The Willful Murder of all those Innocent People

The weather people mentioned we’d be seeing more smoky skies today, and that’s exactly what we got, along with high humidity and above average temps. According to what I read today, our highs aren’t supposed get past 70 degrees tomorrow, and if that be the case, that’s all I can say is, “What a relief.”

Before the hour of eight, I had my clothes changed and prepared to do some additional outdoor work, so off I headed and busied myself for a good four hours. Not five minutes after I started, I discovered the mosquitos were out with vengeance, and unfortunately the can of repellant I had in my car, was completely empty, so I not only had to focus on what I was doing, but also swatting at every biting mosquito. I’m not sure if it was the menial labor I was performing, or the batting off mosquitos that was making me sweat all the more. Thank goodness I had a change of underwear at my office because I was completely soaked by quitting time.

After I got myself cleaned up, I drove over to a convenience store and purchased an egg roll that was filled with pork and cabbage. I’ve purchased them before, but today’s was noticeably greasier than the last one I had. Oh well, it was enough to satisfy my appetite for the remainder of the afternoon.

I arrived at my public open house over at 207 N. Hampshire early enough to get all the lights on and doors unlocked. The only people I had walking thru, were those who seemed to be killing time, or spill-overs from the Civil War re-enactment that was going on a block away in East Park. They were certainly making enough noise with their gunfire and cannon blasts.

I’m still in a bit of shock that home hasn’t yet sold, so I guess I’ll be calling a roofing company to find out how much it’s going to cost to finish shingling that dwelling. I’m likely more in-tune with that neighborhood than most, because I know for a fact it’s very quiet and in close walking distance to East Park where they have long stretches of walking paths. That home is a classic example regarding how young buyers will pass over solid homes in preferred neighborhoods, for those that’ve been cobbled up and then lipsticked, and in less sought after neighborhoods.

Just this past week I noticed a home that I’d shown having sold for at least thirty or more thousand dollars than it was worth, and that’s all I could think of was, “That poor unknowing buyer.” Once this exuberant pandemic buying is over, there are going to be a hundred or more homes in our City which will be upside-down in value, and Heaven help us if we have a bump in the road with our economy because that’s when the flood gates of foreclosures are going to open, and I can assure you it’ll zenith what happened back in 2008. I do know a few savvy investors who’re sitting on piles of cash and waiting for the time to arrive where they can buy foreclosures for fifty or more cents on the dollar. When is our general public every going to learn?

A young gentleman who arrived at office late this afternoon, was inquiring on possible acreages that may be coming up for sale. Since I know he can’t afford what nearly all of them are now selling for, that’s all I could do was advise him to stay put and work at saving more money for a downpayment. If there’s any one common denominator with today’s acreage buyers, it’s the burning desire to get away from neighbors and all the “city” restrictions we have. I wished him well before he left and assured him I’d watch for something in his price range.

When reading the online news this morning, I was mentally catapulted back to Sept 11, 2001, and believe me, all the emotions of that day also came rushing back. In spite of it being twenty years in our past, I’m still in disbelief there were supposedly sane men who carried out those suicide attacks on our Nation. I’m a believer of Heaven and Hell, and there’s no question in my mind that those men are going thru their endless tortures in the sub-Hell which is where I believe such persons go who’ve committed the most heinous deeds, and for sure, the willful murder of all those innocent people places them where they belong. I’ll never forget where I was and what I was doing when I was informed, and the state of shock I was in which lingered for days.

The day I heard that our past President had come to an agreement with the Taliban, I said to one of my colleagues, “Just you wait and see how little they’ll abide by those agreed-upon terms.” Well, just look at what they’re doing not even two weeks past our exit. Oh, and I’m not surprised China has already offered them millions of dollars to help with their transition. You can bet it’s only a ploy to get their road built and start exploiting their natural resources. That government gives out no freebies unless there’s a hidden agenda.

Once again today, I encouraged a young gentleman to look up ISIS on Wikipedia, just so he’d be fully up to speed as to what that group is all about, and you can be sure that the ISIS, al-Queda and Taliban are all licking out of the same saucer. This lack of religious tolerance is yet another concept I cannot get my brain wrapped around, and especially the way in which some religions treat women.

On my way home, I stopped and took the above photo, just as a reminder for us all that we must remain focused on pulling our Country’s fractured parts back together, and return to being the beacon of democracy in our troubled world.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Building a better you, is the first step in building a better America.

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