Like a Goat with no Back Teeth

In spite of it being overcast and misty this morning, our afternoon turned out to be another pleasant October day, and when looking at the thermometer this afternoon, it was a comfortable 75 degrees. Looks like well not be having to wear any Fall jackets yet, which again will create a shorter period of freezing temps this winter.

In spite of my not having any office appointments today, I found plenty of other things to keep me busy, and most of it being desk work. I did take a break to go and see how a project was coming on a home belonging to one of my clients. Just as I pulled up, the contractor was doing some finishing touches on an exterior project that was in great need of attention. Truth be told, it ended up looking better than I’d expected considering how much neglected maintenance there was from the previous owner. I was happy to see it turned out as well as it did, and I’m sure the owner is feeling likewise.

I have an appointment in the morning to list a home which will hopefully get sold quickly considering it has many recent updates including an attached double garage which is always a draw for those with shiny new cars they don’t want sitting outside all night. The only drawback, is one of the previous owners having taken out a wall on the main floor which made the living room larger, but unfortunately, it was the third bedroom, so now I’ll be marketing it as a two bedroom instead of a three. At least I’ll be able to remind the Realtors and prospective buyers that the wall can be re-built. I really don’t understand why they did that, but it was done and that’s what we’ll have to work with while hoping it will sell considering the shortage of well-built homes in our market which are priced below 100K.

My early afternoon appointment took me over to Nora Springs to show 217 – 6th St. NW which has been crying for a buyer who has the energy and knowhow to turn it around. It’s been used and abused, but after getting a closer look at it today, there still remains hope in the old girl.

The buyer is a farm boy who’s worked construction, tree removal and just about every other job requiring a strong back. After we did a full inspection, we stood outside and talked about the good changes that would be possible if a person could get it cheap enough and not be afraid of the work. I reminded him that it’s located in a very nice older district over there, and the real plus being it’s only a block from the public area of the Shell Rock river. I strongly encouraged him to go to a local bank and see if he can get pre-approved for a loan.

Since he’s from an area where my grandmother’s family was from, I was grilling him on how many changes have taken place over the years in that part of our State. I had to laugh when he told me he’d gone for an interview with one of our so-called tree experts, and in spite of that tree guy knowing he’s worked with trees for over 20 years, all he’d offer him as a starting wage was $9.00 per hour. He couldn’t remember his name, but when I mentioned but one, he said, “Yeah. That’s the guy.” It came as no surprise and to think that very same person once said something like, “Anyone can have what I have if only they’d work for it.” All I can say is people of such character, get what they have off the backs of others. It actually sickens me whenever hearing how un-fair some of our business owners are towards their employees. Since he still has all his own equipment with the exception of a bucket truck, I’ll definitely be calling him if I need some tree work done.

By the time I got back to the City, it was nearing the hour of three, so I sent a text to my barber and asked if he had time to cut my hair. Thank goodness he said he could work me in as long as I could be there in five minutes. Well, it doesn’t take me five to walk a half block, so off I dashed.

Like most barbers and hairdressers, they like to talk, and today’s conversation was about his most recent short vacation to Minster which is a small town with a population of about 2,800. The reason he went there, was to meet a friend of his and enjoy the two or three days of Minster Octoberfest which has taken place each year since the 1970’s.

The more he talked about it, the more I questioned him on the events and the over-all “feel” of the celebration. He went on to say that it’s become so popular that people from Germany actually fly those many thousands of miles to enjoy the festivities. I asked him how big the city was, and he believed it to be about the same size as ours, so curious me later looked it up and discover he was way off.

When he pronounced the name I corrected him by saying, “I’m sure you mean Munster.” Well, when doing my little investigation, I found that it was named after Munster Germany. From what I read, that town has a very large percentage of people with German extraction. I wouldn’t mind taking a drive out there, but it looks to be at least a seven or eight hour drive, so it would have to be more like a short vacation.

My last appointment of the day, was to do a final walk-thru on a property in Garner that’ll be closing this Friday. Unfortunately I found myself caught in the rush hour traffic which by the time I arrived, I was nearly fit to be tied, and all due to the way in which people were driving. If I had to commute from Ventura to Mason City on a daily basis, I would be angry by the time I got to work, and even more so upon arrival at home. There was a young lady following me who was eating some sort of snack chips and munching on them like a goat with no back teeth. Don’t people realize that they can be seen in the rearview mirrors of others? That was quite the drive over and back.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If we want to earn more, we must learn more.

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