contract. When looking today at the homes our MLS still has for sale in the lower price ranges, there’s nearly nothing to pick from, so if there still are buyers out there who want to get out from under the yoke of their landlords, and willing to do some cosmetics, my office still have a few available. Just today I noticed a home get listed which is a near carbon copy of a home I sold about four years ago for $50K, at a whopping price of over $120K. If that home sells, I’ll have to call the owner of the one I sold for $50K and ask if she’s wanting to make a fast buck. I’m still in disbelief at how our market prices have risen.

I did manage to get in touch with a dear friend of mine whom I’ve no spoken with in a number of weeks. I was glad to find all’s been well with her and family. Since she’s very well read and keeps up on current events, we had much discussion regarding the happenings in our world. She also agreed that all the more people are just plain and simply angry, and freely express their anger in the many hundreds of online chat groups. We both agreed that Facebook needs to get taken down because of the way they allow such nonsense to get out into the general public. You can be sure I’m keeping up on the recent happenings with that company since the whistleblowers started feeding our government the inside scoop on what’s really going on in their company. Truth be told, I’ve never cared for Facebook, which is why my only connection with it, is my office’s Facebook page. If they indeed are fomenting division in our Country, then they need to go down.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.

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