Pushed Face-first into a Spiderweb

It seemed a bit odd to find our temps above 80 degrees today since it is the 10th of September already, but of course with this climate change, just about anything goes. I just heard it’s to be over 90 degrees tomorrow. Ugh! I’m just hoping we don’t have a frost arrive until at least October. It’s a bit surprising we’re not yet being pestered by those nasty jiggers, so perhaps the drought we had kept them from propagating.

My early morning at office was spent getting the remainder of my end of the month accounting done, which was days past my normal time, and only because I didn’t receive my bank statements until days later than usual. I’m wondering now if the postal service is also working on a skeleton crew. When I opened the Shopper several days ago, I was shocked to see all the help wanted ads for good paying jobs. What is going on with all these able-bodied workers who’re refusing to go out and get a job?

I had a mid-morning appointment to go out and see what my buyers from months ago had done with their home since I’d done my final walk-thru with them. The moment I steeped inside, I was near breathless when seeing all the top-drawer improvements they’d made. Every room I entered was as tastefully done as the last until I finally asked the spouse, “Have you every thought about being a decorator?” I had to laugh when she responded, “I’ve been asked that many times, but I don’t think it would work for others because I only do it for myself.”

Expecting to be there for only about a half hour, I was a little embarrassed when seeing it had turned into an hour and a half. Having known that couple for a number of years, we had much to catch up on regarding their work and extended families. I considered myself privileged when knowing they are very private people who’re not into the social circles and drama clubs. I couldn’t help agreeing when saying how much I dislike being pulled into the dramas of others because it always feels as if I’d just been pushed face-first into a spiderweb. I’m sure you all have had similar experiences.

Before leaving, I promised to stay in touch with them, and the husband reminded me that friendships are a two-way street to where there shouldn’t be one side always making the call. Oh how true he was, but I did insist that I’m not one that drops by unannounced, so I assured him I’d call whenever in the area of his home, just to see if he had time for a short visit. Yes, that was a very good visit this morning, and I’m sure there’ll be more in the future. If they weren’t so private, I would’ve insisted they place their home on our yearly tour of homes.

After getting my noontime snack eaten, I headed out to get the measurements and photos taken over at today’s new listing located at 515 N. Massachusetts. The owners had recently purchased it from a family member and rented it for a short time, but after the tenant moved out, they decided to go ahead and sell it because the exiting tenant had left it nearly spotless.

It’s a large one bedroom home which must’ve originally been a two, but the owner who’d lived there for a very many years, converted the main floor bedroom into a den/storage room where she had a number of cabinets installed. If any of you who’ve lived here a great number of years, would’ve known her because I actually remember her as being a check-out at Piggly-Wiggly, then at County Market, and finally out at our west-side Hy-Vee. I’m sure you remember that spry little granny who moved fast, talked fast, and always wore a wig. Her daughter decided to have her come and live with her out in the Meadowbrook area, and that’s where she resided until she died. If I’m not mistaken, she was pushing 100 years old when she passed. My mother had a connection with her family thru her sister, and believe it or not, she was the great-aunt of someone we all know here in Mason City. It’s no surprise her obituary didn’t mention it because there are always those who prefer not to be reminded of their old family’s humble beginnings. How unfortunate because she was a dear one who worked very hard all her life, and likely never took a dime that didn’t belong to her.

I did finally get my listing posted everywhere online, and wouldn’t you know, there’s already a showing scheduled for it tomorrow morning. It won’t surprise me a bit if it sells right away because you just can’t find move-in ready homes priced under $50K in our City. I do hope it doesn’t sell to one of our rental barons because we have far too many of them already.

I’m planning on having another public open house at 207 N. Hampshire tomorrow afternoon from 1 – 3 p.m., and really hoping the perfect-fit buyer will arrive. We’ve had numerous offers on it, so it’s time for it to sell. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to live on that charming street because some of those homes are picture-perfect. I know for a fact that many of the buyers are leery of its roof, but I personally wouldn’t let that keep me from buying it because the current owner had all the shingles replaced that were bad. Yes, if it were me, I would’ve had the whole thing done, but that was my seller’s choice. Truth be told, it wouldn’t cost that much to have the rest of it re-shingled, so if it doesn’t sell this weekend, I’m going to have a roofing contractor give me a quote on having the rest of it done, just so a given buyer would have an idea of cost.

With Monday being a holiday, I kept reminding myself it was Friday instead of Thursday, so come next Monday, I’ll be back in sync with my work days. I’m hoping to have time this weekend to get some of my own work done, so if our weather permits and I don’t have any spur of the moment appointments, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When you are tough on yourself, that’s when life becomes infinitely easier on you.

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