We are Shoving everything Edible within Reach

It was an exceptionally fine day out of doors, and I hope all of you were sucking up as much of it as possible because as we all know, Labor Day is the official end of summer in these parts. With my having no real estate appointments today other than doing a re-shoot of photos on one of my office listings, I was footloose and fancy free to do anything I wanted, and that’s exactly what I did.

My jump-off point was at my office where I changed into my yard-work clothes and then headed off to get some yard/landscaping done. My how the hours went sailing by to where I suddenly realized I’d been at it for a full seven hours, and after stepping back when finished, I could see a noticeable improvement. Of course I did take enough short breaks, just to sit back and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Over the years, there’ve been those who’ve chided me for paying too close attention to my surroundings, but it’s always gone in one ear and out the other without there being and registering because I continue wondering how most humans pay so little attention to God’s creations. If a person would quiet themselves down enough, they’d find that every step they’d take while outdoors, would offer continuous remarkable visual events. There’s also a great deal to be learned from plants and animals if only we’d take the time to pay closer attention.

Of course there are always those continued annoyances created by our resident rabbits and deer, and today I had to spend a good hour placing fencing around some trees and bushes because the rabbits and deer have been eating their newly grown leaves. Last year I planted two healthy pink gooseberry bushes, and over the winter the rabbits and deer had eaten them to near death, so this Spring I put a tall wire fence around them to keep the deer out, but that wasn’t enough because the rabbits have managed to squeeze thru that fence and continue eating, which is why I had to belt the bottom of their “cages” with chicken wire. They absolutely will not leave anything alone.

Just today I discovered two baby magnolia trees growing near a clump of bushes, so I’ll be sure the transplant them in a designated area before the hard frost arrives. I almost pulled them out when thinking for a moment they were volunteer trees, but luckily I got a better look before I did. The nearby magnolia tree must’ve had an abundance of fertile seeds in its pods which managed to germinate.

I also discovered today that those jack squirrels are true acrobats because I stopped to watch one running around in a tree like greased lightening and then springing up from the smaller tree it was on, into the high branches of a black walnut tree, just so it could grab a nut before it fell the the ground. Those walnuts on the ground must not have been to it liking for it to go to such an extreme to get a fresh one plucked from that tree.

One of my friends sent a text today questioning the size of that giant mushroom I took a photo of yesterday, so since I was working not far from it, I placed a 2 liter bottle next to it, and then took a photo of it which I then forwarded. My friend sent one of those “Oh My God!” imogees which gave me a good laugh. I’ll have to repost the photo I took once again sometime soon. Yes, that’s mushroom is something quite remarkable.

There were a few biting flies buzzing around while I was out, and one managed to nail me and of course I have a nice welt from it. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised it was a deerfly considering all the deer we have living within the limits of our City. If only I had a taste for rabbit and deer meat, but unfortunately I don’t, and if I did, I’d be out there right along with all the other hunters of game. I still believe there’s a niche market for cat and dog food made from deer, rabbits, raccoons, and opossums. Can you imagine how popular that canned pet food would be for those living in our metro areas? It could be marketed as all natural and Iowa grown without preservatives or flavorings.

After I returned to office, I changed back into my street clothes and then headed out to take photos and then my last stop being at a groceteria. Oh Mercy me! I couldn’t believe the number of people there were out shopping this afternoon. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought it was another grocery shopping Sunday.

I know I’m sounding wicked again when mentioning how terribly overweight our entire population has become. Early this morning I happened to notice some retirees waddling into the Family Restaurant that’s located on S. Taft, but those many heavyweights at the groceteria this afternoon zenithed the ones I noticed this morning.

I’m nearly convinced the bulk of our population has grown far too sedentary to the point where even if they’d want to go out and get a little exercise, they’d be taking many pauses just to catch their breaths. Of course the near-constant munching on snacks all day that are filled with sugar and salt, along with all those those other scary-sounding ingredients, does nothing more than add all the extra pounds.

This pandemic has not helped matters because after noticing a number of people I’ve personally known for years, now appearing more rotund, has become my confirmation. We all know our stomachs are able to expand as well as contract, so if anyone says they have to eat to keep from being hungry, that “feeling” of hunger is due to an enlarged stomach. Just think how many people there are in this world who’re bordering on starvation each and every day, and here we are shoving everything edible within reach down our pie holes. It’s downright shameful don’t you think?

Tonight’s One-liner is: I we refuse to see ourselves as winners, then we cannot perform as winners.

Joe Chodur

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