Opening More than One Hatch

Another warmer than normal day arrived, and by surprise, we had a nice little rain this afternoon which helped cool things down. One of my clients stopped by the office to sign a document, and before leaving, he mentioned where he’d just read in the Farmer’s Almanac, their having predicted a bitterly cold winter for the Midwest, and if that be the case, I’ll be ready to climb the walls by the time it’s all over. Last year’s extended cold had me nearly fit to be tied with my worrying over underground water lines being frozen, or possibly a furnace going out. I couldn’t help adding my questioning anyone’s predictions about what the weather’s going to be like when we seem to never know from one week to the next. If this summer’s heat wave has any bearing on this winter’s temps, I’ll be hoping we have the normal amount of snow, but not those bitterly cold days.

My first appointment was to meet my buyer out at a house to do a final walk-thru before we headed over to the bank for the closing. I got there a few minutes before the buyer, just so I could get the house unlocked and lights turned on. We were there longer than normal, and mostly because the buyer had only looked at it once before making an offer on it. All went well except the number of paint cans in the basement which the buyer wanted removed. I fully understood why.

The thing that really gets me about paint cans, is the problem I’ve had for years with sellers leaving old cans of “touch-up” paint which most times have been shelved for years. I dare say there’s been a rare time when a buyer would ever want that paint because whenever they do paint, they buy colors of their choice. It’s not that big of a deal to get rid of partially used cans of paint because our landfill accepts them without charge as long as we’re residents of the County. It would be nice if Landfill of North Iowa would publish something in our newspaper or even an insert in our water bills, just to let people know they have the option to get rid of their old cans of paint for free.

Before we left the house, I happened to notice a guy pulling up to the curb to look at a few pieces of furniture the owner had set out with a “free” sign. Of course my buyer was curious enough to stand there and watch him. Well, the guy must’ve decided he wanted it, so he opened his back hatch and began struggling to get it loaded. Oh Mercy me! When that abdominous man bent down to get it pushed in, his t-shirt when up and there in front of God and everyone was his completely exposed bottom for all to see. I absolutely could not believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t help being wicked when saying, “It looks like he ended up opening more than one hatch.” Because we were looking at him from the side, I can only imagine what those people driving by must’ve seen when looking smack-dab at his rear end. The worst of it, was that street being a busy one during the rush hour, and we happened to there at that time. I’m sure there were many workers talking about him on their coffee breaks.this morning. Is there no shame left in this world?

The closing went as well as expected, and before we left I thanked my buyer once again for remembering me after all these years. I couldn’t help adding a caution about him placing free things at the curbside of his new home, because that guy we saw today, may possibly be living somewhere near. His grown son was with him today who I remember as being a little boy in diapers which prompted me to ask, “Where have all those years gone?” It was all good.

I had more desk work to get completed when I returned to office, and after that was finished, I ran over to see how a worker was doing on a project at a home belonging to a client of mine. I was happy to find him working away, and it appeared he knew what he was doing, and by the looks of it, it should be finished in a timely manner. It seems everyone’s rushing to get their outside work done before winter hits.

I now have two appointments set for tomorrow afternoon, so I’m hoping I’ll have at least the morning to get some things of my own done before I have to meet with them. I’m also on a burn to get as much exterior work completed before it gets too cold out to do anything other than fighting to stay warm.

There were a few drop-ins this afternoon, and when discovering I had several hours free, I proceeded to give the wooden floors at my office a good scrubbing. As always, it always takes longer because when I go after those floors and baseboards, I become a bit more detail oriented. They really weren’t that dirty, but at least there back to their normal luster. I’m still in disbelief those floors have held up these past ten years to where they appear almost as beautiful as the day their last coat of finish was dry. Yes, there are some wear spots, but definitely not that noticeable.

Whenever people ask about my office floors, I tell them about my hour or more in the morning and in the evening which went on for forty days. Yes, it took me that long to get them in the condition they’re now in. One of the flooring people said to me before I started, how certain he was the impossibility of me getting them readied. My only response was, “We’ll see.”

While in the Downtown early this morning, I managed to snap the above photo of which looked a little creepy because it appeared more like a rocket having taken off than a airplane flying over. Not sure what it was, but it was unusual enough to share. With all these recent unexplainable sightings in our skies, it won’t surprise me if we start seeing even more of them. Do you believe we’re being secretly watched by aliens?

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

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