Determined to get Himself Healthy

From the moment I hit the ground this morning, I was on the run with all my real estate world’s “to do’s”. I dare say there wasn’t even time to grab a snack for lunch which rarely ever happens.

My early morning appointment to meet with the sellers of one of my listings, was at the top of my list because there was an offer that came in late yesterday which I had to go over with them. They decided to make a few changes on the offer before it was sent back to the selling agent. Just as I was preparing to email it, I received a “string” email from the selling agent saying the buyer was canceling the offer. Of course I responded to the agent and then called the sellers to tell them what happened. The core of all that wasted time, was just one more example of how impetuous the younger buyers have become since this pandemic arrived. I’m sure the pandemic is not the root cause, but more likely having helped to exacerbate it. I keep telling myself along with others how we just have to send it all down and continue moving onward and upward.

In spite of all my interruptions today, I did manage to get all my office bills paid and sent off in the mail before another “immediate need” person arrived at office which happened to be a referral from a professional I know, who’s always been good to send buyers and sellers my way. Thank goodness I had time to run out and look at the property and then having a nice chat with the seller before I had to meet a new tenant at a rental belonging to one of my clients. Fortunately I didn’t have to excuse myself because of my time crunch as it always seems to leave a bad impression on the general public.

I arrived at the property about five minutes early, and wouldn’t you know, the tenant was already waiting for me. I took extra care in going over the lease, as well as delivering the garage door transmitter and set of keys. I fully welcomed her to our fair City, along with an encouragement to give me a call if there’d be any questions about the property.  The walk-thru went fine with the exception of a loose handrail that’ll be promptly fixed tomorrow morning. I’m fully confident she’ll be a stellar tenant while living there. Having spoken to her enough about this and that, I dare say we’re kindred spirits in many ways.

With that chore completed, I headed over to my afternoon appointment at another home which ate up another hour of my time, and just as I was leaving, I received a call from a HVAC person wanting to get into an apartment to check on a furnace that wasn’t working properly, and since they’re always booked, I headed over to let him in. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything more than a burned-out igniter which he just so happened to have a replacement on hand. Every time he goes the extra mile with me, I thank him profusely along with telling him he’s an officer and a gentleman in these times.

Once that was fixed, it was time for me to meet several buyers at a home which recently hit the market. Unfortunately they couldn’t see what I could, because most of today’s buyers absolutely cannot see past the clutter and personalty of others. Of all the homes I’ve shown them, I’d say that one has the most features they’re looking for, but unfortunately they’re not as jaded as I am when it comes to envisioning.

The second showing was pretty much a waste of time, and mostly because of its quirky lay-out and limited living area. For the life of me, I have no idea where some of these Realtors and sellers are coming up with such fairy tale prices. The earlier meeting I had today with a seller who was expecting more, was brought up to speed by yours truly regarding valuations. I really don’t blame them because they’re hearing about all these lipsticked pigs going for big bucks. I reminded this afternoon’s buyers how important it is to think things thru before pulling their trigger on buying a home, because re-selling a home isn’t like doing a trade-in on a used vehicle.

Yes it was quite the full day, but at least I was grateful there weren’t any more immediate requests of buyers or sellers needing to be fulfilled. Today’s many busy hours had already been expected when speaking on Sunday how I believed this was going to be a race of a week. I’m not complaining because I know there’ll be a day on the horizon when our market will begin to tank, so it’s best to just run with it until it happens.

When seeing all the overweight young people while out driving today, I was reminded of what a medical professional told me about five years ago regarding the next big health care crisis in our Country, and that being diabetes. Just yesterday a client shared a story about his fight with it, and because he was determined to get himself healthy enough to where he didn’t have to take pills, he did it all on his own. The loss of over 50 pounds, a strict diet and daily exercise, did the trick. He said he falls off the wagon maybe once every three months, but that’s just one meal which never turns into a habit. Unfortunately there are those who refuse to watch their diet, and knowing fully-well the long term effects of having diabetes is nothing to be freely dismissed.

He did mention having read where our Hispanic and African American population is getting hit the hardest per capita. If only there’d be more educating being done by our County Health Department, then perhaps those percentages would drop. Just yesterday I was in shock when seeing a thirty-something couple shopping in Fareway who had to be tipping the scale at over 300 pounds each, and don’t even ask me what I saw in their shopping cart. Believe me, weight is easy to put on, but a devil to get off.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Selling a product or idea, is essentially the transfer of feelings.

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