Resonate into the Souls of those in the Light

It’s been quite the drizzly day, and when the weather stated we’d be getting rain this afternoon, I figured it was going to be an endless drizzle, and that’s exactly what it’s turned out to be. I don’t think we’re going to be seeing as much Fall coloring with our maple trees this year, and likely due to the way in which this weather’s been these recent months. The craziest is when seeing some maple trees still green, and other having lost nearly all their leaves. There are three native sugar maples in a particular yard which I’ve adored for years, and for some reason, their leaves this year are a solid yellow with no vivid coloring, and almost half of them have already fallen. There’s another Autumn Blaze which almost always has “blazing” shades of pink and red in the Fall, but this year it’s still green. Go figure.

My listing at 207 N. Hampshire is now officially reduced to $64,500 which in my estimation, is one “yell” of a deal. I did add in the public remarks that it’s been approved by our City for the construction of a single car garage which will make it worth all the more going forward. If nothing else, I’d have a high-end carport erected, build a nice storage shed in the rear yard and be done with it. Since that home sits on “the hill” above East Park, that particular area has always seemed well protected against the drifting that takes place during the winter. Most don’t realize that if you park a car under a carport during the winter, the windows don’t get frosted, and if a person would install an outside electrical outlet near such a carport, they could plug it in during the really cold nights. There you have it. A quick and far more inexpensive way to store a vehicle, along with a place to store all the outdoor tools and machines. Please put the word out on today’s price reduction on 207 N. Hampshire.

With it being Sunday, I made an early visit to my quiet little corner to get my contemplative prayer session completed. It was another spiritually moving session this morning, and thankful for it because this past week felt like I was riding a bucking bronco with all the quirky happenings with an appraisal and home inspection. What helped the most with my session, was getting the bitterness removed over it all, to where I’ve now got it all back in perspective.

Having arrived at office much earlier, gave me the opportunity to practice all the hymns I was scheduled to play over at St. Paul Lutheran Church this morning. I even went so far as to play just about anything that was in my folio, which helped in getting me hands and eyes all limbered up for the next hour. Truth be told, I was so consumed by my continuous playing, I nearly lost track of time to where I had to move all the faster in getting over to their church on time.

Today’s celebrant was a repeat visit of Reverend Ken Jensen who’s a retired pastor from Albert Lea. Oh how I wish he’d be a permanent fixture because he can sing on key and easy to listen to, and each one of his sermons have been tied to the Gospel readings which I’ve always appreciated. I know many of our church goers are more interested in the ecclesiastical “eye candy” they’re seeing with those young ministers, but with me, I’m only moved by sermons coming from the heart, and usually out of the mouths of those much older and wiser.

Before their Service started, I had an opportunity to visit with him, and somehow we got on the subject of the healing power of prayer, and after listening to several real-life stories about such power, I was nearing a jaw-drop in amazement. I did suggest he share his personal experiences with as many as possible, because such miracles need to be shared with today’s society which places little or no faith in prayer. Afterwards, I did hear from one of the members that he’ll be visiting more often while they’re on the look-out for a permanent pastor. Next week they’ll be voting on the “sharing” of one pastor between themselves and Our Savior’s Lutheran Church which is down on S. Jefferson Ave. here in Mason City. If they do vote to do so, I’ll be playing at St. Paul every other Sunday because there’ll be sharing their new pastor between them, which will mean only one Service per Sunday between those two churches. I truly wish the best for them.

The music went far better than last Sunday, and likely because I practiced this morning. I even went to the extent of playing a prelude and postlude on their organ which always adds to the experience. Before leaving, I did stop downstairs and grabbed a half cup of coffee, along with sharing a few words with a few of their members. They truly are the nicest people. Next Sunday I may be heading up to Fertile to a Lutheran Church which will be installing their new minister, and since I’ve already met her, I thought it would be a kind gesture. While visiting with one of their members this past week, she nearly insisted I attend. It’ll be a good experience because I’ve never had the opportunity to see the inside of their historic church. I’ve done a great deal of real estate business in Fertile over the years, which means I’ll likely know a number of their members.

Getting back to the power of prayer, I have to insist that there are dark-souled people out there who actually pray for bad things to happen to others which I absolutely do not understand, and especially when they consider themselves upright Christian soldiers who think they’re marching in the light of Christ. Absolutely not.

When coming across those who live behind their draped “soul” windows who’re purposely wishing ill will towards those who they “think” are bad, I in turn wish for them all the good they truly deserve while making sure I stay as far away from them as possible, because being around such spiritually toxic people, they somehow manage to resonate into the souls of those in the light which is not a good thing. After all these years, I finally came to the understanding that indifference is not sinful as long as I wish such diabolical souls the good they deserve.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We must never forget that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.

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