A Ripple Effect on our Plants and Animals

With the wind having changed directions, it ended up being a bit chilly outdoors, and the rain we were supposed to get, was not more than a short light drizzle. Oh well, I guess something’s better than nothing.

Knowing I needed to do a little gifting of a few vegetables out of my garden this morning, I made sure to get most of it done before the phones started ringing. There’ve been many a time my having been told I should start a little side-line and begin selling my organic produce, and nearly always my knee-jerk response has been, “Only if I had to do it to survive.” I know it’s always meant as a compliment, but my idea of freely sharing makes more sense than making a business out of it. I did mention to one recipient today that this business of organic vegetable marketing has been a part of my family for so many years that we didn’t even refer to it as “organic” produce, but rather “home-grown”.

I did receive an offer from an agent from another real estate office on my listing at 207 N. Hampshire, and when I looked at the amount offered, I just about fell off my chair in disbelief. I’m fully aware that most buyers want to dicker, but when they want to come in tens of thousands less, I always tell them that they’re likely going to “hiss-off” the sellers and end up either not getting it purchased, or possibly paying more for it because they’d already created an unnecessary emotional state for the sellers. What really got me about today’s offer, was knowing we’d had three offers on it that were many thousands of dollars higher. Of course the seller rejected it, and not a half hour later the agent emailed me another one, and again it was too low, so I suggested to my seller that we go back to that agent’s buyer with a one-time counter, take it or leave it. I’m still waiting to see what kind of response I’ll be getting back. When nearly every buyer knows how hot this market is, the submission of crazy low offers is almost unheard of in these times.

My Noon appointment with a contractor went well, and glad I insisted on going over what’s needing to be done before he started. When acting as a go-between for owners and tradespeople, one can’t be any too careful about mis-communications. As chance would have it, I also had to meet a roofing contractor over at another home, just so my seller had an idea as to how much a new shingle job on her roof would be. I’m finding myself doing more of this these recent years, and likely due to our aging population. Most of our elderly do not like having to chase down reputable contractors. I don’t even want to think about how many of my past clients had over-paid for work they had done on their homes, and normally due to them being pressured into having things done once those contractors arrive. Not even a month ago I saw some work which was done on a home belonging to an elderly woman, and after seeing the inferior work done and then hearing the price she paid, I had to keep still because I so much wanted to say, “That guy should’ve been fired on the spot.” I know enough tradespeople who’ve said, “They’re old, they’ve got the money, so I can charge more, and if I get it, then that’s just Ok by me.” Yes, I can’t help saying we are definitely living in a greed-driven world.

Later this afternoon I was alerted by another agent that there’ll be an offer coming in on another one of my listings. From what I’ve been told about that buyer, I’d say it’ll be a good match-up, so let’s hope I’ll not be getting another crazy one like what came in today. I’ve had a good working relationship with that seasoned Realtor, so I’ll be expecting a reasonable offer.

Once again while scrolling thru the news this morning, there was another warning from the climate experts that we’re rapidly approaching on average a 5 degree increase in our world temperatures. One would think a five degree spike wouldn’t make that much of a difference, but when looking at it more closely, you suddenly realize it’s a major step-up. Look at the number of 90+ degree temperatures we had this summer, and if it becomes the standard, that’s going to have a ripple effect on our plants and animals. For normal plant growth in our area, anything higher than the mid-80’s, places our plants in stressful growing conditions. I’m already seeing it with my garden these past several weeks in how much faster they’re producing and the healthier they look.

Another short news clip talked about how those fires out West are approaching the Sequoia National Forest which has prompted the firefighters to “blanket” some of the big boys with fire-resistant canopies. Seeing that forest has always been on my long lists of places I’d like to visit, so let’s hope they can keep those fires away from that ancient forest.

I don’t have any set appointments for this weekend, so if there be no real estate duties sprouting before tomorrow morning, I’ll be hard at it with my outdoor projects. I’ll make sure to have my new can of mosquito repellant with me because I have a feeling they’ll be a swarm of them.

Before closing up for the day, I called one of my colleagues to tell him about a listing I’d vied for but didn’t get. What really got me, was my not having been called by the seller to give me any sort of explanation, and especially when seeing that agent listed it in the exact price range I’d given him. There went nearly an entire day of deep research down the drain, but that’s all I can do is send it down and move on. When knowing the great lengths I went to in establishing a price, I’m pretty sure that veering-off to another agent, was one more example of how inconsiderate people have grown since this pandemic arrived. I’m ever-thankful to have a tight circle of good friends, level-headed buyers and exceptionally loyal clients in these turbulent times.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We must remain diligent in becoming constant students because we have to change and grow, and I emphasize grow.

Joe Chodur

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