A Glorious Autumnal Equinox

It was an up and at them again this morning with desk work needing to be addressed before the hour of opening, and since I had an early appointment coming, I hurried to get it done before their arrival. I also had some bills to pay so I went ahead and got them in the mail before the morning rush arrived over at the post office. Of course I also had to take broom in hand and go out and sweep those nasty locust leaves and stems from my front sidewalk. Oh how I hate those trees.

When my seller arrived, I proceeded to go over yesterday’s offer with him, and afterwards he decided to counter-offer on it with a few changes, and after he left, I scanned it to a pdf file and then emailed it to the selling agent. Not but an hour later, I received a text from that agent saying the buyer was going to accept the counter-offer, so it looks like we now have 1910 S. Georgia under contract. For some reason, I kept thinking it was on the market for a long time, but actually it’s been only about two months, but then I have to keep reminding myself that all the lipsticked pigs have been selling right away. Believe it or not, I’ve had two of my listings sell in less than three days. Perhaps the big rush now will be for people to get settled in before hard winter arrives.

I just heard thru the grapevine this morning that another commercial building just went under contract, which surprised me because all the statistics are showing that brick and mortar buildings are taking a beating due to this pandemic, along with Amazon’s stranglehold they have on all the millions of online buyers. It’s no wonder the FedEx and UPS drivers are running around town like maniacs, just to keep up with their deliveries. I do everything possible to buy locally because I know if we don’t have commerce, our City will be hurting all the more.

Over the lunch hour, I took a quick drive up to Worth County to pick up some documents, and as I was getting closer to Northwood, the horizon was filled with all those monster wind turbines. In the beginning I thought they were quaint, but now I think of them as nothing more than landscape pollutants which I’d never want anywhere near me. Oh, have I been hearing some scary stories about the affects of them on people living nearby. The low tone they’re sending out on a non-stop basis, must surely be affecting the nervous system of those residents because I’ve read more than once how continuous annoying sounds create metaphysical effect on close residents. I do hope those Worth County Supervisors vote to approve that wind farm moratorium because as far as I’m concerned, they already have more than enough of them in that small County. I honestly can’t help feeling sorry for those living in the country who’re having to endure that constant noise and visual blight. Oh, and of course, it’s almost always the absentee landowners who’re more than happy to have them placed on their farms, just so they can double-dip with another income source. I’m still convinced solar is the only way to go.

After I returned, I busied myself with getting some listing information sent out to a prospective buyer whom I’d just started working with this past weekend. Thank goodness he’s not going to be one of those “I want it now.” buyers who’ll offer on anything that’s not yet under contract. He lived here before, and now with his current job, he wants to get back into the City, or buy an acreage that’s not overpriced. I have a feeling we’ll not find one that doesn’t have a sky-high price tag on it.

By the time I finished up on getting those listings sent out, it was the hour for me to head over to Nora Springs to show those two listings my agent Brandon Neve has on the market. In spite of the heavy traffic, I managed to get there a few minutes before the buyers arrived. The showing went well on the smaller one, but I think the larger one is in need of too much work for what they’re looking for. I have a feeling they’ll likely be wanting to see the smaller one again, and then possibly be making an offer on it. The more I look at those two homes, I’m convinced they’re both worth the time and effort to make something more out of them. For sure the neighborhood alone warrants an investment because they’re only a block away from the Shell Rock Park which is quite the gem for anyone into outdoor activities. Even in Nora Springs, the closer you get to water, the more expensive the prices are. I was glad to hear the buyers saying, “They’re not as bad as we were expecting.”, which is always a good thing.

One of my colleagues informed me the number of recent sales that just took place, which had me very much surprised considering the price tags they had on them. When asked about what direction our market is going, I said it’s looking all the more like we’re heading into an inflationary period, and if it gets unbearably high, we’re going to be seeing some desperate people in our Country, because when heavily saddled with long term debt, there’s no financial cushion left which would help alleviate the pains of higher prices for our basics such as food and shelter. It frightens me a little when knowing in desperate times, people start making desperate choices.

On my way back from Nora Springs on the Avenue of the Saints, I noticed several combines parked at the entrance to a large soybean field which means harvest season is about to begin. Once those fields are laid bare, we’re going to be seeing many more road kills on our highways because the deer, opossums and raccoons will be migrating to safer quarters. I just read recently where there are indigenous people making decorative blankets out of opossum hides that’ve had all the fur removed which actually looked comfortable.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying this glorious autumnal equinox because as of today, the days will be growing shorter and our nights longer. I really do hate winter.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Timid salespeople have skinny kids.

Joe Chodur

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