They Must’ve been Musical Van-lifers

Another semi-quiet Tuesday passed without much notice, and about all I managed to get done, was follow-up on emails, call a few customers and clients, and meet with a contractor out at a house belonging to one of my clients which is in need of some repairs.

I forgot to mention yesterday an interesting happening when I was at a groceteria while being checked out. What started it all, was my having found the clerk, double charging me for a bag of apples I purchased, so wicked me had to tease her a little bit after alerting her to the mistake by saying, “I tell you, a person always has be on the watch with you shifty-eyed clerks.” She did thank me for not making such an issue over the double-charge, but when she handed me my change which totaled 13 dollars and 13 cents, she said, “Wow, this is kinda creepy giving you 13 and 13 on the 13th.” I had to laugh while responding, “Looks like I’m gonna have open my dresser drawer and see what my naughty little voodoo doll has been up to.” Yes, that was quite the eye-roller, but sometimes you just gotta have fun in these sobering times.

My go-to plumber stopped by late this morning to get paid for fixing a small plumbing issue, and since I know him well enough, we shared some interesting happenings that’ve taken place since we last spoke. What I appreciate about him most, are his guileless and very matter of fact opinions on various subjects. There’s no beating around the bush with him, and that’s what I greatly appreciate.

One of my stops today, was to drop off a birthday gift for one of my clients who’ll be reaching another milestone in his life in the coming days. I couldn’t stay long, but I did mention how good he looks for his age, and whatever he’s been doing to keep himself in such condition, to keep it working for him. I would say he’s remarkably fit by showing no signs of that “manly tub” we’re finding to be commonplace since this pandemic arrived. Speaking of which, I was in shock today when driving down a highway around lunch time and seeing so many people eating while they were driving. Can you imagine what the insides of their cars must look like? For sure if they don’t clean them often, they’re likely smelling like ripe garbage pails.

Every single day this past week, I’ve had to go out and sweep the locust leaves and their stems off the sidewalk in front of my building, and every day I look up at that cursed locust to see if it still has any leaves left, and sure enough it did. Those lame-brained landscape architects from Des Moines had no clue regarding what was best to plant in commercial districts. What’s the most annoying, is every time the front door of my office is opened, there’ll be some of them blowing in on the rug I have stationed there. I mentioned to someone yesterday the fact that City of Osage cut down all the locust trees in front of their buildings because their business owners complained enough to where they finally agreed. From what I heard, they planted trees that drop larger leaves in shorter periods of time. Hooray for those who still have some common sense.

While on hold with a phone call I had with a banker today, there was a recording talking about the number of “romance” scams that have been taking place in our Nation on a yearly basis totaling upwards of 500 million dollars. Of course we’ve all heard about such things happening, and over these recent years, I’ve been told stories about such happenings from the victims relatives. One in particular was milked of every dollar he had to spare which went on for months. Since I knew who that guy was, I couldn’t help but wondering how he even considered a young woman he’d never met who was living in the Deep South, would have any sort of romantic feelings for him, but when some of these people who go unnoticed by others get the least bit of attention, they get caught hook, line and sinker. Yes, most of the blame is to be laid on those who sweet-talk those poor devils out of their hard earned money, but we must also not forget to place a little on those who’ve forgotten their ages, as well as what they looked like the last time they confronted their mirrors.

While out sweeping my office sidewalk this morning, I happened to notice a white van parked a few doors down with Alaska license plates, and what was the most noticeable, was the animal skull the owner of it had mounted where the license plate was to be, so instead of the plate being where it should’ve been, they had it in the front windshield. They must’ve been musical van-lifers who were invited to play at the radio station, or possibly to be interviewed regarding their lives in a van. The above photo is one I managed to take before they left. Can you imagine what it must be like to drive a mobile “cabin” all the way from Alaska? If only I would’ve had an opportunity to visit with them regarding their current lifestyles. Believe you me, there’s always something unusual happening at either the front of my block, or at its rear. Never a dull moment.

Before heading home, I stopped to pick up a section of a vintage picture frame that belonged to one I purchased along with several others at a garage sale several weeks ago. The lady called me earlier today and asked if I would stop over, and if I believed they belonged to that photo, I could then take them. Sure enough, they were the ones and I couldn’t have thanked her enough. She did show me her beautiful Fall flower garden containing various ground covers, blooming sedum and multi-colored chrysanthemums in full bloom. There were several other perennials blossoming, but I didn’t know what they were. I praised her flower garden abilities while watching all the bees crawling all over those patches of flowering sedum. They’ve always been my favorite Fall perennials, and mostly because of how the bees are attracted to them like magnets.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In the game of life, before you get anything out, you must put something in.

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