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In spite of it being a cold morning, our sunny Fall day turned into one we’d normally find in September. I was shocked when seeing my temperature gauge reading 76 degrees this afternoon. I’m of the belief this global warming is taking place faster than the experts predicted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s going to be some new statistics released regarding it. The rapid melting of the poles is going to create the biggest problem for everyone living on earth because there’ll be no escaping the changes that’ll be taking place in very negative ways.

Most of my morning was spent working on files and running a few errands around our City. I was taking my time getting back to office because I was finding every reason to be outdoors on such a remarkable day. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d say this is the first year I’ve not been tormented my those nasty little biting black bugs. I’m now wondering what caused that to happen because I can’t remember there being a Fall when we didn’t have them torturing us.

As I was coming around the bend near the mall, I noticed they’re digging even more holes in its parking lot. I’m still in disbelief they’re building that “bridge to nowhere” when that hotel project hasn’t been approved and funded. Talk about getting the cart before the horse.

I’m noticing all the more election signs in various yards, which means there are challengers to those positions. When seeing the ousting of incumbents all around the world, I’m beginning to wonder if the general public in every country is ready for change. Every time I see an incumbent’s sign, I’d like to ask that person what exactly they did while in office which warrants being re-elected. What I’m finding almost absurd, is Chuck Grassley seeking re-election for the umpteenth term. Now really, wouldn’t you think it’s time for him to call it quits? We have to remember, U.S. Senators are elected for six long years which would place him in his 90’s.

My mother used to write to various congresspeople and Grassley being one of them. She’d normally have me read her drafts before sending them, and one day after reading the one being sent to him, I quietly said, “I think you’re wasting your time because he’s got himself deeply imbedded in his position to where he’ll not bother reading something from a person lacking clout.” My words didn’t set well with her, but not too long afterwards whenever seeing him on her television she’d say, “I’ve never seen anybody with such a horse face, and I’d wager he could eat corn thru a picket fence.” I couldn’t help getting a good belly laugh out of that line, and of course I figured she must’ve lost all respect for him due to her never getting any sort of response from his office. There’s got to be someone with a little more charisma and certainly of fewer years that’s capable of un-seating him. His stepping aside for someone younger is long overdue.

The highlight of my day was getting the last Prairie Place on 1st condominium sold to an exceptionally charming couple. After delivering the signed documents to the respective parties, I drove over to the building and posted sold sign riders on the two signs I have in the ground. While there, one of the residents came outside, and when she saw the sign she exclaimed, “You have the last one sold!” I couldn’t help saying it’s a bittersweet happening because I’ll miss seeing them on a regular basis. I did say I’ll likely have some sort of farewell gathering where I’ll be bringing treats for the residents to enjoy. Yes, it’s taken longer to get them sold, but I have to keep reminding myself that this 2 year pandemic placed a greater burden on my marketing of them. I’m still in disbelief over how well they all get along to where they seem like one big happy family. Having 32 units filled and no personality issues is almost unheard of.

I’ve now got to get out and start beating the bushes for new listings, and with winter coming on, it’ll be nice if I have at least a handful of them to market. I will be working closely with another seller in getting a property readied for sale, just so if something does come up, there won’t be so much worrying over what to do with all the “stuff” we all seem to accumulate. I continue to remind people who’re in their transitory stages, to start gleaning more sooner than later because there’s no stopping of time’s march.

With the forecast of frost posted for Thursday night, I’ve been diligently working at getting as many of my tomatoes and peppers picked and processed. The San Marzanos are still not fully ripe, which means I’ll be covering them up during those freezing nights. I’ve got a good number of quarts already canned, but I’d rather not allow any of them to go to waste. They’re planted in a well protected area, but still not far enough out of the reach of Jack Frost.

One of my friends mentioned something to me some days ago which I’ll have to more fully investigate which was about a machine called a Body Composition Analyzer. The more she talked about it, the more in disbelief I was over such machines being existence which can tell you the amount of fat your body has, its muscle mass, the real age of your body and what your metabolic rate is.

From what I was told, qualified dietitians usually plug their patients into them upon their first visit, and what I thought the strangest, is the patient only has to hold onto the “grab” bars of that machine, and not long afterwards, it’ll print out a person’s report. I was also told that many European countries have been using them far more frequently than we do. Like I said, when time permits, I’ll have to do some deep research on those machines. I’d say such machines would be great for helping people with weight issues.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Nearly everyone enjoys doing the kind of work for which they’re best suited.

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