Finding Oneself having been Shot Down

After arriving at office before dawn, I wasn’t sure what kind of day it was going to be, but soon afterward, a cool gray day arrived which wouldn’t have been the my choice for the beginning of another work week. It was but one more reminder that many more cloudy and cold days will soon be arriving.

After an extended phone call early this morning, it seemed to have set the mood for the rest of my day, and that being a great disappointment which I wasn’t expecting, but as we all know, we can’t make decisions for our buyers and sellers. As much as I attempted to give good counsel, my client’s mind was made up and that was that. It was one more lesson on how things can go sideways when dis-interested people get involved in the making of decisions. I’ve oft times found the opinions being given by so-called “friends” or relatives, end up being nothing more than forms of control. I’m usually pretty good about having a “feel” for what someone’s going to do, but today’s call was completely opposite of what I was expecting. There’s nothing worse than starting off a Monday morning and finding oneself having been shot down. Another lesson learned.

To keep myself from internalizing over something that wasn’t to be, I immersed myself with office work, as well as having an uplifting chat with a dear old friend of mine who always seems to make such situations seem lighter. I had to laugh when she said, “Just remember, you never really know someone until you have to live with them, and by then, it’s too late.” Those words were well spoken and definitely true.

I’ve been getting some interest in my new listing at 1602 N. Pennsylvania which gives me hope it’ll sell quickly. I also received a call from a buyer who’s looked at 207 N. Hampshire several times and still riding the fence on whether to buy it or not. I did share some new info I received from the City saying it would be possible to build a garage on that property which I’ll be freely sharing with every prospective buyer we have looking at it. I did mention that a home that was listed just around the corner late last week, sold for well over asking price which was my confirmation that 207 N. Hampshire is one “yell” of a buy.

When I glanced at the news today, I couldn’t help noticing the banner under Trump’s podium in Des Moines stating “Revenge”. Wow! Now if that’s not a battle-cry of tribal mentalities, I don’t know what is. I keep telling the universe that if our society continues to polarize, our great Nation will destroy itself from within. I’d love to know what happened to the common sense most people possessed. Do you think it’s in the food we eat or our water, because I’ve never in all my years seen and/or heard such happenings in our general public. While visiting with one of my colleagues today about it, he’s convinced we need a strong third party which would possibly keep the radical groups on our right and left from taking control. All this vulgar name calling, false statements and idiotic conspiracies have got to go. Unfortunately I’m slowly and methodically losing respect for those I thought had brains capable of making good judgement calls. My colleague ended up being a little raw when saying, “With the help of our social medias, the retards out there are now able to connect with other like-minded groups of retards.” Ouch!

The bulk of my afternoon was spent getting 1125 W. State listed and then posted online.  That home is a beauty offering all the bells and whistles, and having been familiar with that home in the past, I can honestly say it’s had exceptional care over the years, and it seems each new owner it’s had, there’ve been even more expensive updates being made. What impressed me the most, was the third stall added to the existing double garage, along with the expensive patio that was added for summertime enjoyment. With it being so close to the hospital, It won’t surprise me if one of their employees purchases it. How much better can you have it when able to walk to work? Another big plus, is there being a 3/4 bath in the basement, a half bath on the main floor, and a full bath upstairs. The main floor bedroom could be used as either a bedroom or office. Of course brick homes have always been my cup of tea. Take a good look at the photos I posted and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Please put the word out.

Fortunately, I didn’t have a spill-over of aches and pains this morning from yesterday’s physical workout, so a good night’s rest must’ve done the trick because I had some real aching going on before I hit the hay. Some day I’ll be fully aware that I’m no longer twenty-something.

I’ve been meaning to mention a conversation I had with a buyer several weeks ago regarding a job interview he had with the owner of a company here in our City. Since he already had 20+ years of experience in a job that’s not only physically straining, but also dangerous, the owner of that company was more than willing to hire him but only at the starting wage of $9.00 per hour. I was shocked, but not surprised after being told who the owner of that company was. At the time, I told that buyer how angry it makes me every time I hear of such labor abuse, which causes me to wonder how many of our companies that have “help wanted” signs posted, only willing to pay low wages with absolutely no benefits. Before he left, I reminded him that slavery was abolished over a hundred years ago.

A sweet little lady dropped off a gift for me today which brought a smile to my face. Upon opening the sack, there I found a half dozen oriental pears which I’ve always wanted to try, and if I liked them, I’d plant several of them. I’ve always loved canned pears, and likely because my grandmother grew the best to be had. I’ll have one tonight.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

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  • John C. Heidenreich says:

    Joe Cho, I drove past CENT today and it seems that they have a U.S. flag on their pole. I don’t know if that is the same flag you saw, but it seemed to be a proper flag. I lived at 1125 West State with my family until 1976. Nice house, great neighborhood, I still know people on that street.