The Last Rose of Summer

I wasn’t surprised to find it 42 degrees in the lowlands this morning, but at least the sun warmed us up quickly, and especially when finding the wind had changed directions from north to west, which is not a normal direction of our winds to be coming from. In recent years, those westerly winds have created strait-liners which were traveling at high speeds and toppling trees. As I’ve said before, from the time plants start growing, and especially the trees, they learn to adjust/brace themselves against prevailing winds which normally come out of the northwest or south, and when they come from other directions in great strength, they’re prone to either completely topple, or snap big limbs off. That Memorial Day weekend of I believe 2018 with that strait-line wind from the west, caused a great number of massive trees to be uprooted. I’ll never forget that day, and for sure remember exactly where I was when it came barreling towards us from Clear Lake. When I saw that smoky cloud heading our way, I knew we were going to be in for a good beating, and that’s exactly what we got.

Having only a few chores requiring my attention at office this morning, I hurriedly got them taken care of, and then changed into my work clothes and headed out for a six hour outdoor workout which I enjoyed immensely. Such time alone is always greatly appreciated and very much savored, and since the biting bugs were in low numbers, I didn’t have many if any interruptions.

What kept catching my eye while working, was how very blue our skies were to where it almost looked unnatural. There’ve been very few times I’ve noticed it so blue, and usually it was when I was on vacation in a mountain retreat. Whatever caused our sky to be so blue today must’ve had something to do with yesterday’s wind. Just now when looking at our skies, I see the cirrus clouds have arrived. I did hear tomorrow is supposed to be a repeat of today which will offer us another delightful day to enjoy.

Before heading out this morning, I had a short visit with a seller who’s planning on listing his home this coming week. They’re getting some painting and sprucing up done before I list it, just so it’ll be coming on the market with best foot forward. For sure it’s not being lipsticked or staged because it’s about a perfect as one could imagine, and its biggest draw, is it being one of those rock-solid homes you couldn’t pay enough to have built today. We’re going to price it right in hopes it’ll sell right out of the gates. I’m going to be putting my thinking cap on tomorrow in hopes I can drum up a buyer for it myself. It truly is a gem, so be sure and watch for it because you may have a friend looking for classic. There’s no doubt that if a person would have the very home built today and containing the same components, it would be well over $400K. Yes, and that’s all due to the cost of materials and labor in today’s world.

While I was out today, I happened to notice another vintage rose in bloom which prompted me to take tonight’s photo. Oh how wonderful it smelled! I was very much taken by it to where I’m sure the neighbors and passersby were thinking me a bit strange when seeing me inspecting it so closely. How about we call it the last rose of summer? In past years, I’ve always found late blooming roses to be the most vivid and aromatic.

I took a peek at the BBC Online news late this afternoon, and when reading about the return of their barbaric punishments, I shook my head and said to myself, “They’re right back at it again.” What really gets me, is reading that some people were kidnapped and they found the kidnappers and hung them in a market for all to see, but after thinking it thru, who’s saying it could’ve been all a big staging to get the general populous to bend all the more to their fear tactics? All I can say, is if they start exporting suicide bombers again, then the entire free world needs to descend on them like killer hornets. Now that we have all the more sophisticated drone and computer technology, there’d be no need to have any boots on the ground or humans flying jets. Such medieval maniacal mindsets deserve be driven into obscurity, and don’t even try to convince me that Allah or God commands such barbarism to be placed on the minds and bodies of innocent people.

My long canning period last night was a success to where I now have eight half pints of San Marzano tomato paste, and since I had a little left over, I let it cool overnight in the refrigerator and had a good taste of it this morning. Without a doubt, those tomatoes have a distinctly superior taste. I’m now hoping and praying we don’t get a frost before the bulk of them are ripe enough to process. I now know why San Marzano tomato sauce and paste is so expensive in the stores, but it’s just another example of our getting what we pay for.

I have a pre-listing appointment with a seller tomorrow morning which was a reschedule from a cancellation about a month ago. From what I gathered, the seller wants to talk to me about what improvements will offer the greatest return on equity, so I will likely be there longer than normally, but that’s just fine because I’d rather be on the same page with a seller from the get-go. I’m not sure if there’s an animal in the house, and if there is, we’re going to be talking about that as well. As we all know, indoor pets and smokers can create loss of equity because the general public has become more sensitized when walking thru homes that smell of cigarette smoke or animals. I’ve always thought it funny when knowing a buyer has an indoor pet, but freaks out when walking thru a home listed for sale which has one. It just makes no sense to me.

If I don’t have any afternoon appointments tomorrow, I’ll be hard at it in my garden, and hopefully the bugs won’t be out because I really don’t like spraying myself with those bug repellants. There’ll soon be an article about the careless spraying of carcinogenic herbicides by our County road crews on ditches and fence-lines. Really stupid of them.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Only those of true character can be trusted.

Joe Chodur

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