Conversions are Selling for Record Prices

When finding how chilly it was out this morning, I forced myself to resign to the fact that summer’s over and start realizing that winter’s only two months away. In spite of the fact that winter “officially” begins on December 21st, here in North Iowa, we’ve soon learned that once we get past the first of November, it’s all a crap shoot as to whether we’re going to have rain, sleet or snow. Remember, not that many years ago we had a horrific ice storm on Halloween? Perhaps the unpredictability of November’s weather is why I consider it my most disliked month on our calendar, and the second least liked is January with it’s short days and long cold nights.

I’m now growing used to driving to work in the dark, but for some reason of late, these morning drivers are paying less attention to the roads, and all the more to their smart phones. Just this morning I had to go around someone at a green light because he was too busy playing with his computerized appendage. I’d love to do a realistic survey on the real percentage of people who’re texting while driving. I’m sure it would shock the pants off all of us. Of course it would be interesting to also find out how many accidents have been caused by drivers paying more attention to their phones than the roads.

My morning was eaten up by more desk work, and a showing I had scheduled for mid-morning with some long-term clients who’ve been the greatest to work with over the years. Whenever we get together, hugs are always in order. Of course when working with exceptionally loyal and faithful buyers and sellers, you can be sure I’m ready and willing to go the extra mile for them.

The showing went well, and as chance would have it, the home they wanted to look at belonged to person I’m quite familiar with, which didn’t surprise me to find it in very good condition. Yes, there were outdated colors and carpets, and a few maintenance items that will need to be addressed more sooner than later, but all in all, I thought it was an acceptable property. In spite of knowing that the home would be coming on the market, I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t get the listing due to the close connections the listing agent had with that family. We must always remember how small Mason City is, and because of that, there are always those connections with others. The gossip that takes place in our community, oft times reminds me of “village chatter”, and truthfully, that’s why many of my colleagues believe me to be a bit cold because I’ve never liked listening to others talking “smack” about people they barely even know. Yes, I share my thoughts regarding certain people on occasion, but what I’m telling, is about as close to the truth as you can get.

A number of years ago my mother used to ask me about a certain person we both were familiar with, and since I would encounter that person more than she did, she’d often ask if I’d seen or heard from that person, which I would almost always say, “No”. Well, one day she cornered me by asking, “I get the feeling you don’t like talking to so and so.” Out of that question came my response which pretty much put an end to her questioning me because I proceeded to tell her how much I dis-liked listening to that person because all I would hear was the tearing down of others while glorifying those within that family’s circle. Because I knew that tribe well enough, every time I would listen to that “lifting up”, I’d want interrupt and ask, “What sort of dream world do you live in?” This building up of naughty children is for the birds because it gives them license to become all the naughtier.

I spent about a half hour working on a closing file coming up next week, and by the time I had all the numbers crunched and emailed over to the bank, it was time to head out to my listing appointment at 1520 S. Carolina. The seller was already there waiting for me, so I proceeded to go over the contract package with him, and then had them all signed.

It’s a large 2 bedroom home in the Roosevelt School District which had been used as a rental for a number of years. It needs some freshening up, which is why I listed it at the bargain price of $41,500. I’m really hoping for a first-time buyer to get it bought, but unfortunately, the investors are out in full force with their buying. With these interest rates so low, that’s all they’re looking for is yield. Back twenty years ago, trying to sell a rental property, and especially if it was a “conversion”, it would take months, and sometimes years to get them under contract. Not so in today’s world because even those conversions are selling for record prices. If you know anyone looking for an inexpensive place to live, and are able to get financing, please tell them about my new listing at 1520 S. Carolina.

Just this past week, I’ve been gifting friends and clients some of the produce out of my garden, and all of them have been glad to receive their little “care packages”. Today I gifted a good helping of Shishito peppers to some dear ones, and to my shock, the husband asked me where I got the plants because he was looking for them when he was readying his garden. I couldn’t help saying, “I don’t normally buy plants because I’ve always had good luck starting what I grow from seed.” When getting a good look at those peppers, he gave me that look, “I can’t believe you grew these from seed.” Well it’s true, and this year’s weather must’ve been perfect growing conditions for them. It always gives me a good feeling whenever gifting someone something I know they’ll enjoy.

I’ve got early morning appointments scheduled which means I have to get myself to office early enough so I’ll have everything readied for them, which means I’ll have to hit the hay even earlier.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I once dieted so religiously, I quit eating in church.

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