I Managed to Cleanse my Mind of Bitterness

The rain finally arrived today, and when it did, there were sheets of it. I’m not so sure our farmers are needing anymore because they’re likely hoping for their matured crops of corn and beans to be getting a good field-drying instead of having to pay for many thousands of gallons of propane to run their grain dryers. As most farmers know, they get docked by their grain buyers if the moisture content is over their limits.

It was a relatively quiet morning at office, and about all I managed to accomplish, was getting a closing file readied for the end of this week. I’m going to be a bit sad that I’ll not be seeing the buyer on a regular basis, but I do hope she stays in touch because she is indeed a sweet lady. The first time I met her, I thought her to be a least ten years younger than she actually is, which prompted me to say, “Whatever you do, don’t change anything in your life because whatever it is, it’s working very well for you.” For one thing, she possess a very positive outlook on life which is paramount in keeping mind, body and soul youthful. She also belongs to a very tight-knit church group which certainly gives her an added uplift.

Just before noontime, I took a drive out to see how my client’s contractor was doing, and in spite of his working slower than expected, it appeared he was doing a good job thus far. Whenever seeing slower working people, I have to keep reminding myself that all metabolisms are not the same in humans. There’s no doubt such types wouldn’t be a good fit for factories which pay added bonuses based on the hourly “piece work” they’ve accomplished. Having been around enough of them, it doesn’t take long to spot which ones they are because they’re almost always overweight along with tending to take more breaks than usual. There’s one exception I found who happens to be a woman who’s pencil thin, but definitely in possession of a slowed metabolic rate. I wouldn’t be surprised if she eats only about enough to keep a bird alive. In spite of what some believe, I’m convinced it’s a genetic predisposition which can’t be changed unless they start taking drugs which would be a very bad thing. I’ve considered a few I know to be fast thinkers but slow movers.

After having been shot down on a property listing several days ago for whatever reason I can’t imagine, I found myself having a few impure thoughts about the seller whom I’ve done a great deal of business with over the years, but after another great struggle today, I managed to cleanse my mind of bitterness towards that person, so now I’m able to continue moving onward and upward when knowing it’s all on them.

While working at my cleansing, I came to realize that this pandemic has also created a sort of blindness with the general public to where they don’t step back and consider all options, and instead, they charge forward with decisions that must’ve been spur of the moment. Whatever happened to the mindset of sleeping on a big decision that has to be made? To this day, I nearly always encourage buyers to have a good sleep on whatever properties they’re interested in, which is likely why I can say I’ve rarely ever had a buyer or seller calling me and saying, “I made a mistake and want out of my contract.” I’ll wager three of my listings this year had such back-outs take place, and all three of them were being represented by buyers agents. I really don’t care for such happenings because they always seem to dirty-up listings and create undue angst with the sellers.

Later this afternoon I received an offer from another agent on my listing located at 1920 S. Georgia. After giving it a good review, I called the executor, and went over it with him. He has beneficiaries to contact tonight, so I scheduled an appointment with him at my office tomorrow morning. I’ll be good to have that one under contract because every time I’m at that home, I find myself catapulted back in time when seeing a home I once sold a very many years ago. Unfortunately it was back in those high interest rate times and when the seller went to list it, we just couldn’t get it sold due to how few buyers there were in the market at that time. My how times have changed with these 3% fixed interest rates. Some of the first homes I sold which required bank financing, were 30 year mortgages with 16% fixed interest rates. You can see now why everyone’s jumping into buying, but they still don’t realize they’ve got whopping long-term debts to pay off.

My mind went flying back in time again today when seeing a grand old home located on N. Federal with its windows boarded up. From what I could see, there was a notice from the City on its front door, which meant there must’ve been a total eviction. Back when I was young, I always admired that home because of how stately it was which even back then, made me wonder why such a beauty was standing in that particular block. The owners at the time had converted it to I believe a four unit apartment house, but the one and only time I was in it, I was left breathless by the beauty of its front foyer’s grand oak staircase with its abundance of carving and panels.

As always, people die and properties pass on to their beneficiaries, and unfortunately its beneficiary who lived out of State, would not listen to me regarding what he needed to do to get a good price for it. Well, I found out later that he sold it to one of our “I pay cash for houses” for a meager $20K, and to make matters worse, that investor ended up selling it for cheap to one of our rental barons who evidently couldn’t keep it up. That once grand home is yet one more example of what happens when investors do little to keep ahead of maintenance, and instead, look only at the amount of rent they can milk from them. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen with it now, and I’m sure its past owner who took very good care of it, is now rolling over in his grave. If you have time, take a drive down North Federal in the 700 block. It’s on the east side of the street, and for sure you won’t miss it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s a certain amount of dissatisfaction that goes with knowing your time, talent and abilities are not being fully utilized.

Joe Chodur

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