Mentally Alert Parents can even Dream

It was a pleasant morning, but when the wind changed directions to the north, it was almost deserving of a windbreaker. Of course being in the Downtown, the wind blows stronger which is due to the tall building creating wind tunnels, and with it being Fall, that cursed locust tree outside the front door of my office continually drops enough of its tiny leaves to warrant me going out to sweep every single day, and sometimes twice. Whomever had that lamebrained idea to plant those devils on Federal Ave., should be sent back to Street-scaping 101, and made sure not to fall asleep when the instructor is lecturing on suitable trees and shrubs.

The highlight of my day, was the closing on the last 2 bedroom 2 bath unit over at Prairie Place on 1st. There’s no question the addition to their senior community is going to fit in quite well, and as chance would have it, I received the contract back this morning on the sale of her home. The moment I saw it listed in our MLS, I immediately sent a text to some people who’d given me their “wish list” for a home they’d been wanting. After three days of it being on the market, it is now under contract. It couldn’t have been a better fit for what they were looking for, and very happy I was the one who found it for them. Yes, sometimes things are just meant to be.

Now that we have only one unit remaining at Prairie Place on 1st, I’ll be giving that one bedroom one bath unit a real push to get sold before the holidays arrive. There are a handful of elderly singles who’ve looked at it, but as it oft times happens, there are their children who become resistive, which I sometimes believe they’re afraid their parents are spending their inheritance. As much as I try to explain the cost savings and the investment potential with them, they always find a way to sway their last remaining parents. I’ll never understand as long as I live how children of mentally alert parents can even dream they have the right to tell them what they can and can’t do. This treating of our elderly like children, borders on being criminal in my book, and for sure I could go on for hours about the undue pressures adult children place on their aged parents. The only thing that gives me comfort, it knowing that some day they’ll be in similar situations, and likely karma will be waiting to doubly serve back what they’d done to their own. A few of them have already come to mind.

Not too long ago I mentioned something to a woman who’s in her upper 80’s about taking a look a Prairie Place on 1st, and the answer I got was a near jaw drop when she said, “I don’t want to live with a bunch of old people.” Well, she got what she wanted which was a slab on grade twin-home which she purchased from one of my competitors. When I saw that transfer go thru, the first thing I thought of was her taking a fall on that hard concrete and breaking something. For years I’ve cautioned our elderly about purchasing slab on grade because of the possible falling, as well as the problems it causes with their knee and hip joints because there is zero bounce on concrete floors, and especially if they’ve been coated with a hard surface like dura-ceramic or tile.

One of my dear friends is looking for a 1 story home with main floor laundry, but it has to have an unfinished basement because she already knows about the slab on grade issues. That big ranch I sold today, has a full basement but no finish, and luckily the laundry is on the main floor, so there’s no reason for my buyers to be going down to its basement on a daily basis.

For the first time in many years, I’m back at creating a tomato paste from the first pickings of my San Marzano tomatoes. It’ll be a long night with the cooking down of them, but they’re not nearly as bad as regular tomatoes because they’re not that juicy. If it turns out as I’m hoping, I’ll have a good supply for the entire winter as long as we don’t get a frost. I had to stop and purchase more half-pint jars yesterday, just to make sure I had enough. My how those jars are getting expensive to the point where it’s almost a deterrent for some of our young and financially struggling gardeners. Now that I’m speaking about jars, that rummage sale I was at some weeks ago, had a large number of them for sale, and upon return, they were all sold. Now that’s telling us something.

When visiting with a friend of mine today, we ended up on the subject of how this employment shortage has moved into the professional arena which I found exceptionally troubling. I asked his opinion as to why this is happening, and he believes that there are a number of professionals who’re now retiring at the age of 62, and only because they don’t want to continue on with the hurry-up, keep-up pressures being placed on them, and especially after this pandemic hit. He said there are now many instances where job applicants are not showing up for their interviews. All I said was, “Where in the yell are they getting their money to live?”, and “I have no clue.” being his stark answer.

One of my customers stopped by today to sign a document, and somehow we got on the subject of German, and since he knew I was semi-fluent in that language many years ago, he started asking me the meanings of certain German words like, Fraulein, Der, Die, Das, and of course the way in which they invert their numbers when speaking about a given amount. In German, you would saying, one and twenty if you were talking about 21. I had to add another twist regarding the way they refer to time, which I’ve always found interesting. If you asked a German when looking at a clock and seeing the time being 9:30, the response would be, half before the hour of ten, which prompted me to ask, “How many times would you say 9:45 instead of quarter to eleven?” I’m almost certain we Americans got away from that because of all the digital clocks we’re looking at. Lucky me still refers to most times once past the half hour, as being a number before the following hour. Gotcha! I now have you thinking.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Some people chase after the faults of others in such fashions to where they must believe there are rewards to be had.

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